Please Help me I am desperate.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by willruthie1965, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone I have to say I am struggling with this new symptom of being off balanced vertigo, vision problems an hearing problems,the hearing is almost like just not understanding when people say things to me I realize it could be inner ear but that was checked out. zPleae someone respomd back. I think these are signs of multiple sclerosos. Ruthie Thanks for taking your time.
  2. cc0526

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    I don't have an answer for you but hope you find some great advice here. Bumping along for others to respond...

  3. Also with these new problems is I have lost control over my emotions,Started crying in fron of people and customers,JUst cause boss said one thing too me. IT was embarissing Ruthie
  4. Cromwell

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    It sounds like the same FM symptoms many of us here experience.

    When I was terribly dizzy and off balanced with the vertigo, I had awful problems with following any talk as it was almost distorted too.

    Try meclazine OTC travel sickness pill and see if it helps at all.

    I would definately get this rechecked. Is the vision problems like zigzaggy lights and distortion of surroundings? This is ocular migraines.

    However, sounds as if I would be asking for an MRI and MRA to check out both the brain and blood vessels to make sure, rule out anything else. This is what I did and they found nothing significant just the usual brain lesions we all seem to have, but at least it reassured me.


    Love Anne
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    Not sure if it is helpful but I am suffering through the same weirdness. I have fallen about 8 times this year - bad falls - so my rheumy sent me to a physical therapist. I definitely have a balance disorder like you do but the PT could not catagorize me as having a Vestibular Disorder but it sounds like you might.

    I have been extremely emotional too - I usually can find the brave face at work but I have been an emotional mess. I also have been very disoriented in everyday efforts. It is really scary...I see my Rheumy today. I know he won't have magic answers but maybe he will have some insight and give me some hope that I can at least share with you if nothing else.

    Hang in there - I beleive that this DD is very cyclical.
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    I was having major dizzy spells, almost passing out while sitting down, etc. Just drinking water made me dizzy. Doc sent me for a few tests & it ended up being my stomach. Gastritus (sp). Seems as tho the stomach also has a optic nerve, that when compressed can cause major dizzy spells.

    So ask your doc to check your stomach as well as what the others suggested. Several weeks of double dose Prevacid & a strict meat/veggie only diet took care of mine. Now I just get flares if I eat too much of the wrong food.

    Hope you get relief soon.

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    All the symptoms you mentioned can be caused by CFS. I have all of them.

    I've had fm for about 25 years, but didn't have these symptom. When I came down with CFS close to 8 years ago, all these symptoms cropped up with a lot more to go with them.

    I agree with the others here that you need to see a doctor about them, but it sound to me like you very well may have CFS.

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    Exuse me did you say "Brain Lesions!???" Yikes, what's that all about? Or do I wanna know???
  9. Well thanks for imput,I actually do still have the pain like fibro but this was new, I know tha panic attacks can be closely related to Fibro.I have terrible time geting out of bed in the mornings do to the pain in hips and pelvis.SO I realize it might be all fibro.Was just really worried about these new things.Thanks Everyone .Ruthie
  10. hob

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    Hi Ruthie it sounds like you are having a flare up to me. I wish we could just magically switch it off when we are out and about and only deal with the pain at home but thus is life. I try to listen to music quietly while I am at work it helps me keep my mood more constant and if you get to a crying spell go to the bathroom. I hope it gets better for you very soon.



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