please help-need answer about cymbalta

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    My MD was nice enough to start me on cymbalta today except---he left me a sample at my nurses station where I work, but didn't give me any instructions! It was too late for me to get in touch with him. They are 30mg capsules. Do I take it once a day or 1 two times a day? What dose do any of you that take it, have? Thanks for your help :) cbella
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    Take one 30 mg. capsule for two to three weeks

    At first, you will probably have some minor side effects, like sleeplessness and nausea. That shouldn't last but a few days.

    After 2-3 weeks of 30 mg/day, go up to 60 mg./day. It shouldn't matter if you take it at night or morning.

    I am going by what I did when I first started taking it. If you have been taking an antidepressant, you might want to continue taking small doses of it along with Cymbalta for a couple of weeks. I did that, and it seemed to cut down on insomnia.
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    My instructions were just like those of dunnlb.

    I took one 30 mg capsule a day for 2 weeks, then upped the dose to 60 mg. However, when I took the 60 mg all at once in the morning, it made me too sleepy. So, I now take 1 30 mg. cap. in the AM and 1 30 mg. cap in the evening.

    However, in order to do this, your script must be written for 30 mg capsules (& written to take 2 caps a day). Otherwise, your script will be filled with 60 mg capsules and you cannot take them like I did.

    I used to take Prozac. I just cut it out one day and started the Cymbalta the next day. I don't know if you can do this will all A-D's.

    Hope it helps you as much as it helps me!

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    When I first started Cymbalta, I was increased at a slower rate. I started with 30 mgs for two weeks, then to 40mgs. At 40mgs, I had a bad reaction - rapid heart rate, high anxiety and too much energy. I was immediately dropped back to 30mg.

    At that dose, Cymbalta has changed my life. Although I still need to make sure I get rest periods in during the day, I have energy again and my fibro pain is almost nonexistent. Instead of spending most of my day in my recliner, napping for 1-2 hours several times a day, I now only need 20-30 minute cat naps before I can get right back into a project.

    I hope that you have good luck with Cymbalta and be sure that the doctor gives you all the information that you need.


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    I would call the pharmacist and discuss not only the proper dose but the side effects etc.
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    and ask what dosage your suppose to take. That is the best way to find out for sure.

    I take 60 mg one pill every morning....

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    everybody, at least that helps until I can talk to him...I've never been on an anti-depressant before, he's hoping this will help with my fibro pain. My anti-viral hasn't done anything yet and I've been on that for 4 weeks. peace :) cb