Please help me with some new sleep meds, I need to sleep!

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  1. dianneikka

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    I am interested in hearing what those who have sleeping problems take to help them sleep. I have tried restoril, immovane, 5htp, starnoc, none of which helped. The only one that did help with 1.5 - 2 mg. of clonazepam, but after taking it for quite some time, I think my system just became too used to it. I even went for a sleep study and even he couldn't help me because he felt the pain medications I took did not allow him to come to a complete conclusion. He told me I could come back if was and when I was off the medications and he would be happy to redo the sleep study. He did tell me I had restless legs, which I did already know and coincidentally clonazepam is the drug recommended for that. I never reach Stage 4, no wonder I never feel refreshed. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you all so much.
    Dianne the zombie
  2. 2girls

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    I do not know whether or not I actually reach stage 4 sleep as I have never been involved in a sleep study. I do know that I snore an awful lot - sometimes keep my husband awake!
    I currently take 1mg Ativan for sleep. I have tried several OTC meds, to no avail. Without the Ativan, forget the sleep - won't happen. The problem is that after a while it becomes less effective, so once in a while I have to sacrifice a night's sleep to keep its efficacy. Many here use Pro Health's ZMA for deep sleep. You can do a search on the supplement above where it says "search messages".

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    The most effective sleep med I have taken is Zanaflex, which is a muscle relaxant, and it, also, helps with the pain in shoulders and neck..and usually, you don't build up tolerance to this, so can be used on ongoing basis..

    Also, I use Ambien for times in which Zanaflex may not work on a short-term basis, as you will be up tolerance to that drug. There is a study in the new Health Watch Newsletter, called Tizanidine, chemical name, and indicates how people perceive their sleep as much better, which I found)..

    Hope this helps,
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  4. Reg1

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    Hi Diane, Valium 10mg right before bedtime, works for me. If i wake up during the night most of time its from the pain, other than that, its fine. Hope this helps
  5. me-n-fred

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    I love Zanaflex!! I've been taking it for several months, and I have had to increase my dosage (I'm at 8-12mg/night) but so far I haven't had any side effects at all. You have to give it time to work--take it 30-45 minutes before you plan to go to bed. If you wait too long and it starts working, it can make you feel quite dopey. Other than that, I love the stuff, and plan on taking it as long as they'll let me!

    Hope this helps!!
  6. dianneikka

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    I want to thank all who replied to my cry for help with my sleeping problems. I have made a note of all of your suggestions, other than the ones I have tried. I will let you know how I make out. Thanks again.
  7. Tibbiecow

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    Hopefully you can get those legs to quit moving around...I believe there is an article RIGHT HERE that talks about neurontin for sleep and restless legs for us fibro types, as well as pain reduction. I just started it, it seems to potentiate the klonopin and boy, am I sleeping well. Good luck,
  8. RedB

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    I'm another person who takes Ativan. .5 ml at night. I also noticed that it doesn't work quite as well after awhile, so I also take my Flexeril with it. 10 mg. I used to just take 1/2 of that, but now I need more, so I take the whole 10mgs.

    I LOVE my sleep!

    However, Ativan is a "controlled" drug, so a lot of doctors will not prescribe it.

  9. seaview

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    I will tell you what I use but I first give a disclosure that I don't sleep well every single nite but I am sleeping much better than I use to. Okay,with that said..
    I bought the ingredient that is in Benadryl(diphenidrine?) and I take 150 to 200 mgs a nite. Now, this ingredient is in some of the sleep aid products on the market but they all have tylenol in them. At our local Longs(a drug store in CA) I found the product with the generic bottles and it is called sleep aid relief.IT comes in 50 mgs tabs.I think it runs $ 4.50 a bottle of 100.Very inexpensive. I tried several RX ones my doctor thought would help including elevil and effexor. I also use ZMA( sold here on pro health) and 1 mg. of klonipin. I usually am alseep by 11:30 or so.I also sleep alone now because my husband and I arent getting along and I actually think that helps some because his snoring,turning,or wanting to cuddle made my getting any sleep hard. With this DD cuddling when sleeping just does not work. Every position hurts and then just makes my husband think I am rejecting him.I hate the pain and cherish every moment of sleep because then I escape the pain and fatigue.I sure hope you find what works for you.......Blessings, Kathleen
  10. mje

