PLEASE HELP-Talked to Rheumatologist

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    I am SO upset right now that I want to scream. After trying to reach her all week she FINALLY calls me back.1) I tell her that I am not convinced that it is narcotic drugs making me so itchy. She tells me to take 2 ultracet tabs 3x/day. I took 2 tabs and it did NOTHING. So, how could doing it 3x/day make it any different? 2) I tell her I think the prozac has made me gain weight and I want to be on something else. She asked if has helped I say, honestly, that it has and before I can say anything else she says I should stay on it. Then she asks if I have ever taken Elavil to which I answer no. She says she will call it in to my pharmacy and to take it before bed. I say, "Fine, but what about before bed?" I told her that I make myself suffer until around 6:00 so I can make and get through dinner and getting my kids to bed. She tells me to take Tylenol. What the heck is that? If Tylenol worked I would have been taking it a long time ago. If Tylenol worked I would not have had to take the Darvocet or Vicodin that possibly makes me itchy. I already checked with my insurance and I CANNOT switch to another Rheumatologist. Is there another kind of doctor I can go to that has experience with FM? Please someone, I need help. I am going over the edge here. I can't NOT have anything for pain. How will I get through my life at all? I am barely getting through WITH a pain med. Why won't she Rx me something else? You guys are on a whole plethora of meds. Does she not believe I have FM? She Dx me with FM herself! I am jumping out of my skin and I can just feel more pain creeping in. She just seems so uncaring. She is supposed to be the one who can really help me. Geez, can anyone help me? I know I am just sounding all whiney and pitiful, but I don't know what to do next.

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  2. bre_ann

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    I've read that some people see neurologists. You might try that avenue.
    I see a rheumatologist so can't help you much. If you've gained weight on prozac I wonder why she would have you start taking Elavil. I hear that can make you gain weight easily. I won't take it because I don't want to gain more weight.
    I'm sorry you are having such problems. I hope things get better for you.
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    I took prozac twice with a 16 and a 13 pound weight loss. Funny how drugs affect people differently. Wish I could help you with the doctor thing. Good luck to you, we all need it. Hugs, Deb
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    I'm in the same crappy situation!! It sounds like we have the same Drs!! I told my Rheumy that the elavil was causing weight gain,not to mention a bad hungover feeling the next day~ She simply asked if it helped me sleep....and I said yes,so she wants me to stay on it!!! I asked her if I could cut it in half so I don't feel so drugged in the morning.She says"No,I really would like you to have the full 25mgs a night". As for the pain meds....I get darvecet,stinking darvecet!! I can take two at a time and still be hurting!!She won't listen to me!! I guess they don't care if we get FAT and if we feel like someone just beat the sh*t outta us!! I DO cut my elavil in half....she can kiss my as*! I can't be whiped out in the mornings!!I have small children too~ I just wanted to post so you know that someone else is getting the screwin too!! I don't know how to go about telling her that "Look,this medicine is not working" I WANT and need something for my pain!! I have to see her next week......I hope to come straight forward with this to her!! Hope you get better relief too....I KNOW how you feel!!!
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    There are some internists out there who are knowledgeable about FM. I go to a rheumatologist, but I have a neurologist for another problem, and she has actually helped me more than my rheumy. Plus, she's not so afraid of the heavier drugs, because she's used to them a bit more.

    Because of her I am now getting physical therapy, which is wonderful! I also am trying neurontin, which is the only drug in 6 years that has even touched my pain. And, she prescribed Darvocet, which has helped my carpal tunnel.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually bump into people like us, who live near us, so we could find out what doctors are helping them? Instead of having to reach out across the Internet for friends to help us?

  6. healing

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    Cassie, I realize how frustrated you are. It is so hard when you don't feel like your doctor can hear you. If I might, I'd like to offer a suggestion, since you can't change doctors.

    Make a list of the issues you have and what your goals for your treatment are. Prioritize them. For instance, if your top priority is to feel less pain, then put that at the top. If your next priority is to not gain weight, then put that second. Etc. Spend some time with your list and try to work out as many of the contradictions as you can -- e.g., if you want to sleep but not gain weight, which is more important to you? If you suffer from brain fog, as I do, then this list will take some time to do well.

