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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Manwithfibro, Feb 17, 2011.

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    I went out on FMLA in April due to severe FM/fatigue and wanting to try a protocol that was going to make me worse before I got better. I was out 5 weeks. 7 days was the waiting period so I was not paid for that. I came back 3 days a week in May until August, when I upped it to 4 days a week (just missing one day a week). My STD company cut me off August 1st stating no objective evidence...after much appeals and calls from my doctor, I got approved until March 2011 except for 5 weeks in Nov/Dec where I tried to come back full time but crashed. After not getting paid forever, I finally had a payroll person push them to process claim. Now, they are only paying from August 1st until October 11th stating my 26 weeks is up? I claim foul. I was never out for 26 weeks..most of the time I was working 3-4 days a week. Isn't it a total of 26 weeks missed of work rolling in a year period? If not, doesn't LTD kick in? I am constantly getting screwed by these guys despite insane documentation etc......Please help.
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    What do you mean by STD, STD to me means Sexuaully Transmitted Disease but i dont think you mean that??? from what Im reading. Clarify your abbreviations first so we can then answer you.

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    You might want to change the heading, maybe to ST DISABILITY as I also thought it meant something else... wish I knew more about the subject, hopefully somebody will.

    You might want to try your state representatives, that is what they are there for. In fact most state that on their websites. If you were a federal employee, you might want to contact your fed reps. It can often make a world of difference.

    Good luck, hope you get paid what you're owed quickly...

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    Your only recourse is to report them. Go online and search for the Department of Insurance for your state. Call them, write them, and email them. Have your information ready and in order. Believe me, your insurance company does not want to hear from them.

    They are using every stall tactic there is to NOT pay your claim because that is what they do. It happens each and every day.

    Do not give up!

    Good luck.......keep us posted.
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    Insurance companies live in fear of the State Insurance Dept. Write to the commissioner him/herself. File a complaint against the company. This is the fastest way to get action. BTW, I also was thinking, "Sexually Transmitted Disease." Geez, you can tell where our minds are :)

    Love, Mikie

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