Please Help! Questions about my dad's PD?

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    First off, here is some background information regarding my father:
    My father was diagnosed with PD around 10 years ago. He functioned very highly for about the first 9 years. He was a lawyer and still able to practice law. He did have physical problems. He also had some noticeable mental problems (slower thought processing, etc.). Through all of his problems, he was still able to function fairly well. Through his first 9 years, he never took Levodopa (although I don't remember which medication he did take off hand). Within the last year, my father started to go way downhill. One of his previous medications caused him to have hallucinations. After this happened, he was immediately switched to levodopa. But since this break down happened, my father's IQ seems to have gone way down (this was verified in a psychological assessment). It is so hard to see my dad like this, but the physical aspect of his PD stayed about the same. He also is now unable to work as a lawyer.

    My questions regarding the situation with my father are as follows:
    1. I know dementia is commonly linked with PD. But has anyone else heard of such a severe mental drop off due to PD? (the drop off was about 40 IQ points according to psychological assessment)
    2. Does anyone think my dad's mental problems aren't at all related to PD, and could possibly be fixed through other medicines (not related to PD)?
    3. What are some suggestions on some jobs that my dad could possibly get? Although he is very slow mentally and physically, he is a very knowledgeable man and a hard worker. Also, I know he wants to work because I often see him searching for jobs on the internet. Any suggestions on possible work options or ways to help get my dad out of the house (keep his mind going, etc.) will be of great help.

    Thank you in advance for your help. Answers to any of these questions will be greatly appreciated by my family and me.

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