please help me with adrenal question............

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    I recently viewed a program on tv about a lady who had such a dysfunctional adrenal system due to a tumor Dr would listen to her or believe that she was eating almost NO food!

    The less she ate the more she gained..........she started working out vigoriously and still gained!

    My question is this..........I eat such a small amount of food that my family members get upset and worried.......NO matter what I do I cannot lost weight!

    If I eat one thing that is not in my normal daily eating plan I gain immediately!

    My question is .................could this just be menopause...........or does it sound like adrenal dysfunction ? I have looked up symptoms and indeed do have a few of them but not too many........mostly I just cannot control my weight and it is getting to the point that Iam afraid if I eat anything I will blow up..........this just doesn't seem normal to me ??????????

    Please don't misunderstand "I DO EAT" healthy foods ......I just cannot eat more than a cupful or two per day, of any kind of food without gaining weight!

    I have tried eating very small amounts several times a fact I have tried everything...............any suggestions or answers?!

    Thanks for your help!:)
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    and welcome back. Are you talking about the lady who had Cushing's because of a Pituitary Tumor?

    I have a Pituitary Tumor a non functioning one I am told.

    Have you had an MRI of the brain with focus on the Pituitary Gland or the Adrenal Glands?

    I have a lot of trouble losing weight also frustrating isn't it?

    Have you been to a good Endocrinologist?

    Good luck,

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    Adrenal dysfunction usually keeps you skinny, you'll have a hyper metabolism, or yo yoing your weight. That's me, often too skinny, but always went up and down w/in 10 lbs.

    Sluggish thyroid causes slow metabolism and its very hard to keep weight off. Bowels and others endocrine function tend to slow too. YOu can have mixed states as well.

    Since its mostly my adrenals, I respond very well to adrenal glandulars, not so well to thyroid. I had a separate thyroid supplement, but taking it like you would need to actually made me worse, I'd get cold and stuff. I could take it maybe once a day, but take adrenals 3-4 times a day. The best balance for me was Dr. Wilson's supplement, you might want to try that if you have a mixed state, it has mainly adrenal, but also thryoid, pituitary, hypothalamus, gonad.

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    Schwarzbein Principle phase/principle II.