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    My diagnosis for FMS was in 1985. The rheumatologist started me on Flexeril (10 mg.) just at bedtime. (or slightly earlier if too hard to get moving in the morning)
    For various reasons I stopped and then tried Elavil. Personally I felt it did not help as much. Now I am still on the Flexeril...making it about 17 years of use. I
    do have pain, but most of the time I take no pain meds because so many do not give good relief. I take some supplements... but I feel the Stage 4 sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself. Muscles repair themselves
    during this phase and that is crucial for FMS patients.
    Hope you find the right combination to help you. MJE
  11. jka

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    i ve had lots of problems sleeping or even getting to sleep. i take 150 mg of trazodone,2mg alprazolam,5 mg of ambien. i take everything but the ambien about 1 hr befor bed. i take the ambien once i'm in bed. i find it works better that way for me.hope this helps you some.

    kathy c
  12. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I have been on 100 mg Trazadone for many years, and if it works for people, it is great, and apparently it is not habit forming like a lot of tranqulizers, etc.
  13. dianneikka

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    Unfortunately Trazadone did not work for me. I am going to ask my doctor about Zanaflex and Ambien. Ativan sometimes works, but I have to take atleast 6 mg. and clonazepam I have to take about that much also. Thanks to all of you for your input, I really do appreciate it.
  14. missingsleep

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    I understand your need for sleep, I to have been on every know sleep med from ambien to zanaflex, which is a muscle relaxant. Every one starts out really well but I seemed to reach a tolerance quickly. I have succesfully been on Trazadone 200mg now succesfully for 41 days and counting.
    I think we all just have to go thru "trial and error" because everyones metabolism is different, making meds react different to everyone. I wish you luck in your quest for sleep. Sweet Dreams :)
  15. IndigoSC

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    I just got put on Elavil recently and so far, it's been working pretty well for sleeping and doesn't make me as drowsy in the morning as some of the other ones do.

    indigo (sharon)
  16. lucky

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    I have to disagree somehow on this one. The sleep problems many of us are having with CFS/FMS is not caused by being an A personality. The cause mostly is because the part of the brain (I believe it is the hypothalamus) which regulates our sleep is disturbed.
    Great for people who do get away with natural products, but one has to ask what is more important to get a good night's sleep or pay with many more health problems than we already have due to no sleep at all. Whatever we take, there are side effects, and I agree it is a trade-off.
    Regards, Lucky
  17. ReallyTired

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    I have similar problems and this is what I take before I go to bed:

    Remeron 22.5mg, Trazodone 125mg, Restoril 30mg.

    It helps a lot but it isn’t the complete answer. Take all the answers to your question to your doctor and ask him to help you. Best wishes, Reallytired...
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  19. Achy-shaky

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    I think one of the main reasons many don't use more natural supplements is because the doctors we have been seeing do not prescribe them. I personally can not afford to buy natural stuff - I'm dealing with a workers comp case and have to go with what they will approve. My budget only allows me to buy some low cost vitamins.

    I have been prescribed Ambien and have only used it a few times when all else failed. Normally I get sleepy using my anti-seizure meds (Klonopin and Neurontin). If you can tell me what natural substance acts the same as these very important drugs maybe someday when I get my settlement and my social security I can start trying natural ways to live with this DD.

    Best to you Dianne for finding something to help. I also have restless leg and Mirapex works wonderfully for me (also makes me sleepy).

    Blessings to all.

  20. Suzanne1961

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    PLEASE be careful with clonazepam (XANAX), I got severely ADDICTED to this drug, it tQQk 2 weeks in detox to wean myself off of this bad stuff, under doctors and nurses care ! Do not come off of it by yourself, this covers up your problem but makes it worse ! And withdrawals are worse than patients I saw coming off of heroin :( I am now taking an older anti- depressant called TRAZADONE, it knocks me out, I take 3 at bedtime. I get to sleep soon after I take it, I now can sleep most of the night, I MIGHT wake up once and if I do I go right back to sleep. THIS IS NOT ADDICTIVE !!!! AND IT WORKs!! I would highly recommend you talking to your doctor about the addiction and withdrawals from Xanax and dicuss getting off of it and trying trazadone. You don't even the the yuk hangover feelings from trazadone like you do from sleeping pills, which are very addictive too !! Fibromyalgia fro me has been in my life since 1988, probably well before that, I just didn't know what it was and when your dealing with a illness or disease that last so long, and is not going to kill you , you really CANNOT afford to get addicted to medications ! A pain management doctor that treats fibromyalgis would be the one best to help you with your fibromyalgia ! Feel free to email me

    Good luck Many prayers,
    Suzanne <3