Please Help!! Need info on product to wash hair without water!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jennypee, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    Hi Everyone--

    The title is pretty self explanatory. I was hoping someone knew of a product to dry clean their hair.

    I hate having dirty hair, and there are lots of times where I have a choice between clean hair or an outing. I WANT BOTH!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    a product in the drugstore, sorry I can't remeber the name ( they may not make it anymore)that could be used w/o water.
    You could try babypowder, use sparingly otherwise it looks like dandruff or oddly graying hair.
    Corn starch can also be used.
    That's all I can think of right now, sorry.:)
  3. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    It's in a white bottle with blue letters, and it's called "No Rinse Shampoo"
    Ready to use absoulutely no water necessary.
    Just apply, lather, and towel dry.
    Pick it up at the drug store or medical supply store.
    :) Karen
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i read about was to use course sea salt and put in your palm and run through hair...absorbs the extra oils i guess...

  5. Cindi

    Cindi New Member


    This has been around for a long time! I googled it, and apparently it's still around. I used it years ago when I was sick, and it worked then.

  6. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I had no idea that stuff was still around, I can remember using it when it first came out in the 70's! It's in a can that looks like hairspray but it was with the shampoo products. You just spray it on then brush it out. If you use it, be sure to brush thoroughly though. I remember that part! You'll look like you have a severe case of dandruff if you don't. But then again, maybe technology has improved dry shampoo in 30+ years ... !!

    I even remember using a small amount of baby powder in the same manner: sprinkle it in your hair then brush out. Not sure why we did that, it sure sounds gross now, LOL!

    Hope you find something helpful!

  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    There used to be a spray product calles Pssst or something like that, but we are talking about 25 years ago or more. My mother used to use it between going to her hair stylist. I don't even know if it is still available or not.

    Someone posted a while back about a liquid stuff you put on your hair, but as far as I'm concerned if you are going to have wet hair, you may as well wash it. I know what you mean, I wash mine and it is a big deal. I have to put mousse on it. I have to comb and part it and then blow dry it with a brush.

    It doesn't take that long, but it is an effort. Then I heat up an electric curling brush to curl up the ends of it.

    I just lean over the bathtub and wash my hair. I have a special towel to dry it and then to get the tangles out and do the above. I wash it every 4 days. I have to plan things out if I know I've got to go out or something like that as I usually wash my hair around 3 PM. I need to separate my bath time from my hair washing because it is so much like work to me.

    I like to look nice, though, if you know what I mean and I have longish hair.

    Lol Kat, I was writing at the same time you were and we both mentioned the Pssst product. We must have ESP. lol[This Message was Edited on 02/16/2006]
  8. PVLady

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    I just saw the dry shampoo the other day at Rite Aid Drug Store.

    Also, I have started washing my hair in the kitchen sink, the night before. I have short hair, so I just get it over with, and it only takes 5 minutes.

    After towel drying, I let my hair air dry - the next day I use the curling iron just to make myself presentable.
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Rub a little into the hair then brush it out.

    Love Anne C
  10. kdeenak

    kdeenak New Member

    If you do a search on the internet, there are several different kinds, if you don't want to go out searching for it. I typed no water shampoo or no rinse shampoo. I also saw one made by Jonathon on QVC called, Jonathan Redo Freshen Up Hair & Skin Mist Duo. It is pretty pricey though, $36.00 for two bottles. It is in a pump spray.

    Hope that helps!



  11. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I saw some of this at WalMart today --- That name caught my attention. I had never heard of it before. It was on sale for $2.50 a can.
  12. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    Thanks so much everyone, I can't wait to try your tips.

    Thank you!