Please help me pray for understanding forgiveness

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    I am losing the best friend that I have because of this terrible and misunderstood dd that I have. She is mad at me and has basically just given up on me without even taking any time to try and learn anything about it. I feel somewhat betrayed. I have only been diagnosed for 3 months and I still haven't figured it all out myself.

    I also had a pretty big blow up with hubby this afternoon and he's finally agreed to at least read a few paragraphs about it. I don't expect a lot of effort or understanding, but at least I do know that he loves me. He just sees what is on the outside and therefore thinks that I feel good and that I just don't want to get out and do things. It is difficult to not feel betrayed by them both or like they just don't care enough about me to even try and understand what I am dealing with.

    He thinks that I am making myself worse because I lay on the heating pad for relief and come to this message board for support. This is currently the only form of support that I have.

    I just came out of a flare. Today was my first day of actually being back up and now with all of this I am afraid that I will be right back down again.

    I will pray for all of you as well.
    Thank you and bless you all,
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    Your asking for way to little! You didn't cause this DD. No one ever does, yet there are many of us who think we should accept responsibility for our diagnosis. Like we caused it or like we can control it. Nada....

    You are sick and if they can't accept it, it is their ignorance! We would all choose to be healthy, this is not a cry for sympethey.

    I am amazed at all the guilt we put on ourselves. It's like they think we woke one day and said " I think I want to be in pain and confusion the rest of my life."

    How much sence does that make....none. I would ask your Dr. to talk to your hubby and explain the facts of life. As for your can give her documentation but wether she chooses to understand is up to her.

    We are here for you and I will be praying for you. Just remember....this is not your fault. You did not cause it and you can not control it.

    By the grace of God we deal with it and with the help of our friends we survive.

    I am praying for you and your family and friends. I am here for you and if prayers are needed just ask. Blessings. De

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    I'm sure that there will be mamy more frustrating times for me down the road, but I expect some good times sprinkled in there too. I'm a hopeless optomist.

    Hubby wrote me a long letter before he left this morning and I think a small part of it is sinking in. He did understand the comparison I gave him to his AA support groups and that I truly do have a need for a good support system. Expecially now while all of this is so new to me. He did read a small part of the information I gave him last night and is at least making some kind of effort.

    I am trying to bear in mind that this is all so new to them too and that they do love me and really have no idea what it is like not having any control over anything that is happening to my body. I know that they just don't understand and that they are subject to being angry and frustrated with me because of them not understanding. I also know that my friend is going through a really hard time with her son right now and that she's had other things on her mind this week. I just felt betrayed because I have dropped everything so many times to be there for her, to support her in whatever she is going through, and the one time that I really needed her support she was not there for me and got angry with me.

    I just want you to know how much I appreciate everyone on this board. I do not know how I would handle all of this without you all. I appreciate all of the prayers. I actually thought that I could "feel" them last night. I just want to keep the loving and gentle spirit, to honor and understand my friends and family and to be forgiving because they do not intentionally mean to hurt me. They don't know that adding all of this additional stress only makes me worse.

    Thank you all so much for the love and compassion. I will keep you all in my prayers every day.
    Love to you all,
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    It just seems to be the way of the world. When we can't keep up with friends, they just seem to go on their way.

    Since I'm not outside much anymore, I don't see several neighbors and haven't for over 3 years. I really think I do better without having a physically close friend, as I couldn't do but so much with them. Just being around them would exhaust me.

    Some neighbors I was friendly with moved.

    As far as your husband goes, I think he will eventually get it. My husband won't read much research about FMS either. I don't really know how much he knows about it. He knows I can't stand for long or walk to long that my back doesn't cramp up.

    Good luck!

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    I pray that you have more peace and calm and understanding in your life. I ask God to guide you, and to help those around you to learn and accept.

    I wish I could send you to something I recall as being called "a letter to normals".

    I sent it to some people, who had a much better understanding of my health and life.

    Maybe somebody can help steer you to that letter, I am thinking perhaps it was at a different forum. You could mention it or look for it on the regular board. It was a nicely written letter with good information.
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    I am praying for you. It can be so hard to forgive, but it will free your spirit. Love & prayers, Tam
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    I care. I know exactly what you're going through. My twin sister said to me that if I don't get off of my medications for fibromyalgia that I will never have a baby. That was so unkind. I have had panic attacks for several hours because of that.

    I'll keep praying for you.
    You hang in and I will too.