Please help....SEVERE IBS....suggestions?

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  1. dolsgirl

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    I've been having a bad bought of the IBS since the day after Thanksgiving and I've been taking Donnatol (stronger than the Lomotil & Bentyl I used to take together), 3-4 times a day. Well, when I met my new doc last week, she gave me a prescription for the donnatol 3 times a day but wanted me to start fiber con 2 tabs a day, which I've done.

    My IBS is soooooo bad. Any suggestions? Is this worse because of the fiber con? Any answers would be appreciated.

    Thanks, dolsgirl
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    is helpful for people with crohn's which is similar to ibs. flax oil has profound anti-inflammatory benefits. Boy, I feel for you dolsgirl this sounds just aweful. take care of yourself. Aloe vera is also very good to drink for ibs!
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    I had a really bad case of IBS maybe 8 or 9 years ago.It went on for probably 3 months.The Dr. put me on fiber con and it kept it pretty regulated.Occasionaly I would try without it until I finally didn't need it anymore.I still have a problem once in a while but it doesn't last but a few days now. bejo
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    I want info please~~dolsgirl
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    Hi Dolsgirl,
    Has anyone ever told you to give up ALL forms of caffiene? Ex. drinks, dark or milk chocolate, coffee, tea, meds with caffiene ect. My husband has IBS and he was in severe pain when a friend told us this. It WORKS!!! My husband only has to take his med. when he has caffiene. I hope this helps.

  6. Notonline

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    I've had IBS for years...not fun at all when you get a severe episode.

    I started taking probiotics (Jarro-Dophilus) about two weeks ago, after someone recommended then on the board (Mikie I think...thank you!), and I later saw something about them on TV as a treatment for IBS, they are seeming to help me already.

    Watch your diet too (sure you probably already are), but I know I went on a salad "kick" a few years back, I had to have a big salad every day...then I found out salad dressing and me do not mix well. Too acidic I guess. Couldn't understand why I was so miserable.

    Stress is a huge trigger for me, but sometimes there is just no way to avoid it these days.
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    i HAVE IBS TOO and again...its the pits. I find
    Kaopectate in either tablet form or liquid helps me.
    Nothing else does.
    I also read in another post below this one about
    flax oil being a great anti-inflammatory....great
    but how do you take it? spoonful? in food? drink it?
    Tonight and last night and night before...all bad...
    no sleep! Has put me in a serious and somewhat sulky
    mood! I WANNA SLEEP! Feel wierd being up at 3;30 a.m.
    cause I can't sleep!
    Ahh..better get back upstairs to bed. Try listening
    to music and see if that helps. This is the pits.

  8. jstbrznby

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    Hi, I have been really sick with this as well and when it first started I couldn't leave the house for hours, sometimes not at all. I found a nutritionist at 'Planet earth' who suggested "Intestinal Care" It really helps and the relief is over night. You have to keep it in the refrigerator as it is a live acidopholus (can't spell that) but I know for sure it won't hurt to try.

    Hope this helps, I do all the other stuff now as well, Citrecell, Dr put me on Nexium too, really helped with the nausea. If you give this a try let me know, I'd like to know if it helps (or doesn't) Hugs....JYN
  9. dsames

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    Hi Dolsgirl

    I am so sorry to hear about your problems with IBS, I know so well the feeling, as I too have had problems episodically over the last 30 yrs.

    Along the way I have discovered things that help:

    If I drink a hot beverage for breakfast, I can plan on being in the bathroom 6 or 7 times before I leave the house.
    I asked my dr. if that wasn't a little weird and he said "no, that often people that are constipated are told to drink hot liquids.

    I also found that I have a lactose intolerance, therefore I do not drink cows milk, (and I love milk) so I now drink soy
    milk. I don't think the taste is bad. I often have that for breakfast with an instant breakfast food mix in it. If I decide to have cerals for breakfast, the soy milk is good in that. If I really have a craving for ice cream, I will take a lactaid pill before the 1st bite of Ice cream, seems to work. And of course another big factor is ...STRESS..

