Please help .... SSA & changes in approving disability

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  1. pj97305

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    SSA is taking our comments on changing evaluations of immune system disorders ... but only till 07/08/2003
    please visit this site ... .... scroll down to "how to locate the ANPRM on the SSA website" This is our chance to be heard .... and take time to read all the comments from others ... pass this on to your doctors ... lawyers ... family ... friends ...
    PLEASE take the time to do this ... it is important for ALL of us ....thanks & GOD BLESS
  2. pj97305

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    My message was concerning The 4 illnesses I battle each day ... but while I am able to work now ... I have no idea for how long ... each day is a struggle
    I am trying to reach as many as I can and have picked up some new friends along the way who are helping me to spread the word ..... this is OUR chance to be heard .... please send your comments and ask two more to send theirs ... and so on ... I have given the info to my doctors and I have also gone to and sent messages to the President - and all my congressmen... please help ... send comments ... Thanks ... Pat Jarvis
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    Thank you for sending this information out. I have submitted my comments and truly hope that our ever growing community of immune and invisible illness people will do the same. I cannot seem to find the place where you can reveiw other comments though. Can you give me a clue as to where I might find it?
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    Will do! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. pj97305

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    At the bottom of the page where you entered your comments there is a small blue arrow ... click that and it will get you into the comments page .... it is growing every day and these are people just like us .... who need the disability ... there are ALL kinds of immune system disorders discussed ... some I had never even heard about .... very moving letters to be sure
  6. pj97305

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    I saw one of my doctors today .... she is sending me to a pulminary specialist ... one thing after another ... but I gave her the website and she is going to add her comments .... I think if I can reach at least two people each day who will pass the info on to two more ....well ... just think of all the people we can reach ....
    Take care and thank you
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    Its not taking me to the page you all are getting.Help!!
  8. pj97305

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    I will try to list all the steps .... scroll to "how to locate the ANPRM on the SSA website"
    click & scroll down to "What's New"
    click and scroll to ANPRM 05/09/2003 immune system disorders
    click ... on this screen click "open proposed rulemakings"
    on the next screen click "0960-AF33"
    scroll down .... this screen will show you a box to click to enter your comments .... scroll to the bottom and click the little blue arrow to read comments others have sent in ....