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    Hi everyone! I can use your help! I do not know what to do now or what to exspect. I have been out of work for 4 weeks now with fribo. I am returning to work on the 3rd of October. Now I want to go back, but I am affraid I will not be able to do my job!I do have pain, but my fatigue is more worse than the pain! I am so tired I just can't go!! (now I have days that are better than others). My work is a production job and my company does not like it when you do not pull your weight. I have to do a lot of walking,bending lefting heavy items.I can not walk very fast or for long periods of time or stand more than an hour or sit more than an hour! My doctor seems I can make it! So what happens if I can not make it when I go back? Another ? is : Should I be seeing my arthritis DR. for fibro or see my family doc? I am so lost I just don't know what to do! Thank you for your help with the new grumpyqueen!
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    What you are experiencing is nothing new to those here on the board. Unfortunately, Fibro can change our lives.
    Only you know what you can do. If you can't go back, then you can't. Does your work have a short term disability leave?
    You may get some help with a Rheumatologist, some are good and some are not as helpful but you will need good medical documentation.
    Certainly, you need to take some time to research FMS and this is a really good place to do that. There is a wealth if experince here.People are very helpful and you will learn a lot. Read as many posts as you can and ask lots of questions.
    Take Care

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    I remember feeling like you a couple years ago! What do I do now!! The one part I didn't have was going back to work. I was already disabled by depression and others things...this was just the latest! (-:

    About work: the doctor thinks you can, but you know your endurance. Can you do your job up to the expectations of your employer? If not, how much do you think you can do? I think you should probably talk to your doctor...what kind is he/she? You need to level with this person about your condition and your strength. Then, what if you go back and can't physically do your job? What's the worst that can happen? You will go home, see you doctor, and probably be put back on work leave. I think you might be starting a process that others can tell you more about than I.

    About your pain and's the norm to feel the way you do. Just part of the disease. I'm not sure you will feel a whole lot better in a week or so, but you might...

    I'm sorry you are caught in this dreadful situation, feeling so bad and not knowing what's next. I guess it's just one step at a time. I do hope you will come to this board more and there are lots of people who have struggles with the same issues you are dealing with now.

    My best to you.

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    Well youv'e come to the right place.. i too am new but I may be able to give you some advice seeing as I just returned to work today after being out of work for a month for pain and fatigue. I am a manager at a bagel shop so I do alot of walking and lifting.
    As for the dr I see my PMC doctor and have great sucess with him. If you don't mind what meds are you taking?
    Since I'm up and out the door at 5am my doctor has me on Provigil for the fatigue and it has been working well and I'm taking viciodin for the pain. I also take other meds for other symptoms. But If you are concerned about the fatigue I would talk to your doctor about something like Provigil it comes in 100 and 200 mg. And for the walking and bending if you are like me me and have back problem wear a back brace and lift with your knees. I know the troubles of not being able to not work. I just take my meds if I HAVE to but ONLY if I have to because you dont want to be all messed up at work.
    Just take it easy and one day at a time. And if you find that after a week or so you can't do it than just start looking for another job. And when you find one that you will be easier on you put you 2 weeeks in.
    good luck
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    Good morning Guys! Thanks for helping me! Now as for my meds. I am taking flexeril, lexapro, and this week I will be starting a cpap mask. I also keep a journal to help me to understand what makes my symptoms worse. My pain I can deal with for now, I take aleve durning the the day and take a flexeril before bed. Fatigue is what I can not handle! I have sleep apnea and dr. seems to thank if I can get good sleep I will over come the fatigue. I do not want to take a lot of meds. I also take vitamins, c,calcium, magnesium,zink,and ginseng. I also take A iron pill every other day. I am going to start today drinking green tea. Any imput on this I would love!I will keep you updated with my cpap mask.Now I want you to know I am doing better than I was 4 weeks ago! Just scared about my company wanting to fire me! When I first started going threw all this they were kinda mean to me, after 6 years of 110% of me to them!
    I hate starting new jobs! And they are so hard to find now and I just don't have the energy to look now. Maybe down the road I will look for new job.Thank you all so much I will be back for I do need lots of help and some advice. To all I hope you have a pain free day and you are so very kind.
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    You might also buy some books on Fibromyalgia and look at the elimination diet. Sounds like you are taking the right supplements.

