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    Hi. I'm also posting this on the Lyme board, but seem to get quicker responses on this board. I didn't have my lyme test done by igenex. The only thing that showed up "Present-High" was the P66 band, which to my understanding is borrelia burgdorferi? My question is, has anyone else had this result, and what did their doctor say? Did your doctor treat you for lyme and say you have it? My primary doctor said everything was normal and negative, so I'm getting a second opinion with an infectious disease doctor, but can't get in to see her for a whole month. That whole month is going to drive me absolutely crazy. Can anyone give me their experiences with this?? Greatly appreciated
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    You probably will not get much help from an ID Dr...they do not understand lyme even though they think they do.

    Read the info in the link below. This Dr thinks that band 66 is significant.

    Remember that lyme is a clinical diagnosis..based on history and symptoms and can be supported by labs.

    It is NEVER ruled out by just a lab test, but 99% of Dr 's don't know this.

    Can you get an Ignenex western blot? Can you see a LLMD?

    My LabCorp WB showed only band 41. My Igenex WB showed many bands.

    Your lab did not even test for all bands, I'm sure.
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    thanks for your response nanie46, you've been much help to me and similar posts i've done. I forgot to mention that I also completed the symptom checklist of lyme, and have several boxes "checked" on it.