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    My rheummy referred me to a pain management clinic, this Doc is an anethesiologist. I am praying that he will be willing to help me and not mess around with the "no narcotics" BS. I have tried everything already, otherwise I would not be wanting to try narcotics!!! How can I state a firm "case" for what I need? I need all your help people, so I can be prepared for this visit on the 24th of this month. I have DDD, and FM, and mycoplasma pnemonaie. I have chronic headaches, with all over pain that will not subside w/ all the usual treatments. I want to really try a long term treatment/sustained release med. I take too many pain pills and I want to avoid that. I was in ER last week, I have been in the ER 3 times already this year for pain. Any advice on how to professionally handle this DOc would be appreciated. I want my life and energy back... COuld he do anything for the extreme fatigue? Thanks, Iggy
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    and there is an article from the Mayo clinic mentioned. It discusses physician's reluctance to prescribe opiods and how that may be flawed, how these meds ARE indicated for moderate to severe pain and I think it mentions that for short term use at low doses of enough just to take the edge off the pain, the habit forming potential is lower. Or maybe that last part was in a different source.

    I could only get the article from this site referring to the Mayo conclusions.

    If you, unlike me, know how to use Pub Med or the other ways to access medical articles you could print out Pain Med/Management publications.

    perhaps that would help.

    Jen F
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    all your records. Say nothing to him while he reads these records. You are at the mercy of what your other docs have said about you.
    When he finishes,let him ask you questions, don't offer more than one "insight" per question of his. He will not be gung ho about giving you what you want right at the first visit. I'm sorry but you will have to play his game. You are mere mortal, and slightly retarded, while he is lord and master of universe, grasshopper.
    Let no emotion show on face. If he says something utterly stupid, store it for future reference.
    He will be watching your counternance for any telltale signs of hypochonriasis, the vapors, or mental illness.
    Give him NO AMMO! This acting will make you deserving of an academy award. It must be done or you'll be doomed to the eternal limbo of blacklisting.
    I may sound flip about this but it is the honest truth. Nancy
    P.S. Under no circumstances are you to bring with you ANY printed material even from GOD. He will only take this as insult. Wait until the fifth appointment to start introducing your new-found knowledge about your own fricking disease![This Message was Edited on 07/15/2003]
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    consider this doc's specialty and what you are lookng for from him/her.

    an anesthesiologist deals with anestethizing pain via injections.

    i went to an anesthesilogist with chonic headaches and his treament was to give me some injections in my scalp. that was just a shot in the dark (no pun intended) because the head pain didn't always occur in the same place. because the source of the head pain could not be identified, this treatment was not helpful to me.

    a few years later, i went back to the ansthsiologist to get a lumbar epidural, with my referring docs opinion that my severe trigger point pain was due to my bulging lumbar disks. unfortunately, i had a bad reaction to the cortisone that was injected, and my symptoms intensified. the anestesiologist wanted to keep repeating the procedure, because "next time might work" here i was getting sicker, and his suggestion was to keep givng me the injections. thank god my husband refused to take me there any more.

    so, to re state my point after all of my bitter ramblings about my personal experience, be sure that this doc's expertise lies in the treatment that you are looking for. my bet is you will be offered a few injections.

    sorry this dosen't answer your question. it is hard to go to a new doc and try to summarize your past history and treatments. nancy in her post makes some good points. you are going to him to consult about his opinion regarding how do treat your problems. you will have to try it his/her way first.

    let us know how you made out. good luck!
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    and has been such a help I see no one else except for my pcp.Guess it depends on Dr.,but first visit was about1 1/2 hr.,was nothing he din't cover or ask. My feeling is they are not afraid to perscribe strong pain meds.Has me on many meds. sleep. energy and pain meds Was on vicoprofen,but changed it to percocet because of spine pain.
    Wish I could tell you what to do,but maybe this Dr. will be the one-don't give up,I no longer see rheummey,he did nothing for me,except to tell me how much pain he has and that you have to learn to live with it-B.S.!!
    Good-luch-hope you do as well as I did finding a good and caring Dr.
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    A pain management/anethesiologist. So what does that mean exactly???? injections? or strong pain meds? Iggy
  7. Iggy_RN

