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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mandyau, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. mandyau

    mandyau New Member

    I have CFS so a lot of muscle, back, neck pain and insomnia.
    I want to buy a new bed hoping that it will help a bit. The one im thinking of getting is an ensemble with springs in base and a very soft pillowtop mattress probably with latex or memory foams and wool and other foams in it. Since i will probably end up spending $3000-$3500 (aus)I have a few questions on what helped you and what to look for, i dont want to waste all that money and it doesnt help, I want to feel like im sleeping on a cloud!

    1.Do you find soft or firm mattresses help the most with your pain?

    2.Do you prefer latex or memory foam to help with pain?

    3.Do those antibacterial treatments the companys say they put on beds really work or are they marketing ploys (I have asthma and hayfever so thats another issue)? Is wool ok?

    Ok i think there were more questions but i cant remember them now (stupid brain fog!) I'll post them later if i remember. Thanks heaps for any help xx

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  2. disconcerted

    disconcerted New Member

    I have had a memory foam bed for 6 months now and i still sigh with relief when i lie down. It has significantly reduced my pain, particularly in my back.

    I wake in the morning with only a 'normal' level of pain rather than waking in agony as i used to.

    Regarding firm or soft, memory foam in my opinion removes the worry of that because it is quite firm but 'melts' to the shape of your body where it needs to and becomes soft as appropriate to the individual. I have the memory foam pillows too and they have helped my neck pain significantly.

    As far as i am aware, bed bugs and bacteria cannot live in the memory foam, it is too dense (that's what i was told when i bought the bed anyway). I have always suffered from allergies and i find my body itches much less now than it used to (i have recently seen a post where it talks about CFS sufferes producing more histamine which causes itching too-see post titled "Itchy Feet hands FM Sufferer").

    I hope you are happy with your eventual choice


  3. crossword

    crossword New Member

    Have tried all of the above and found the pain was too much to tolerate. Finally went to a water bed and ooh-la-la. Have been using it since last April. It is so wonderful to not have any pain anymore either during the night or in the morning.
  4. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I can only recommend the Tempurpedic. They give you a 90 day in home trial where you can return it if you don't like it. I cannot imagine that. I have 4 of these beds and have slept on one for 15 yrs.

    We started out with the basic bed and now have the "celebrity" model. It is like sleeping on a cloud, truly.

    If you buy directly from Tempurpedic you can make sure about the return policy and also they have a payment plan with delayed payments with no interest

    . They are very good for anyone with allergies. My husband has asthma etc. and has never had a problem.

    Their mattresses also do not get dust mites like ones with cloth and fabrics.
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  5. homebod

    homebod New Member

    I recommend a good box spring foundation and mattress with good support, but not too firm. Then put a Biopedic memory foam 3-1/2" topper on top. You will think you are on a cloud!
  6. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    I know you have MCS like I have, you might not be as sensitive, what can you tell me about odors from this bed. I can't handle rubber or latex. Think this counts me out but would be really interested in your take on the
    "odor factor"

    ~thanks GigglePoet
  7. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Oh how we want and need a good one but it is not in our budget at this time. Hope you find what you need.
  8. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Yeah girl...quess I got my info mixed up on that one. Thank you for the insight though.

  9. mandyau

    mandyau New Member

    Forgot to say that im in Australia so probably wont be able to get the S.A.T. bed or Select Comfort beds here. I also hate waterbeds.

    The point that caledonia made about avoiding the antibacterial treatments has me a bit worried since im very sensitive to chemicals and the beds ive been looking at all seem to have them, so i dont know what would be better

    -No antibacterial treatment which might be bad for my asthma and allergies or

    -Have the antibacterial treatment which might be bad for my chemical sensitivities

    I had already planned to stick the bed out in the sun for a few weeks to get rid of any smells (its summer here)

    Also those of you who sleep with a partner do you find a queen is big enough or do you need a king size (more room to stretch out when your hurting)?

    Thanks for all the replies now i just hope i find something that works i would hate to spend so much money and still be in pain.
  10. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member


    I think I can help on this one. I have had Mcs for 20 years and also have asthma. I have tried to cross this bridge several times. First the easy part. Queen is just right! plus if you have a king, that is all your going to be albe to put in most bedrooms due to size and it will feel like you are miles away from partner. Now as to bed chemicals. I have tried after buying one to have it steam cleaned, and have also put heavy duty barrier cloth over both mattress and box springs mad of heavy, heavy cotton made for fume barrier. We have put out in sun,we have used ozone machines. All to no avail and this was for a bed for another room in our house not our own
    It comes down to doing these things.

    1. order a 1oo% cotton bed with an order from Doctor to have no flame retardants of chemcil procedures or

    2. what we had to do as we were stuck with new chemical ladden bed is cover several times with plastic paint tarps and then cover with aluminum foil insulation and then completely wrap the bed with packing tape. This is a lot of work but it has worked. I have two Northern Nights feather beds on top as well as cotton mattress pad. Without these drastic measures I ached all over, my ears hurt, I had trouble breathing, eyes watered, head hurt. We have used this bed for 9-10 years now. When we do replace the beds in the house they will be 100% cotton and they will not be the organic cotton. Note that I can't use unbleached cotton as for the cotton oils. Don't know if you would have simular problems but this might be something you would like to consider for yourself as well. Also I am allergic to latex. Don't know if you have this problem as well, but everything has foam in it.

    Hope this helps and so sorry that you have to be conscearned with this issue as well.

