Please Help! I am desperate!

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    I am mother of a 3 year old little boy... During my pregnacy I started to expierce symptoms that I was unfamiliar with... I have contiuned to expiernce these symptoms and I have gone from doctor to docotor to try and get an answer I have a had 3 surgeries and I believe that I have Lupus... I am unsure what kind of a doctor that I need to see to be correctly diganosed.

    Also the pain in my joint and the pain that comes with urinating is unbearable! how do I cope with these?

    Please I am desperate!

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    A Rheumatologist can diagnose lupus. Have you had an Igenex western blot for lyme disease?

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    Did you continue with follow up appointments with your OB/GYN after birth? 6 months and one year after birth, the OB/GYN had to do freezing on an area of my cervix because I had developed an abnormality (I had a long labor, rough delivery, child was breach, born not breathing, no heartbeat and blue--so they ripped him out of me).

    I wish you would have an OB/GYN do a full exam (including internal exam) and blood work and examine your birth control to make sure you are doing okay. I was shocked that I could develop something 6 months after birth, but thank goodness I kept the OB/GYN appointments as I was told. That doctor could probably then explain the burning upon urination, which may be a bladder infection. Good luck.
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    Does your ins. require a referral? I'd start with your PCP. Tell him/her your symptoms and ask to see a rheumatologist or have some blood work done.
    You just need to go see a Dr. Do you have one? They can direct you to who you need to see. If you don't have a regular one, see your gynecologist.