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    i have only just joined this site , and i am hoping someone can tell me if i am suffering from cfs, or if anyone else has the same symptoms, i had organophospate poisoning in 2003, and have been ill ever since, i had chicken pox last year and glandular fever early this year,
    my symptons are; i have what i call bad turns where i burn all over to the extent that i have to wash my body down,i feel like i am passing out with these turns as well as being in terrible fear and having pins and needles mainly in the lower part of my body and terrible weakness: i have weakness all the time now to the point where i have to lay down most of the day and maybe only be able to wash up and hang a couple of loads of washing out, i have also had helycobactor, please tell me if this terrible weakness is cfs
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    First, I am so sorry for what you are going through. No one really knows for sure what CFIDS is nor do they know what causes it. Most of us were sick from a variety of causes prior to our becoming chronically fatigued. Exposure to toxins is one of the events which can trigger CFIDS.

    Try to find a good doc or one of the clinics which can help you with your diagnosis. It's important because there are other illnesses which mimic CFIDS and they need to be eliminated.

    Most of us who have improved have addressed our underlying conditions and symptoms. Good luck to you and welcome aboard. There is a lot of good info on this board and the members are very supportive and helpful.

    Love, Mikie
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    You do have many of the symptoms of cfids but I have never heard of or experienced personaly the burning sensation that you describe which does not at all mean that you are not afflicted with legitimate cfids.
    I would like to ask you how do you feel neurologicaly since an altered brain function is also a big part of cfids.There are several medical conditions that can closely parallel cfids so I cannot say with certainty that it is cfids or some of malady.Have you been checked for lyme disease which is one illnes that mirrors cfids?
    Also the earlier post which states that all cfids is caused by chronic overexposure to pesticides is in my opinion simply not true.There is absolutely no way that anyone who has broad knowledge of cfids could claim that the trigger mechanism is always overexposure to pesticides.I unfortunately have cfids and I can say with confidence that it was not pesticides which propelled me into cfids.God bless.
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    yes kalala i do have what i call brain fog, i cant even consentrate on what people are telling me when they are talking to me, i cant write a letter freehand without jumbling the words up, my memory is terrible, the worst thing is deppression even tho i am on antideppressents.
    thank you for replying to my post.