    Sometime these adjustments will help a lot, they did me, I haven't seemed to be bothered with it lately.

    Good luck, hope they work for YOU and you will soon be feeling better

  10. babyblues68

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    I was diagnosed with IBS about a month and a half. I also have a hiatil hernia and GERD. My doctor prescribed me prevacid, pepcid for the GERD. My IBS got so bad to where I stayed in the bathroom all the time. I wouldn't even go out, because I was to scared I would make it to the bathroom. I also I was to the point of daily pain that my pain med for my FM weren't touching the pain. For the IBS he gave me Librax(generic-chlordiazepoxide/clidinium capsules). This med treats ulcers and IBS. Other brand names of this same kind of drug are Clindex, Clinoxide, Lidox, Librax, Clipoxide and Lidoxide. The formulation of this drug is an antianxiety action of Librium (chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride) and the anticholinergic/spasmolytic effects of Quarzan (clidinium bromide).

    I've always had these problems but have just gotten worse. I can not take any fiber pills. They just double me over with pain. I just finally found a doctor to diagnose and help me. This medication had total changed my life. I take it twice a day right before my big meals(early lunch and dinner). It did make me really sleepy at first, but I stuck with it and don't find I have the drowsey effect anymore. You might check with your doctor and ask would this be an option for you.

    I hope this info is helpful.

  11. acupuncture

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    My 16 yr. old son has been diagnosed with IBS. About 1 month ago we tried a product called Ibsacol. Just do a search and you'll find it. It's a New Zealand company, and it was a shot in the dark for us. He has had incredible results. I would suggest you start out slowly. Take less than the recommended dose and work yourself up after a week. My son had cramps, diarrhea and terribe headaches. Within in a week all three of these were better. DO NOT take this product unless you are sure you have IBS. You'll see a warning about this on the web site. They are very responsive. We emailed them with a question and the owner of the company called us! We thought he was having side effects from the Ibsacol but it turned out to be something else. Good luck. I know how much those with IBS suffer.
  12. gardengrow

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    I really feel for you - I have it too but it has slowly gotten better this last year. I tried all kinds of fiber but it was just too harsh on my stomach.I do eat oatmeal though since it is souluble fiber it is easier on your stomach. I started with it very slowly as a hot cereal for breakfast. I also went off dairy products and that helped tremendously. You could also incorporate oatmeal into muffins and breads.I read a good book called eating for IBS by Heather Van Vorous. It is filled with good info and recipes. Unfortuanately the author doesnt have to worry about sugar like alot of us do so there are recipes for desserts also. The book explains how to stabilize your tummy and then once you do that you can decide what you want to eat and omit from there. There are probably trigger foods for you and everyone has them and try to find out what these are by writing down everything you eat when you are going through a bad bout. I figured out what fruits to stay away from and other foods doing that. I can now eat pretty good the only problem is at restaraunts -keep an eye out for greasy foods -a big no no! Hope you get some relief!

  13. dolsgirl

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    I just did a reply, was almost done & hit something by mistake & lost it all.

    Today I took 3 donnatol's prior leaving the house. I did just leave a voice message at my docs requesting an rx for Librax to take to Massachusetts with me. I'm leaving tomorrow evening to care for my sister, aged 39 that just had a colon resection secondary to ulcerative colitis. I bought the flax seed oil today & took the two gel caps (big) as directed. I also took my two fibre cons this AM. I also did a packet of Metamucil. I haven't had any further diarrhea, BUT I'm having incredible lower abdominal pain.

