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    I have been sentenced to a year of probation and i have to preform community service. i have fibromyalgia and depression that has not been able to be taken care of by antidepressants. i also suffer from anxiety problems. i am afraid of people and afraid to go outside. i am so ill all of the time that i have to have someone come to my home and take care of me and my seven year old daughter. how am i going to preform community service and if i dont will i have to go to jail. i have no family or friends because of my illness i dont have the chance to meet any people. what will happen to my seven year old daughter. i live on 552.00 a month from SSI and we ran out of money and my daughter was crying because she was hungry and had no warm clothing for the winter and i guess i freaked out or something because i tried to shoplift food and and some clothing for her. i hardlly remember doing it. i was having a panic attack at the time. i know its no excuse but what can i do. i cant go to jail.
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    I would have to ask are you going to any one for medication for the anxiety attacks, panic attacks or the fibromyalgia ? Perhaps you should find help if you have not already done so.

    Living on the below end of the poverty level is real tough. That is why there are so many agencies to help us. It is possible to live honestly using these resources. Not that we can really live but we can survive. I don't mean to judge you but maybe that you don't know about other resources. If you go to a mental health clinic they may have a case-manager who can help you help yourself. The panic only makes FMS pain worse.Case managers can help you to get your home and life together. I am not talking about the ones from Social Rehabilitation, they IMHO cause more problems than they help solve.

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    Animals are a lot easier to work with than people if you are having problems like you describe, and they are always understaffed. The work is not easy, cleaning kennels and so forth, but CS workers are always very much appreciated. You desperately need to get the medications that you need to function. Can you sign up at a free clinic in your community? There is always help available, it just can be hard to find when you need it. Try the United Way and the churches. You might call the various service clubs too.Good luck to you.
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    BOLSKY 01/14/03 04:58 PM

    you need to talk to the procecuters office they may be able to give you whats called a deferment insted where you would take a 6 hr class and thats it, i was also told some communty service can be done at home making phone calls,you need to let the processcuters know how sick you are and tell them you want to make some kind of arrangments,,im going to court tommrow im facing crimanal charges for not showing proof of vaccations for my dogs when i was asked by the animal control officer who came to my door because my the guy next store throws poop over the fence then calls to complain about it,it was the 3rd time that month ! you usally have a year to do your communty service,please talk to the processcters they will help,

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    Talk about learning your lesson the hard way! I'll bet this never happens to you ever again!
    Since it sounds like you've had a doctor to prescribe your anti-depressant meds, perhaps you could get some help from him to describe your condition to whoever you have to report to. You might also get some help from the person who comes in to help you. I'm sure that with the proper information given to them, the court people would provide you with community jobs to do that would keep you away from the crowds. You definitely need someone to help you cope with your anxiety, though. There are pills that help tremendously. Good luck.



    At home community service 01/14/03 05:11 PM

    Yes that what I was going to suggestion is to see if there is community service you can do at home.