Please, HELP ME! Pain, pain go away!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by UPK5, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. UPK5

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    I went for my annual check up to a fairly new PCP (for me) and he said, YOU have CHRONIC PAIN and you have been LIVING with it! So, I want you to realize that all your test results have come back fine, and you should continue doing what you have been doing! Accept your PAIN and go on with your life!

    I feel so SAD. My pain is intensifying. It has moved into different areas. It used to be in my back, neck, and knees. Last year it developed in my right shoulder and it still hurts there on a daily basis! The newest area of pain (about 2-3 months) is in my HEAD! It is very intense. I went to a neurologist. He sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed there weren't any problems with my brain! Great, but then why am I am having so many problems with these headaches that do NOT want to go away???

    It seems to be getting worse every day.

    I teach. I am in graduate school too. I was in class last night. I participated in class. I have always been an excellent speller. I had trouble taking notes last night, I was getting stuck spelling some of the words from the prof's lecture. It was frustrating. I also kept forgetting (cause my head hurt so much) the last part of the sentences the professor was dictating for our notes. She played a video. The sound was so LOUD, I had to move to the last row to try to escape the noise.

    I burst out in quiet tears. Is this the way I have to spend the rest of my life, suffering? Pain, pain, go away. Don't come back another day.

    I HATE feeling like this. If you have any helpful suggestions or support, I would appreciate it. Just please be gentle, cause my head still HURTS!!! OUCH!

  2. kellyann

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    Do you know that New York has the most reported cases of Lyme disease out of all the states? Have you gotten a Lyme test? If I were you I would go to the FFC and get tested for Lyme. I read a few of your other posts and it sounds like your symptoms are quite a bit like mine, and I have Lyme disease. My pain started out in my knees and then spread over my body. Some of my joints, especially my shoulders and hands, really hurt and feel like they are on fire. I have terrible migranes too. And the mental fog can be awful at times, I forget how to get home sometimes. And I used to be a good speller too, but now I forget how to spell easy words. Even if you have been tested before, I'd do it again if I were you.The FFC I go to has been wonderful, expensive, but I think it is well worth it to find out what exactly is causing the problem, and then treating it.Write back soon, as I am really curious as to whether you have been tested for Lyme or not.
    Take Care!
  3. blkkat

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    cindy i'm so sorry you hurt and aren't getting the right help it sounds like. are you on any meds? may i ask? the DR. sounds like it was a pian DR yes? alot of them dont want you to start meds but others put you on methadone, it can help alot of people but i couldn't take it. i do take oxycodone 5mgs 4xday w/neurontin at 500mgs a day plus i take 1.5 mgs of klonopin at night, it helps w/the bug like feelig in my legs also i could never sleep and now i can! please seek another DR. it seems like you should find someone that can help you instead of just sending you on your merry o way! have they said you have fibro ? i havent read your bio. cindy your not alone we all here know what your going through! and are here for you day or night! can you take a warm bath tonight? have someone massage lightly? use heating pads or cold packs? i wish you well cindy , call on me or any of us please! we do care!!!! HUGS! MONA
  4. bettydroop

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    you have to find another dr- he wont help you, hes not supportive, and sounds very crass, you need proper medical treatment. YOU can find someone to help so dont give up-
    take care, hope you feel better. bette/ karen
  5. caroleye

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    I've proven for myself that this works. First, I had a QEEG brain map done, and it showed I had way too much acetylcholine in my frontal lobes.

    Found an experienced neurofeedback person, and we're trying to find the right formula to balance out my chemistry.

    The way I know this works is that one time she "over" stimulated my acetyl & my pain was incredible! Now she's calming me, and my pain has decreased.

    Problem with this is that traditional Dr.'s & hospitals don't have a clue about this new approach. Usually these people are doing it on their own. Good news is that they're on google.

    Brain "chemistry" is not what the neurologists are testing for, unless they're trained in the above, and it won't show on an MRI.

  6. Cromwell

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    I know how bad this pain is. Mine travels too as in many people.

    GHow brave of you to be gojng to grad school with this plaguing you. You are very courageous. I think too, the doc should not have dismissed ytou. Ask for a referral to a clinic or pain management center or change docs. I find Internists are often better. THough, I intend to talk to my gyne come Monday as they seem to have more sense than most!!!

    Love Anne
  7. UPK5

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    Dear Fibro Friends,

    It feels very lonely out there sometimes. Especially admist this unrelentless pain. Uggh! You all KNOW about it too. I am a jovial person. I like to see the glass half full not empty. I try to find something positive in the things I do. However, you can get smacked down just so many times and the last time is much more difficult to bounce back up.

    Fortunately, I have never felt suicidal (although I can see why I might want to feel that way)! I try to do things that feel right to make me happy and usually other happy.

    I really look forward to coming to this support board and reading about others in similar situations and seeing what they have done to help themselves or their loved ones. It is hard when a doctor doesn't GET IT. I also am so tired of trying so many different doctors, I was hoping this doctor could be the pivotal point for me.

    Anne, I had stopped going to Graduate School, when I developed FMS, it was too overwhelming. However, teaching is very rewarding emotionally for me. I love to see a child's face light up with delight as s/he experiences or learns something for the first time. It is totally awesome. I love knowing that I have had a tremendous impact on the children I teach that they will take with them for the rest of their scl. careers. In order for me to keep my low paying job, it was mandated that I be enrolled in graduate school. I enjoy learning, it is difficult to do it with aches and pains and now even more so with the aches and pains directly in my HEAD! Maybe will try some alternative approaches. I know I cannot function as a mom, a teacher, a student, a homemaker, a wife, etc. with all the PAIN I have been experiencing.

    Again, thanks to all of you for your ideas and support. It is nice to know someone out there cares and understands this REAL PAIN I am experiencing.


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