    ~ GigglePoet

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  11. Lindaanne

    Lindaanne New Member

    Tempurpedic and worth every cent.
  12. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    The sleep number one is adjustible. I don't have one, but my brother recently bought one and he loves it. says his hips don't hurt anymore when he wakes in the morning.

    He's a 6' 7" guy.

  13. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    ...take your time shopping around and trying different ones (do not make a hasty decision) and do NOT buy from anyone who will not give you a trial period on the bed - 30 days minimum. Also, do NOT get rid of your old one until you find a new one that you like!! Put in in an extra room, the garage, the attic, against the wall, whatever you have to do - do NOT part with the old one!!

    I say all this from a terrible experience. I went through a hellacious experience about 2 years ago where we went and bought a new mattress because our other one was old and worn out (or so I thought, now I know alot of those aches and pains were the beginning of my FM). We got rid of our old mattress and bought a new one at a store that did not offer a trial period. We did not even think much about it, as I had bought new mattresses in the past with no problem. Well, we completely lost our money on that one, I couldn't sleep on it at all.

    Then we tried a latex bed from Macy's. That was WAY too soft and unsupportive. At least we could return that one, but lost the money on the delivery and minus 10% of the cost of the mattress for a "restocking" fee.

    Then we tried to Select Comfort. HATED IT!!!! I think I had the worst pain on this one. It feels pretty much like one of those blow up air mattresses you use for camping out. Maybe the high-end ones are better, but the terrible one we bought was over $2000!!!! Made a terrible mistake here, and didn't return it within the 30 days trial period, and they wouldn't take it back even a few days later. Lost $2000+ on that one.

    Then my Mom bought me a twin bed, thinking that might work out for me, and my husband was about to divorce me going through all these changing mattresses. It was a Stearns and Foster, supposed to be high-end pillow top. It was hard as a rock and I couldn't sleep on it either.

    I tried out Tempur-Pedics in the store, but the chemical smell always repulsed me, and we just didn't have another $2000+ to throw away again. Also, they always felt very hard to me.

    Are you still with me? LOL. OKay, by this point I am in EXCRUCIATING pain and "sleeping" on the couch or in a recliner most nights. I was horrifically depressed and would have given ANYTHING to have my old mattress back!!! I had just about given up on ever sleeping in a bed again, when out of the blue, a friend of my dh's called and asked if we wanted a bed that he and his wife were about to get rid of. It was only about a year old and in good shape, but they were getting a Tempur-Pedic or something like it. So they gave it to us free. It is a Serta Perfect sleeper, pillow top. It is very soft, but supportive at the same time. It was the first bed I could spend the night in in about 6 months. I don't know if it is because it was already broken in by the other couple or what. But I LOVE it! I pray it lasts forever and we NEVER have to change mattresses again!

    I tell you all this to warn you to be careful and be a smart shopper, because changing mattresses can be a NIGHTMARE for people with our condition. Also, what is great for one person with FM can be terrible for another!! If you search the internet for reviews on all the expensive beds - Tempur-Pedic, Select Comfort, latex, etc. - you will see it is about 50/50 for all of them. You either love them or hate them. So you have to try for yourself!

    Good luck!
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  14. aftermath

    aftermath New Member


    In my opinion, you can have the best of both worlds.

    I have a Select Comfort (the Sleep Number Bed which I see is now available "down under) with an aftermarket memory foam topper.

    Don't get the SC brand topper--it's way too thin.
  15. mandyau

    mandyau New Member

    Thanks for all your replies and help.

    Trial periods sound good But, When stores do trial periods for beds do they reuse the beds that other people have already tried? What do they do with the beds that have been taken home for 1-3 months slept on every night and then returned if they dont resell them? It would be like buying a second hand bed it could have been tried by 5 different people the sold as new again.

    I dont want to end up paying huge amounts of money for a second hand bed thats being sold as new!
  16. mandyau

    mandyau New Member

  17. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    Been sleeping on one for 15 years...Daughter and hubbie recently bought one. She also has fibro, he's a quadraplegic. They love theirs as well. Restorative sleep is key in being able to function on a daily basis. I highly recommend select Comfort!
  18. bostonfan

    bostonfan New Member

    I travel a lot and have slept in the Sleep Number bed, I absolutely hated it. I purchased a memory foam bed with a normal matress cover at the Origianl Mattress Factory for $900.00 and it is awsome, best bed I have ever owned
  19. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Have you ever considered an electric adjustable bed? This is what I have and I just love it.

    It's great both for sleeping and lounging; the head and foot of the bed can be adjusted - by remote control - to stop anywhere along the continuum of forward & back.

    Admittedly, the box-spring & mattress were a little thin (with the model I bought), but I replaced the upper mattress with a nice, thick futon and now it's just perfect.

    By far, this bed is the best purchase I've made to relieve FM pain. It's improved both my sleep and my general sense of well-being.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  20. abjessop

    abjessop New Member

    I have a really hard time bedshopping, we're on our third now.

    First we had a foam bed, to which I added a cuddle ewe. THat was great for a few months, until it compressed and was too hard for me again. So then I added a feather bed, which is okay as long as its plumped up every night.

    Then I won my LTD, so we went and bought a new bed. First one was too hard, so we did a "comfort exchange" and got a Serta Perfec Night, which I love - I can lie on it even when really sore - but any movement at all disturbs hubby.

    So now, we're bed shopping again, and I'm looking at Tempurpedic, sleep number, and a pocket coil. And of course everything I like is more expensive than our $3000 budget!!

    Why couldn't they make it simple???

    btw, who ever asked about what happens to all the beds that have been returned, at Sleep Country I think they're donated or sold at cost to a charity. I know they aren't sold off as new.


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