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    hey guys...
    o my goodness... i have the worst pain i have EVER had in my entire life, and that is very hard to top!
    can anyone tell me if they have any problems with their arms?
    i can hardly move my right one, it feels very very stiff and i ALWAys have to keep it moving or the most excruciating pain comes over my entire arm, to the point where i feel like i just might throw up all over the place, and i have to have my mom move it for me to get it to un stiffen.
    this has been going on for the past week and it is very hard to sleep because i have to keep it moving or it hurts so much, and sleep and moving around just doesnt mix. i tried medicine, but it just wont work! does anyone have any sleep posisions that might help or medicines PLEASE HELP!
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    Please call your doctor as soon as possible and share with him or her what you just posted on this board. I'm so sorry for your pain, I know all about it. could you try packing your arm with ice or maybe try a heating pad. take alot of deep breaths and hang in there. you can call your doctor at night, there's always someone on call, tell them you need ot be seen right away. I have problems with my arms too.
    hope you feel better soon
    God Bless
  3. kgg

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    I would assume that you have already tried the pillow to prop your arm up. And either cold or warm compresses for the pain. I can't suggest a med, since it helps to know what is causing it, etc. But I wouldn't let it go much longer before a doc sees the arm. Losing the use of the arm is not a small thing. Keep us posted. -Karen
  4. MemoryLane

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    I find that a small pillow helps support my arm and shoulder. I don't know what medications you have tried, but since you are young I would like to see you consult a doctor.

    It sounds like something very serious and you should go immediately to a Children's Hospital ER. The reason I suggest this rather than a regular hospital is that there is a tendancy in the medical community to pay closer attention to children's conditions and you'll get better care there.

    Please consider this,

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    For the past few days, my right arm has been hurting pretty bad and when I was drinking coffee this morning, My arm locked on me and I poured coffee all over me. There is bad pain and constant pain through out my arm and behind my should blade and into the right side of my chest.
    I thought I slept on it wrong at first, but there is no way. I have never had that happen to me before.
    Please let us know if you go to the doctor and what he says.
    God bless you and if I can get into see my doctor, I'll post what he says.
    He is still trying to tell me I don't have Fibro though.
    Good luck
  6. AC77

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    Do you have diabetes? Anyway, really please get help. I hear many a desperate help for relief, but you really sound beyond anything I have heard lately. If you don't have Rx meds to help, please take some OTC ones, in particular 400-600 ibuprofen (advil/Motrin) every 6 hrs WITH food, and some Magnesium and Calcium at night. That's all you can do except for manual massage of the limb and an Warm Epson Salt soak ASAP.

    When you get to the doc you need a full exam. And above all some pain and sleep meds. I would put you on Percocet or hydrocodone, super STAT with 10mgs of Ambien at night in the mean while until it's figured out what the deal is.

    If you tell me what meds you have on hand, I will be a little unethical and tell you what to take! I hate seeing people in pain such as yours! Don't hesitate to go to the ER. I know I often seem to over advocate it, but.........
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    does it hurt in your neck anywhere? The reason I ask this is because I have had the same experience with my arms, yes both of them. I was told either use it or lose it. Meaning if you tend to baby them you may lose the use of them. I get epidurals in my neck while under x-ray now. They are very helpful although I still wake up during the night with complete numbness and when it is time for more epidurals I get paralyisis in my left are real bad. I remember when I first started getting this my arms would swell and turn red and become very stiff. I also have alot of neck pain that goes with it. It sounds like you may need some anti inflammatories like Ibuprofen. Motrin 600mg several times a day can help. Since it has been going on for only a week maybe you have an infection, or you may have the startings of arthritis. Get to the doctor as quickly as possible. You never know what may be wrong and it could be serious. Go there now.
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    Hi Amy
    I have a therapeutic heat pad it is for body aches pain and tension it is inside a sheepskin square and you plug it in i use it when my back and neck hurt and it stops the pain for a while and its very safe im in the uk and got it from argos but i suppose any big store should have some thing like this it was gbp15.00 and i have used it so much it really does help for pain might be worth a try

    love from Loopyloo xx