please HELP...something i no right

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    I don't knowif this is ?herx or what but somethng is very wrong.
    lsast nite on my way to work i was on a long dark countty road with no phone signal when came across tree in raod. I was able...somehow tomove some of the samllest branches and squeeze back was very sore so when I came home today I tried the salt/peroxide bath. It helped some, i ate took my muscl relaxer and went to bed. woke at 6 with head ach like i have neer had...base of skull, hurts when i move head or eyes, nausea. been decraeding diet coke and thoght might be caffine w/d so took some rx med for headach with caffine and drank some diet coke, also use rice bag on neck, i've now had 2 pills and no improvement...also had samll ibs attach with dirreah
    would the bath do this? or am having major caffine w/dd? I gotta go to work inhour what is wrong?
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    I don't know what is wrong, but given all your health problems, I pray you have seen a doctor by now. As a nurse you often know when something is wrong. I don't know if you had a migraine, reaction to the bathwater, or something more serious. Please update us. I'm worried for you.

  3. DLsGroovyMoM

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    I guess it could be a mix of all things, i only used 1/2 recipe on bath and could only ...all i know is my heast is about to explode and my neck is so freakn sore/stiff! finally took ultacet and is easing up some...i was worried the bath might make me super tired but i never expeceted this...or maybe caffine...thought was goin off pretty slow? Had to cmoe to work though praying i make it through the nite! if no better in am or gets worse will go t er...hat egoing there cause they wont do anything but at the least can maybe get shot

    funny thing is i was sleeping good enough to dream...i never dream but the min i cracked my eyes open i knew i was in troube

    top it off can't keep a freaking connection on my internet so can not keep self busy like i usualy can...
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    is 6am gettin off work in 30min...has been very rough nite. Have felt better since taking teh 2headach adn 2 ultracets still have some really bad neck pain and and head hurts if i move too fast. Not supposed to but i took a cat nap...bout 30min b/c I was so sleepy. I'm going home and going to bed! may have to park and take another nap on the way home as it is a long drive and I just can not hold my eyes open anymore.
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    the drive was hard and longer than usual (50miles vs.25miles) b/c I have to take my paperwork by the office. Was feeling better very drained and neck sore. I did drink 2 demon (diet)cokes (instead of usaul 4/20oz) and added a water and oj came home and went to bed. now I feel it coming back...still not real sure if caffine/aspartame withdrawl or bath. drank some of hubbys tea (yuk)and took antoher of the caffine headahe pills...will go to er if comes back like it did yesterday and will call doc in morning either way. As i read over post from last nite seems i was having a hard time with spelling n stuff (more than usual).
    Thanks for your concern!
    will keep posted
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    I NOW know about the demon aspartame...which is why I am trying to come off it...never knew it was so bad for me until recently. I can not belive they allow that crap on the market. I have been better today thank goodness!