    I also saw the orthopedist today regarding my right index finger that has been swollen and painful since July & the pain has spead to other areas of my hand. He was very interested in the entire family history of the ulcerative colitis(3 siblings), (inflammatory), my IBS and I'm sure my mother had it & I think my Dad also. My parents were never diagnosed. He's not sure that I have a correct diagnosis for FMS, although I am, because of all the symptoms I had for years and all the tender points. He's concerned that I have inflammatory arthritis that was actually brewing all this time. I told him of my recent negative RA & h/o previous negative RA. He says that ALOT of the time they have negative RA with truly positive Rheumatoid.

    The ortho guy ran a gazillion tests on me today. Hopefully, all the test results will be in by Monday and something can be called to the pharmacy since Monday is my last day of coverage.

    Thank-you all for your assistance. dolsgirl
  14. dhcpolwnk

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    I'm sorry you have to deal with this, dolsgirl. I *think* I have (or had) IBS. At least a gastroenterologist I trust told me I did and worked with me to find some help, beginning with removing possible food triggers and then adding them back to my diet one by one. I discovered I have a lactose problem (I don't think I'm completely lactose intolerant, but I'm lactose-sensitive.) Lactase tablets (Lactaid) seems to help with that.

    My doctor also warned me that eating too much roughage at once can trigger a bathroom emergency, and I've discovered that recently when I started eating a very high-fiber cereal that I hadn't been eating for a while. For 24 to 48 hours after eating that cereal, I was making multiple trips to the bathroom. Raw fruits and vegetables can have a similar effect on me, as can onions, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or any other gas-producing vegetable. So I'm very careful about eating salads and even certain cooked vegetables anywhere except home. Just in case, I always carry Imodium, as well as a change of clothes, with me when I go out.

    I think somebody else on this board mentioned probiotics. I started taking them several months ago and was amazed at how much better my digestion--and bathroom needs--seemed to be. I saw an almost immediate improvement.

    I should note here that my bowel problems may not be all IBS. I get myoclonus in association with my multiple sclerosis, and two neurologists have told me they thought my bowel problem might be the myoclonus affecting the bowel. So I need to take that into consideration as well.

    I think dealing with my bowel problems--whether MS or IBS--has been one of the most difficult and limited health problems I've faced. You have my empathy (not just sympathy) and my sincere hope that you find a treatment that works for you.

    --Laura R.M.
  15. dolsgirl

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    start keeping at least one change of clothes with me at a time. It will make me feel better anyway. I have to go look up the probiotics you mentioned and myoclonus. Thanks. dolsgirl
  16. Cactuslil

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    I am 53 and got IBS when I was 28. Docs were in the dark down here in south, mortified I would have an accident (I still have not had one but....) I got jobs that allow a window wherein I could produce my work.

    I take Levsin or Levbid (relaxes smooth muscle) but if I get the "lovlies" anyway that imodium is tried & true! Lil'
  17. kar1953

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    Hi dolsgirl. Sorry to hear your problem. Seems like a lot of us know what you are going through. When I was first diagnosed, I had to cut out salads(which I love), green peppers & onions(raw), caffine was another no no (which means tea & chocolate). My dr. has me taking 5mg. Paxil/day. I have been following a lo carb, hi protein diet since last May. Not only have I lost inches & pounds, I find I can eat all the salad, raw fruit & veggies allowed on the diet & NO PROBLEMS! I do have to watch how much cauliflower - raw or cooked I eat. But that is the only thing that causes me to "run" to the bathroom.

    As far as constipation - when it occurs - mainly as a side effect of pain meds for Fibro - Citracel is my answer.

    Hope some of these suggestions help. If you try the lo carb/hi protein diet make sure you take a multivitamin.

    Good luck & I'll be thinking of you.......Kathi
  18. LinnFam

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    Yes, IBS is a miserable problem! What works wonders for me are:
    1. Eliminate coffee (drat!)
    2. Primal Defense Probiotics
    3. Intestinal Formula #2 by American Botanicals- very soothing, & we just keep it in the med.chest for food poisoning, it's such a detoxer etc. SO EFFECTIVE! not a drug
    The above and LOTS of water