Please Help Me, I feel like I'm dying

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mini4Me, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Mini4Me

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    Probably shouldn't post when I'm so down. But I need some support. I was in so much pain yesterday, I couldn't even work on my scrapbooking. So I took an extra oxycodone, thinking I'd be feeling fine in no time. WRONG!!!
    I ended up in bed crying all day. The fibro/myofascial pain are so unrelenting, it's eating up my soul!

    My calves and thighs feel as if they have 3rd degree burns on them, and I get the shivers and then hot flashes. My skin begins to crawl, and I cannot get comfortable. All the pain causes me to be nausiated, so I can't eat. I try to drink juice and v8 to stay alive.

    Hubby and daughter came home from work to find me in bed in a fetal position crying my eyes out and hugging my puppy.

    They wanted to take me to the ER. I said, "what can they do for me?" No one can give me my life back. I just want the pain to stoppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!! Just even for a minute or two. I am so frightened, Guys!

  2. Mini4Me

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  3. sisland

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    It's So Difficult To Obtain Pain Relief sometimes!! I Hope you Have a Good DR!!! After Breakfast and Meds!

    When I Have a Day like this #1 Get Warm Like a Blanket from the Dryer! #2 Stretching out Helps (Through a Blanket on the floor and Try to do some stretching)

    #3 A Hot Bath (soak) as long as you can ! And Try to Get some fresh air! I Know this is so so Hard to accept But for Me i Had to really Buckle down on the pain Management routine! also the raw Food whole grain diet Helps!

    So Hard to Get into the routine of learning what your limits are! Goodluck Mini I hope this is Helpful,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sydney
  4. Dee50

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    Good morning Mini, Hang in there :) You are not alone. Many of us get the same way you are right now-it will pass. Think of good things from better days. I know it is very frightening to be so ill. I go to a DO Doctor, he has helped me lots. Drink lots of water and keep in touch. I hope things get better very soon.
    Love, Dee50
  5. Cromwell

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    This sort of pain is terrible. I have experienced this myself and it really is dreadful to cope with.

    I don't have any suggestions except that the pain seems to be nerve pain and I wonder if you have seen a neuro?

    I don't take pain meds except tylenol and asprin when it gets awful as for me, they never worked and made me feel worse. I think it is rebound effect.

    I have to say that the antibiotic therapy I am trying has brought more relief than anything else and you may want to ask about this.

    A hot bath with epsom salts sometimes works, but also I have been reading about botox injections for chronic pain and my pain doc uses a drug derived from the pitcher plant to address pain (although I have not tried it he swears it works well).

    So sorry, Hugs

    Love Anne
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    Dear Mini:

    Sorry you are having such a tough time. Does anything make you feel better? Hot bath? sleep? Jacuzzi? I am sure you have tried everything, but perhaps there is something out there that might help.

    Do you have a good relationship with any of your doctors? If so, perhaps you could talk to them. There might be different meds that you might be able to take that might give you some relief? Have you been to the ER and they have not been able to help? Perhaps they could give you stronger pain meds (as long as they were monitoring your vital signs)...even a few hours of relief would most likely be welcomed by you.

    Other ideas? Swimming in warm water helps me. Fresh air? Not really sure what else to say.

    I also do scrapbooking, and I find that giving myself some focus (I try to do at least one page a day) that I can look forward to the it gives me an escape from my daily life, and I can also look back at some of the happy times I have had DESPITE the fact that this terrible disease has taken so much from me. I continue to fight, and hope that there is a cure or treatment for us.

    Good luck, and hope that you have a painfree day today.

  7. happycanuk

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    I agree with Sydney.

    A hot bath will help relax the muscles. Warm anything is good. I feel for you having the chills. I have gone for 4-5 hrs. freezing. Literally shaking. My hubby wanted me to go to ER, but I was too cold to move. Just laid and cried and got real close to hubby so I could get warm. When this was finished, my temperature shot up and I had a fever. Go figure. This is the stupidest disease on earth!!!!!

    Stretches are another good thing, and if you can afford it, massage therapy is great.

    The main thing is to get rid of the stress out of your life - not just emotional stress but any thing that triggers stress. I know we all need stress to get ourselves motivated, but try not to be too motivated for a few days and see what happens.
  8. musikmaker

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    I too have experienced days like this and my heart goes out to you.

    My heating pad across my stomach helps with the shivers and helps relax me. I feel we get into a vicious cycle, the more we hurt the more we tense up and this adds another aspect to our pain.

    The relenting pain then works on our mental and emotional state which causies us to draw within ourselves more, setting off another heightening of the pain.

    Can you find a way to calm your body? I am not saying this is the end all answer its not. But it can help in taking the cycle down instead of escalating the pain.

    Take care, Lynda
  9. Jana1

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    Hello Mini...We are about the same age and I like to scrapbook and garden, too. I am impressed if you can do a page a day! WOW...I have to think about it for a couple of days...another day to get the stuff together...another day to rethink it, etc get the idea!

    I like making cards more as it is fast, and they can look so good and it is nice to be able to share them with others.

    I don't have any advice, really, for pain..I rely on my pain pills and hot whirl pool baths.

    At least here, lots of people care and can relate. In real life, hardly anyone can.

