please help I need advice. Has anyone gone over attorney's head?

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  1. I had a hearing on thursady last week. I just started seeing a different doctor, He has found I have hemochromotosis,high hemoglobin and we are doing a Pulmanary test tomorrow. I want to get this information to my judge. I had 3 blood test that were not normal . Can anyone advise me on this. Has anyone ever gone over attorney's head? He did alot of things I didn't agree with. He woudn't let my hubby testify. When Judge asked about my hands working he didn't give me a chance to explain my thoughts on that. Everyone knows with fibro there isn't mmuch physical proof. That does not mean my hands work. They are numb all the time. Thanks for your time.
  2. gapsych

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    You hire the lawyers services. If you are not satisfied with him, I would find someone else.

    Have you explained your concerns to him? How did he respond?

    If you have someone who you are paying on a sliding scale or even free, I would hope that you would have the same option.

    Maybe others can give their input on this.

    Good luck.


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