Please help:...medical advice needed re: lump in arm...not me..

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  1. shelbo

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    My b/f just told me he has a lump in his arm that is painful. It is located in his rightarm, on the inner side about 4 or 5 inches up from his elbow. I felt it and it feels like (all I can compare it to) an eyeball under the skin; it had that consistency. It feels shaped like a broad bean but is the size of a small Brussel sprout. He says the harder it is pressed the more it hurts. He said he found it this morning but remembers me touching his arm and it hurting in the same place a few days ago.

    He said he will go to the doctor tomorrow; he is obviously quite disturbed about it himself. I want him to go to the hospital today. He says they will laugh him out of the place.

    I know this sounds crazy but I have been having bad feelings and getting what I called my 'scared moments' about him, like a feeling of dread that something bad is going to happen to him. This has been going on for about a month. I put it down to anxiety created by my own symptoms as they have been worse recently. Now he tells me this and I think there is something to my feelings of dread I've been experiencing.

    I had the same thing months before my dad died. I am super-stressed about this. I have myself convinced it is something awful. I am scared to do a symptom search. I am hoping some one here can tell me it sounds harmless.

    I feel even worse cos this came out in a row. His brother has stayed with us several times over Christmas and as my b/f works really hard I have been trying my best to do all I can and I have waited on my b/f's brother hand and foot...but my symptoms have been worse these last few days after a week or so's respite or at least improvement. Anyway, for the last few days the house has smelt bad and I said that I thought that the dog had had a wee somehere and we couldn't locate it. My b/f got to church this morning and when we came back (both feeling exhausted - himw with this lump he must have been scared stiff about and afraid to tell me and me with a headache and breathing difficulties) to find that the house still smelt of urine and his brother had not even taken a cup to the sink.

    This was before my b/f told me. We started rowing and I was saying how his brother was lazy and how he needed to go or I hecould take me somewhere away from him. I am tense cos of my inability to breathe properly and I didn't know but my b/f had this lump he was keeping quiet and he shouted at me 'I don't care about the house etc...I've got a lump'. His brother, not having heard this cos he was in the living room watching TV, storms into the kitchen and shouts at me that no one else can smell the smell and it must be my nose.

    My b/f has gone to take him home and I am waiting here. I feel like crying. I am worried. Am I right to insist on the hospital today or should let stand his own decision to make an appt. with his doc tomorrow. Should I insist on the hospital?

    Please any one here who is a Christian, pray for my dear b/f. I don't know what I'd do if there was something wrong with him. I love him so much.

    Thanks for listening and any advice quickly would be esp. appreciated.

    Thanks, Shelbo
  2. dunnlb

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    It is probably a lipoma, a benign tumor of fatty tissue. I had one in my upper arm that gradually went away.

    They can be left alone or surgically removed. Sometimes, if they are removed, they can grow back.

    They are usually hereditary. He should have a doctor check it out just to be sure.
  3. lenaw70

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    the bump is most likely nothing, as doctors have told me if a strange bump hurts, its most likely a cyst or a swollen gland. The "bad" bumps MOST of time will NOT hurt.

    Hope he feels better and hope you can get through this as I know how the stress feels.

    Take care,
  4. auntyemnga

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    lump on her arm, above the elbow about 5 inches. I have a history of cancer so off to the surgeon I take her.

    The surgeon felt it was nothing and would probably go away. I reminded the surgeon of my cancer history so she agreed to remove the lump and have it biopsied.

    Her lump was an infected hair follicle!

    I think waiting until tomorrow for him to call the doctor would be the thing to do. If he went to the ER, they wouldn't do anything except give him pain meds, if his pain is that intense. They would then tell him to follow up with his doctor tomorrow.

    Just my thoughts,
  5. Kacjac

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    Let me tell ya, the same thing happened to me, I even had the Dr. order an ultrasound on my elbow. They found nothing, it justs hurts ever so often, its just a swollen gland. Let us know what the Dr. says, OK?
    Prayer's & hugz, Karen
  6. GranJan

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    I have what sounds like the very same kind of lump about 4 inchs below my left knee. I went to my orthopedic surgeon, he took xrays and showed them to me. There was NO mass there. It was a collection of fat deposits. That was about 8 weeks and it is slowly going away. I feel that your b/f will be fine. I will be praying for both of you. Try not to stress.
  7. CanBrit

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    It sure scared me the first time he told me about it. He was too scared himself to talk about it.

    He went to our Dr and found out it was just a cyst,fairly common, and was told it will either go away on it's own, or if it becomes bothersome he could have it removed.

    It went away after about six months. Now he has another one! Lumpy old bugger!

    I'll say a prayer for your BF but I'm sure he's ok.

  8. shelbo

    shelbo New Member were right. We went to the A&E and a wonderful doctor there diagnosed a lipoma. My b/f needs to wait for an appt. to have it removed and biopsied but the relief is immense... Thanks for all your advice and prayers. It may be a blessing in disguise that he went cos the doc had a go at him over his cholesterol reading (8.4) which is very high. My b/f thought that since high cholesterol runs high in his family (high chol in his family is hereditary) that his body was equipped to deal with this over-production...not so, the doc says and recommends statins. We're shaping up diet-wise and considering statins but want to weigh up the advantages against the side-effects first. I sometimes think that God has a secondary reason in these my b/f thought he was going with a lump and got a whole bunch of info on cholesterol!

    Eileen...I had to laugh at your lumpy old bugger description!!! :)

    Thanks so much. Those prayers erally did help.
    I'll keep you updated.

    Love Shelbo
  9. auntyemnga

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    That's great news about your b/f's lump!

    Thanks for updating us on his status.

    Take Care,
  10. JLH

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    My SIL has this same problem. He is having surgery in a couple weeks. The doc told him that he thought it was a herniated muscle. Nothing serious.

    In working or doing something, the covering over the muscle got torn a little and the muscle has slipped through it. The surgery will just be a matter of sewing the covering back together after putting the muscle back in.
  11. ilovecats94

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    So because I'm Jewish I'm not allowed to pray for your boyfriend? That's what you said in your post...

  12. shelbo

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    This is to do with thoughtlessness on my part, I'm sure. It's just that we're both Christians so I just appealed to Christians on the board to pray for him. I didn't mean to exclude a/o or to imply that prayers from others would be unwanted or unappreciated. If I offended you, I apologise. I am very stressed right now as neither of us is feeling great. I'd very much appreciate your prayers.

    God bless, Shelbo
  13. ilovecats94

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    Sorry didn't mean to bite your head off but I couldn't resist replying to that one. Jewish people and others on the board pray too. I apologize to you also and if I offended anyone by my post to you.

    Yes, of course I will pray for your boyfriend. I have those tumors/cysts all over my body too and yet just too many to be surgically removed. Some of them are near nerves so when they are touched, they hurt.

    My dad had these too and the ones he had were huge, you could see on the outside of his clothes, but most of mine you can't see like that.

    Just getting off a med that caused me a lot of side effects. I was waiting for the nurse to call when I first posted to you, but that's no excuse--the med was for diabetes called Glucophage.