    How old is your daughter? Does she live near? Do you have any grandchildren? All my family are far away, but I have a wonderful husband that makes up for everyone else.

  10. NyroFan

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    The ER might be able to help if your meds are not working. I know a gal over the net who has gone and gotten out of pain.

    I am not saying to do this because feeling so bad may not last much longer: it could be a major flare up that will run it's course.

    You rest, rest, rest and hug that puppy.

  11. redhowdy222

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    Mini, my heart is with you as you share this. I have been there many days, months, years. I know that people have shared some physical means of coping such as the heating pad, warm baths, etc., and I pray that something works well for you. I don't know where you are at spiritually, but knowing that God is right there with me has helped. It says in His word that He has experienced everything that we will ever go through, and that He understands. He sent His only son, Jesus to die for us not only for our spiritual needs but for our physical needs also. I love this verse in Psalms, and it has kept me encouraged. Psalm 103 says that He forgives all of our sins and heals all of our diseases. ALL- this means this terrible one we are going through also. It has given me hope when there has been none. When we sk Him to come into our life and to forgive us of our sins, He comes in and makes some beautiful changes, both spiritually and physically. If you have a Bible and can read, read psalm 103, Isaiah 53:5, I Peter 2:24. I know these will encourage you as they have me. Just know that I will be praying for you.
  12. carebelle

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    I am sooooooo sorry you are feeling so bad.
    You really do need to get to the Doctor its important that all of us put our pride away and continue to go back to the Doctors so they can see us when we are at our worse.They are learning from us and this may help them to figure out what is wrong in our futures and be able to help us more.

    All of that said, Mini we have all been where you are now .Read a lot of these post that may help you find things that will help you deal with these DD's. I write back a lot to people because it makes me feel better if I can help them threw something I have gone threw and found things that work.

    You do sound depressed anti depression drugs can sometimes help with some of our pain talk to your doctor .I am dealing with a lot of severe pain lately I think I am ready to move to a stronger pain med.

    If you can try to get out and walk or even just set in the cool clean air.Open windows do something new everyday.That will keep your mind busy thinking about other things besides your pain.If you cant do anything then it is time to tell your Doctor you need help.
    I also have found I have had less stress since I have learn to embrace this DD and accept it. That's not giving up its just putting what little energy I have into finding things that make me feel better.I use to stay tied up in knots ,not accepting it and being angry only caused me more pain and mental problems.

    I hope you feel better soon .Give yourself permission to have feelings of Grief and then more forward finding things to help you cope and please share them here you will help others with what you find out.
  13. hermitlady

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    Wishing you well and thinking of you. Just try to rest, cry if you need to and keep that puppy close.

    xxxooo Hermit
  14. Loveyame

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    but it has helped me when I have been in a bad flare.

    I go to my bone cracker doctor and make sure every thing is in alignment then I go home and soak in a hot bath of baking soda (one small box to a tub of water)to reset my ph balance. I usually feel weak and tired after the bath so I put warm pjs on and go to bed. When I wake up I usually feel alot better.

    Someone mentioned antidepression meds. I thought they were nuts when they told me that they would help with my pain. But since July I have been on them and I dont hurt nearly as much.

    Also er would not be a bad idea either. There they can give you morphine for the pain and maybe get you leveled out again.

    Only you can fix yourself so you are the one who knows when it is time to get help for the pain.

    Take care of yourself and treat yourself with respect and love. If this was your husband what would you do differently?

    Love Ya Me
  15. Mini4Me

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    I am a bit better this evening. I slept most of the day after a nice soak in the hot tub and some gentle stretching. Currently I'm on antidepressants and oxycodone with vicodin for breakthrough pain. I've been on fentanyl pain patches in the past and a slew of other drugs which didn't touch the pain. I'm also getting trigger point injections on a regular basis and I see a physical therapist. Hubby massages my trigger points with a tennis ball every evening after work.

    I have been following The Trigger Point Manual with tennis ball massage, have read every book printed on the subject of fm and cmp, I have tried the guai protocol.

    Please remember, I was an athlete before the onset of all of my ailments, so I'm still trim and somewhat fit. I walk at least a mile a day and try to ride my exercize bike 3 times a week for 1/2 hour.

    I honestly feel that there is no med that would relieve my pain. I'd have to take the whole bottle of vicodin, and then I'd be dead anyway! I don't understand my excruciating pain, and feel helpless and alone in enduring it.

    No one should have to live with pain like this, but I'm not sure where to go from here.
    Thanks for your support.
  16. 1sweetie

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    I am glad to here that you are feeling some better. It sounds as if you are doing everything that I know to do but two

    I added relaxation music to my life. They are using this type of music in Hospice Centers and it does help you to relax and breath properly which in turn helps the pain.

    The only other thing I can add is to pace yourself. Preemptive resting does help so much.

    I do hope you find more relief.
  17. Sandyz

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    Boy could I relate to your post. I have been having the most horrible myofacial pain in my neck and upper back for about a year now. I am so tired of all this too, I feel like I am slowly being tortured to death. I don`t know where to turn for medical help either because my doctor dismiss all my symptoms.

    It sounds like your doing everything you should be doing to treat it. I really don`t have any other ideas for you but just let you know I understand and feel for you. Its so hard.

    I keep telling myself "This too shall pass" and it gives me some comfort.