Please help me with some suggestions about what to do?

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    For the past week of so I haev been having some rellay intense baaack pain adn it is gettig worse. I thought thatit has started frothe drive to dodgen and the fromt paassanger seat was not e=the mnost comforatallbe for me to sit on. then we got to ouuur SSILS' place and were playing with our grandson and I tried not to pick him up and have him mim hand him to me and put him t=dowmso that i do add to the pain i already have. I don't know what it is that I did to cauese the pain. I don't know why I am in so much of it all the time. I woander if the fact that picked up my grandson. I didn't feel any pain when I piked him, I laayed with him anad loved him but didn't hkd ne nuch asit hurtme back, On the way home I Noticed that my back was really hurting I don't know what I realy did to it and i want to know so very bad, it feels like, I feel like it is spasaming all the time . So just what did I didI do to cauese this pain? I am scard about this sudden pain in my lower back , I don't know why or how I did this . i just want this pain to end in my back, I think Please pray for me to find out whathappened. I also want this pain o leavee. Please help me find the director Lauri, and where she is and how she is doing. Thank you so much Fay.,
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    I cant lift things either, I dont bend and I dont kneel.

    However, I still get sore backs and just before Xmas I was in agony.

    I went to a physiotherapist (UK) who told me my pelvis was out of alignment and proceeded to bend me every which way for 1 hour.

    She helped that pain but made me so ill and in pain all over with her manipulations. It took two weeks to recover from that.

    I still get the sore backs I always get but this one was different, the pain radiated from right down my buttocks and into my legs.

    Maybe you should see a physio if it doesnt let up.

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    Ive been taking SAMe for 4 years. It was recommended by my doc. It helps with pain, detoxes liver and calms the nervous system. I can't say enough good things about it. Its available on this site. I take 800 mg a day. My doc explained that our body doesn't produce enough of it when we are sick. If you don't get enough SAMe in your body you will experience pain.
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    Sometmes a Chiropractor can help in this situation. If your spine is even a little out of alignment, it can hurt a lot. Then the rest of your body tries to compensate.

    Good Luck