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    with his assistant. She told me that he does trigger pt. injections, physical therapy, etc... and if you need pain meds he does refer them to your Doc so He will prescribe them to you. He does not deal w/meds, he makes the referral back to your doc to do that. So now what does that mean? Am I going to have to jump thru hoops of fire again to get a pain med? I was just in ER last week. My rheummy who referred me only gave me darvocett for pain. So what is next? is this a good thing or not about "referral" pain meds? Iggy
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    bumping for help!!! Iggy
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    Your new doc is an Anesthesiologist? The speciality and sub specialty of pain management is a good combonation. It sounds like your refering doctor wants you to get some pain relief. I've never met an Anesthesiologist who did not administer medicine.

    I have chronic persistant pain. Nothing takes it away and I do take Norco (narcotic) on a schedule for pain management. I have tried a number of pain medications and have found Norco the best for low side effects. It takes the edge off the pain. I have had much stronger medications that have bad side effects and similar pain management.

    This doctor will know that you are there for pain management. Just be yourself and describe your quality of life as it pertains to your pain condition. I have discovered that being frank and requesting chemical support for management is what transformed my doctor/patient relationships into partnerships. I also have several sets of MRI's that help my case. And, doctors do want to help those of us who are helping ourselves. I keep my doctor posted on my use of narcotics. I do a lot of other things to help with my pain management and it would be much harder without this medicine. I hope you get the help you need.

    Take care and keep us posted...Jan
  10. Iggy_RN

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    I guess I am just so used to being scared and intimidated by these guys and use to getting the run around or to only get muscle relaxers, and NSAIDS, I just hope he truly will give me some treatments and meds for consistant pain relief... Thanks so much for all your imput, Love Iggy
  11. JP

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    Hi Iggy,

    I am so sorry about the run around for pain management. The main reason I get the medicines that I use is probably due to my back. It's all recorded on film and positive labs with 2 or 3 specialists concurring that pain management is all that can be done. I wouldn't wish my condition on anyone and it has provided a case for treatment. I do read a lot of posts of people with CF and FM that have the same difficulty getting the support they need. It pains me that this is 'how it is' for so many. In my case, no doctor will ever be questioned about his or her prescribing behavior. If you have other medical things going on in addition, be sure to list them and discuss them. Also, if this doc prescribes for your other doctor, you other doctor will have backing, if he/she is not comfortable with prescribing. Sometimes they will set you up with the first prescription and you contact your family doc for refills. It is customary for a general or family doctor to be your prescribing doctor. They can and will take guidance from other doctors. Having your family or general doctor manage all of your on-going daily medications is just good practice for everyone concerned. You have one source for your medicine. You don't want to be getting pain meds from multiple doctors because they (in general) tend to view this as addictive and deceitful behavior. I will be holding good thoughts for you and knowing that you will get the help you need.

    Take care,
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    That makes sense. I have degenerative disc disease in C-6 and C-7 which would be easy to see on film. I will have to write all this stuff down so I dont forget. Thanks again for all your info. Its so crazy, that I would not take even tylenol for pain for years and just deal w/it from help of chiros , etc... but it just cannot be managed anymore... Blessings, Iggy
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    I think you willfind great relief with the triger-point release. It helps me get back my movement and stops the pain.

    There will be days that I only need to use bayer Back and Body and other days where I need something more. However with the trigger-point release I have pain free days too.

    Another thing that might help is to stay away from potatoes and other members of the nightshade family. These are all potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers. The first two I can not tolerate at all.

    good luck
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    Take care of yourself. What will happen to you w/your DDD? Keep me posted on that. I hope this pain doc isnt a pain in the a** doc! Blessings, Iggy