Please Help, nerves going haywire in the legs!

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by krisnaT, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. krisnaT

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    I have searched all over and have found story's like my own but not the same.

    About an hour after I go to bed the nerves in my legs start to twitch. It ussualy starts in my thighs and then proceeds down to my feet and then they jerk, and then about 10 to 20 seconds later it starts over again. This lasts about 2-3 hours a night or longer which does not leave me with much sleep. I have no pain in my legs at all. And When this starts up I am fully awake. I am never about to fall asleep.
    Please help! I'm desperate for an answer, this has been going on for years!!
  2. daylight

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    sounds like muscle spasms . Sometimes spasms don't hurt but they can be annoying.

    If you twitching gets worse you should be seen by a neurologist just to make sure that there is nothing else going on.
    Also low potassium and low water intake can cause muscle spasms. Your doctor might prescribe a low dose muscle relaxer to help you to sleep at night.

    Take care .

  3. krisnaT

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    Thank you so much for the info. I'm going to check out the site now.
    And it does not surprise me none about the low potassium and low water intake-Not a big fan of water. I drink WAY to much pop. But I was talking to my father today and about me not drinking enough water. Now thanks to you, I am going to do just that.

    I also will make a trip to the health store. :)

  4. SnooZQ

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    If simple self-help issues don't work, consider asking your doc for an eval for restless legs syndrome. This is usually done by way of a sleep study.

    On another note, restless legs can sometimes result from anemia. Ask your doc to run a hematocrit. If your iron is low, treatment can often improve the legs at night. However I do not recommend self-treatment with iron supps without first verifying that blood iron is indeed in need of a boost.

    Best wishes.
  5. kbak

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    I have tried MANY things. Something new that I'm using that seems promising is L-Carnitine. I heard an alternative doc on the radio say that this amino acid was good for repairing nerves. I picked it up here at the site store cause it was pretty inexpensive.

    I wasn't getting any results after the first 2 wks. and thought, great another dud. But I decided to finish the bottle since I bought it. After a month I did notice that it did seem to work in so far as not having the terrible leg pain at night. I can't say that it's cured all my nerve pain in general, but I'm happy enough to stick with it.

    Take care,
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    Have you talked to your Dr. about this? It could be something fairly simple - at least the solution. It could be restless legs. It can be somewhat common - hence so many commercials for it. Could be something else, but most important, you need sleep!