PLEASE HELP ME help my mother in law ......

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    My mother in law has FMS really bad! When she came for a visit in April, although she was sweet as pie, and didn't complain about pain, it was obvious that she was. She walked slowly with a limp, and only sleeps 2 hrs or so per nite. She also snores like a fog horn! She is afraid to sleep for long because she says that if she does she will not be able to get out of bed due to severe stiffness. One nite when I walked by her room I saw that she was crying, trying not to be heard. I'm pretty sure that the doesn't like when people can see that she's in terrible pain because she doesn't like to be pittied.

    She's only 44yrs old and wants to be out and about so badley! When she was here she wanted to go to NY City and go all over the place but after we went to the top of the Empire States Building we had to leave because she was obviously hurting!

    She lives in Austria and says that she's tried everything but there must be something to help with the stiffness so that she can sleep. I think she needs to fix the apnea, then the pain, so that she can sleep but in Europe they aren't as willing to prescribe pain meds nor is she very willing to try them...she is very scared that if she takes something that she will not be herself.

    Do any of you have any ideas that I can atleast present her with?

    Thanks all of you :)
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    It is so hard to see a loved one hurting from this DD. Your poor mother-in-law, she must feel so alone. Feeling she must hide her crying, poor baby I wish I could give her a huge soft hug. if she is still in the states could she come on here and go to our chat??? she does have the right to go to a dr. here, and they should honer her dx, and meds. darn i wish i could do so much more, i have tons of links i could send you, if you would like. tons and tons of info.
    you are wonderful to be so concerned, and understanding.
    please give her a big soft hug from me o.k.
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    Dear EM
    Yes, there is help and hope. I'm from Switzerland and there are many doctors and message boards in German language (Germany, CH and Austria). Do a google search and put fibromyalgie (with "e") and ask German or join "de" or "at". I don't know the places, but there is a shg self help group in Austria and the Lady of the introduction lives in Salzburg. Or go to the page of the uni-hospital in Zurich, just unizh dot ch. I was surprised about their good treatment plan. On this pages you find also many links to others.Or ask at any big Hospital there. Tell me if you are not finding it. I could send some printed things form Switzerland to your MIL. I guess that finally all over the world people become aware if this illness.
    Try to relax and give your cares to the One who cares for us. Be good to yourself and your family don't stop hoping help is near. When we can't anymore, God will help if you ask him.
    I'll pray for you that the Almighty one will touch you both. Loves from Switzerland Ruth[This Message was Edited on 09/25/2003]
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    I just had a sleep study and snored like a fog horn too!! (very embarassing - LOL) Anyway, until her sleep is managed she will continue to have pain & stiffness. Is she on anything for arthritis? That could contribute to the AM stiffness too. I see my dr next week for followup on my sleepstudy but I have a feeling he will be referring me to a ENT specialist as I do have some problems with my nose (too many fx as a kid) and do not have much of an airway in my rt nare. I know he will tell me to lose wt too! Sometimes the snoring can be helped with a CPAP sleep machine - anything to help have a good sleep pattern and not be waking up all the time. You are a kind loving daughter in law. Bless you!