Please Help How Do I Find Out A Doctors Credential Before I Des

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    Please... Does anyone know how to find out a Doctors credentials, in any field, before I decide to make an appointment?

    I would really like go the a FFC in Boston when I can get there. They are all listed from this Fibro & Fatique Center. Any before I make an appointment and make a plan, and I'm am positive - so much money 0 that I would need to ask my Mother and Dad to help me, (I would like my Mother and older Sister to go with me), I know they will but it really had to be planned.

    My Mother (the Best Mother in the World and my older Sister, being a Casting Director, and she has to plan, I love her too). Dad has Alzheimers and Ma takes care of him, so this is very important that I do my homework on the FFC center before I start asking people to help me.

    Can't wait to get home. Soon I hope, real soon. This DD and other illnesses has me so sick, (including 2 fractured ribs from a fall, and both my feet, ankles, and left leg are so swelled up), I look like Elephant legs, I can't travel right now.


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    I don't know, but I would start w/ the board that issues a medical license in Massachusetts. See if any of their records are public.

    I don't know if they would have records of a clinic or only on the individual doctors. Maybe you can get the names of the doctors from a sheet of stationary, a listing in the lobby of the building or a web site.

    Then someone should check the records at the county courthouse. There should be an index of defendants where you can see if the clinic and/or its doctors have been sued for malpractice or breech of contract.

    Good luck.

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    I did a little research for you. On the FFC website the doctor they have listed for Boston is Erica Bial. I found a Erica JOY Bial. Don't know if this is the same. But here are her credentials.

    Erica Joy Bial (MD)
    View RatingsRate this doctorPurchase InsuranceAdd to watchlistTell a friendSpecialty:
    (Primary: Anesthesiology)
    Years in practice:
    Educational Experience:
    Boston University, School Of Medicine (Graduated: 2002)
    Mt Auburn Hosp, Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr
    License Information:
    Data not available Ratings

    None on file Criminal Offense:
    None on file Disciplinary Actions:
    None on file

    The info. the Boston clinic has on their web page, doesn't really match.

    I tried to find her on the American Medical Association website, but they show no listing for her. On the FFC page it saids "Physician’s Recognition Award with Distinction from the American Medical Association."

    Something does not sound right. I go the FFC in Pittsburgh. I did a search on my doctor there after I did your search. What the FFC had on my doctor agreed with what I found.

    Hope this help.

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    This may get you started:

    Andrea mentioned an MD by the name of Erica Bail there is no one on this site by that name licensed as a physician that I could find this includes MDs and DOs.

    There is a Richard N. Bail who specializes in Internal Medicine but I could not find Erica Bail who is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Board of Registration in Medicine.

    I hope you can find the names of some other physicians who practice at that FCC and that you can find them on the MA Registration in Medicine.

    Best of luck,

    Karen :)
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    I responded to one of your posts but just wanted to recommend very highly Dr John Bordiuk from the Marino Center in Wellesley. There's another Marino Center in Cambridge and the doctor that mostly works with fibro is Dr Gorden(sp?), The emphasis of both practices is Integrative Health Care - they are all Western Traditional MDs but believe in the value of Alternative/Complementary medicine. I have improved tremendously since the one year I've seen him. His practice is full and he wasn't taking any more patients when I saw him for a consult but I begged and begged him and "name dropped" the two people who recommended me to him and he thankfully obliged. Even if you cannot get him as a primary, you can get another primary in the practice and then ask if you can consult with him and since they are in the same practice, is considered in the same netwrok.

    There's another well known fibro expert in the area and when you ask around here his name will probably come up - Dr. Don Goldenberg in Newton Wellesley Hospital. I was under his care(or not is more accurate) since he's more of the school of, you have fibro, there's nothing much we can do gut help manage the pain. Dr Bordiuk is more of the philosophy of let's get to the bottom of this without attaching the label of FM to it and find out what the cause is, not mask the symptoms.

    Hope that helps!