Please help Need advice for ?'s for 1st appt. with specialist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cc0526, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I asked this question at the end of a long ranting post a couple of days ago and didn't get a reply (can't say I blame anyone for not getting through the novel I had written :)

    Anyway, I've been on a waiting list for about 8 months to see one of the two specialists that I know of in my state. After my worst flare yet, the hospital I was at helped bump up my date. I go on Thursday morning.

    There are literally hundreds of questions, symptoms, feelings, hopes/fears etc. that I have to try to remember to ask in this one short 1 hour period of time. How do I sum up this ordeal in that time?

    Anway, I am obviously working on a list, but would appreciate any ideas from those who have been this far. Things to ask for such as specific labs, treatments? Anything that I can add to my list so I can get the most out of this appointment. I need to be orgainzed I know.

    Thanks for any input you have. I'll post after my appt. to let you all know how it went!

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    Hi Patty,

    I am just assuming that your seeing a physician that specializes in CFS and Fibro.

    Anyway since you are a nurse you might create your own H&P, written out, including all treatments and medications that you've tried. That could cut down tremendously on your time explaining the situation. Then you could get down to what they would suggest and create a treatment plan.

    Good Luck
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    yes, a doctor specializing in CFIDS and FM. Good idea by the way. I have done the online program with Dr. Teitelbaum and can print out all the info there, but it is so much, think it would take weeks to read through.

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    Well you might just hand the doc your list & tell him these are your concerns & would like to go down the list. I'd put your most important issues at the top & the least at the bottom.

    If you can write take your own copy & write the answers down as he goes down the list. If he goes too fast ask him to slow down just a bit for you. If a doc can shove you out the door in a few minutes that's more time he has to squeeze in another patient = money in his pocket. Sadly too many of us have become a number instead of a patient.

    OR... you might ask if you can tape the visit so you can remember what he tells you & get one of those digital records for your computer. They're pretty small in size. My neighbor has one & they're pretty inexpensive & the sound is good & clear.

    Hopefully this specalist you're going to see will be a good one.

    Good luck :).


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