    But when you get diagnosed with something like this the physical part of your job might be too much for you. Is it possible for you to do something else not so strenuous?

    I can tell you that I use to work out with weights and all types of things and now all I do is gentle stretching in the morning, some walking and swimming. Everything else was too hard and threw me into a flare.

    Good luck hon, This board is really a Godsend!

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    I would agree about keeping a very good log about how you feel each day. Along with that, keep a food diary (I should do this, but I don't) and when you eat. I would keep a pain medication log (like if that day you skipped a med or something, how it felt).

    Last week I didn't take my eavil ONE day and I had a huge flare-up. I was in disbelief that it could happen to me just for forgetting ONE day, but I suppose that it can affect people after it's been built in your system for a long time. I don't always need my dose of 800 mg. of iberprofen, as it really doesn't help and I have probably tried every pain med (that's not a narcotic) out there and it hasn't helped. Some people get a lot/a little of relief from pain meds, however.

    The BEST advice for those work days is take epsom salt baths. I don't remember who it was on the forum who introduced me to these, but it's been the best remedy EVER. You put two to three cups of epsom salts (u can find it at drug stores or dollar stores, etc) and disolve in the hottest bath water and soak for no more than 20 (?) minutes. Maybe someone else has a little more info, but it really helps.

    Good luck and hope to see you around!!!
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    Hi Grumpyqueen and everyone!!
    I got diagnosed in June of this year and went back to work the end of July I had too. The bills were adding to the stress and making me feel worse.
    I also work in a production job and allways gave 110% so I know where you are coming from.I am a line leader at a small company. I love my job and I knew going back was going to be sssooo hard. I was fortunate enough that I have a super boss and her sister has Fibro and she knows when I am trying to do to much. I still do everything I can plus more but my Dr said physical activity is one of the things that will make you feel better. I seem to think this is right on. I feel better about myself even though when I get home I am ssoo beat and tired but I feel I accomplished something that day. I didnt let the Fibro get the best of me. I hurt and I just want to go to bed when I get home and I feel like crying at times but I am ssoo glad I went back to work.
    I am on Neurontin and ambitryptaline, not sure of the spelling. I also take a vitamin every night before I go to bed because they tend to upset my stomach. I take Ibuprofen during the day to help curb the pain some.
    I just wanted to let you know that going back may actually help you feel better. I couldn't stand for long periods of time and my feet and legs swell sometimes, the walking was the worst but I take my time and give what I can. My boss understands I have days where I am foggy headed and days where I hurt so bad I cant move quickly but I still try and You can do it too. You wont know unless you try. If you find its to hard have your Dr write out restrictions for you..Go from there But I think you will feel better about it if atleast you try first.
    I think the worst is how bad my feet hurt and no matter what I do I can't get that to quit. I'm going to try the epsom salt thing I think it will help.
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    Hi Grumpyqueen,
    I have Restless Leg Syndrome (about 10 years now) and I take Ambien and most resently Mirapex at night . The Ambien gets me to sleep and the Mirapex keeps me asleep. My Dr said the same thing..If I can get some good restful sleep, I will be able to think more clearly, not be so exhausted, and my body wont hurt as much. He is 100% correct. As for excersise, I am real limited on what I can do, cause I am always so exhausted. I have found water pilates and water aerobics to work the best for me so far. I also have found (and this doesnt work for everyone), that seeing my Chiropractor 2 times a week for an adjustment and a deep tissue massage helps me. Of course the massage doesnt feel good at the time, but afterwards, I feel real weak yet my muscles feel stretched out some (if that makes sense!), and its a good feeling. As for work, I'm a Vet Tech, and I have decided I am not SuperWoman anymore and there are other employees that can do things also besides sitting around answering the phone! So I just do what I feel like I can. I also put my foot down and decided to start leaving 1/2 hour early so I could attend water aerobics each day.
    Good luck and let us know what works for you, and what doesnt work for you!