Please Help...Stone bruise, can hardly walk

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cycie, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Cycie

    Cycie New Member

    Is there anyone can tell me a healing tip for 2 stone bruises under my left heel, they are soooo painful and I am having trouble putting any weight on it and I am weighty, I have had to use my cane.

    I don't know what to do, haven't had anything like this before and I just hate losing a whole day (days) when I am crook.

    I do hope there is someone out there that can help.
    Thanx in advance.....

    Cheerz cycie
  2. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I discovered a natural homeopathic remedy for pain, swelling, bruises, & stiffness. It's arnica montana and it comes in a gel form. Several companies make the product. The brand I am using now is Boericke & Tafel, a division of Nature's Way Products. I order mine over the Internet but you probably can find it in a health food store or possibly a drug store.

    It is a truly amazing product and it is not very expensive. Last week my 100 lb plus lab knocked up down (and he was going at a high rate of speed). I could barely move a few hours later. I took a bath in empsom salt and afterwards my DH slathered my neck and back with Arniflora. We reapplied it a couple of times a day for 2 days and I could not believe that it worked as well as it did. I had used it before and knew it worked but I had never been run over by a gigantic dog before. It was so bad that my husband was going to take me to a doctor.

    This gel and the salt baths work. It is specifically known for bruises.

    I got a massage yesterday and told her about my injury and what I had done and she too knew of the power of this all natural gel.

    I hope you try it. It is a staple in my house now.
  3. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    The only thing that helped me was icing up my foot- bottoms ( is that a word? wow -fibro fog,)and then only walking around after they were pretty numb. As much as you hate it you may have to take it a little easy. I actually used a Ben - Gay like product too and it worked ok, if you do that I would suggest putting socks on after appling it.
  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    My son just had a stone embedded in his heel and did not tell us about it(he is autistic and often does not tell for a few days)but it can be painful.

    You know when your leg is in a cast and you have those metal things that keep your foot off the ground, well I wonder if you can buy anything that would raise that heel off the ground in a similar way?

    I was also thinking that bubble wrap may help too, tape it over wiht duct tape not too tight so it is cushioned.

    Sorry for your pain.

    Love Anne Crom

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