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    hi, I live in Tennessee and have been to specialist and no one has been able to "correctly diagnose me" . I have been diagnosed w/ ADD, bipolar, manic depressive(suicidal), chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromialga, hypothyroid, (thyromegaly) and hyperthyroid, (have a large pain free goiter), frequent migraines(sometimes triggered by certain foods) testing done but no allergies., anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive, OCA?, obesity (comes and goes) *varies from 170pounds to 123 pounds , chronic infections,( have had skin infection for years.) anemia (boarderline for years..) (not treated tho.), high cholesterol, and more. I have been doing this for 10 years. Some lab results I have are T3 intake 24, T4 intake (thyroxine) 10.8, free T4 index (T7) 2.6, TSH, ultra sensitive 0.37, immunoglobulin e 126.5. nothing has been sucessfull. I am 21 years old and self employed, I have a very big event coming up in 2 weeks and need to feel.. somewhat better by then. I visited my family physician last week and he put me on lamictal tb 25mg once daily, i feel worse, extremely "mean/irritable, tired and scared to visit stores again. I thought it was my panic attacks again.. (no longer on SSRI's) I was researching SSRI's and came across hyperthyroid again. I started researching and compared my medical records for the first time. and wondered again if it could just be my thyroid. I did a search for doctors and yours striked my interest because you also deal with phycological problems. I currently have no insurance and trying to get some. (because i am currently" bipolar no one will cover me.) I am considering taking coconut oil?

    This letter above I have sent to thyroid specialist and they try to get me to just visit them.. its $400!! I cant afford that w/out insurance. Today I broke down and called my family doctor he put me back on paxil for my panic attacks. I have been doing A LOT of research on thyroid. I have compaired my results from the last five years. I was on birth control during this. So I know that the free levels would count. But I have heard that they “birth control” makes they T3,T4 rise! Mine are low. Ok
    My results broken down have always been boarderline with what the doctors say.. (I am currently gaining A LOT of weight even tho I goto the gym EVERY day except Sunday and im on a 1200 cal diet!!! I did preg. Test and they are neg. my goiter is painless and larger than ever. I have done charts so I can see where my weight and blood test interfear.
    On dec 8 of 2000 blood test showed my T3 to be 25. free index 2.3 and I weighed 136.
    On july 18 2001 my T3 was 24 my T4 was 10.8 and my TSH was ..37 (very low). Weight 149.5 Triglicerites were high (was put on synthroid .075 and saw a specialist who said I ws fine and making it up. * I don’t feel fine* so I stayed on synthroid for 6 months. Did nothing.
    On Jan 28 2002 my test were TSH .54 (LOW) T4 11.6 , T4 free 2.9, T3 25 (low) *I thought birth control raised this…. Also my weight was a whooping 165 pounds soon to become 172 pounds on a 5’5 18 yr old!! ( then I was put on phenteremine and xenical because I was obese.. I did loose weigh but I didn’t eat either.
    Next results are june 29 2003 my TSH was normal at 3.826, my T4 hit the High at 12 , my T3 went up some to 28 the free index was 3.3 (ok) and I was still on the phent. Weight at 142pounds. My trigli. Was high at 181. since then my weight has gone down then back up I am currently at 152 pounds. And still prob anemic.
    When researching online I find that with a low t4 and low tsh I would be hypo. But I have had low t3. so it makes no since. I read were people can have both and if you treat someone with synthroid (cant remember) that it wouldn’t work for them. I am stuck. No insurance an limited funds at the moment Please help. Thank you for listening.

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    I'm sorry to hear about everything. I would recommend trying to find a free clinic in your area or going to a medical school where if they charge you it's a lot cheapier than a doctor's office. I have been on the guaifeneisin treatment for my fibromyalgia and have noticed a world of difference. Ask your primary doctor if he/she is familiar with this treatmentif not use your search enegine and type in fibromyalgia and some of the links will give you doctors who specialize in fibro. and know the treatment. That can help with the fibro and frequent migraines since they are linked to the fibro. I hope this helps some. Best of luck-Beverly
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    You might try researching Wilson's Thyroid Syndrome...
    Just a thought. You can have problems with this and
    all the tests in the world won't show it,,,but you will
    feel it. texasone
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    it is your thyroid..It will most deffinately do crazy things to your body.Its the gas peddle to everything about you,it controls your metabolism.I have the same problem but control it with synthroid.The goiter should be indication to any Dr. that you are have thyroid problems,You can be hypo and then become hyper,did you say you had been pregnant?Women usually begin to have problems after pregnancy,pre and post menapause.The weight gain sure sounds like it to me.Any lab can draw blood and tell you what you are and that surely is not 400.00 then the meds are fairly cheap to get it under control for you...Good luck,I feel your pain.I got depressed and anxious with this and had to go on Lexapro and it has been a god send for me.I feel like the old me again after a long time.