    Then ask your doctor for an appointment just to talk. Do what you need to do to be relaxed when you go in -- get a babysitter ahead of time, prepare yourself by going over your list, deep breathing, thinking positive thoughts, playing in your head how you will conduct yourself, etc. Take your list of meds along, too, as well as all the medications you want to ask about. If you are not feeling strong that day, reschedule.

    Take your time and try to stay in your head. Talk gently but firmly with your doc about your expectations, needs, and goals for yourself. Try to be as clear with her as you can be. And then listen, listen, listen to see if you can get answers to all of your questions.

    I think these types of meetings are essential when there is a disconnect between a patient and her doctor. I've had to do this with two of my docs -- both good doctors who just sort of started to let me slide. It brought them back into focus with and on me. And it strengthened our communications in the end.

    The problem with many telephone conversations is that the doctor tends to be rushed, we are upset and emotional, and nobody gets heard. Doctors generally don't like to do consultations over the phone; that's for office hours. This other approach takes a little time but may bear real fruit if you can do it.

    Regardless of what you do, Cassie, I hope you are feeling much better and stronger soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I dont think this itching is a normal thing. Go to metacrawler or dogpile and put in itching skin. There are other ailments that itching is a main symptom. Have you made a SOS call out to Madwolf about this??? My roxicodne makes me itch a bit to but you are crawling out of your skin! This is not normal. I think a neoroligist or internist like someone suggested is a good answer. I feel so bad for you and feel so blessed to have a good doctor. I live in a small town and my country doctor is wonderful. Go to the nearest rural town doctor and start a repore with him. I am so serious!!! wish I could take you to mine.
  8. Cactuslil

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    I have learned the hard way to write a letter to "file" ie. to the doc. I do not hand it to his receptionist as I noticed it sometimes did not make it to my file as at times he does not review files until after hours so I now hold my letter regarding why I am there until I walk it. I then hand it to the nurse so he has it clipped to his board and I make it obvious I have the same list.

    We try to click-click-click through our appointments but my letter of why I am there is in his hand. There are times he askes to table an answer until another visit and I note that on my copy and off we go.

    My "plan" calls that I use a GP who then can at his discretion route me to whatever specialist he deems necessary.

    Regarding meds, I take him copies of whatever. I take, for instance Neurotin, off-label; being in private practice for family medicine, he is not familiar with neurotin or other meds I have taken or still take such as provigil. I do the research, find a pharmacy that handle/carries these meds (I live in a rural south texas town) then I ask him to prescribe me this or that; I do the same with my psychiatrist. It is imperative that everyone who is a part of your well-being, medical plan, knows the meds your taking less you do get in over your head.

    When I have needed a neuro or rheumy, I liked them both; they were very intelligent, self-confident docs. I trusted them. I don't do well with internists. Just a preference.

    What angers me, and I see it on the board here all the time, is meds are prescribed off-label but the doc fails to tell the patient, for instance, that Prozac at yada amount, is for augmentation of pain meds and not in an amount to treat depression...ditto with several meds we take. This confusion can really wreck havoc! Take care. CactusLil'
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    Cassie, I feel like you today. Neither of my doctors (an internest and a rheumy) have a policy that they do not prescribe narcotics. Neither one will give me so much as a Darvocet. I have no pain meds at all to take. I'm crying all the time, and when I did at the dr. last visit, he finally is referring me to a Pain Management doctor. But I can't get in to see him until the end of April. In the meantime, I begged the rheumy to send me to the local hospital for a LESI (lumbar epidural steroid injection) to help the extreme pain in my low back/right hip/leg. It has helped that area but I'm still left with the rest of my body killing me. My daughter told me that I was feeling sorry for myself, which I AGREED with her! Hope for a better day for tomorrow.

    And ..... I am sick and tired and fed up to here with my Rheumy telling me to exercise, exercise, excerise,and lose weight. Even if I could buy a $300 bicycle for my house, I don't have anywhere to put it, same with a treadmill. I know the warm water aerobics are great, because I have taken them, but that's $60 a month in my area, and I have to drive 40 min. just to get to the gym. That gets really tiresome, too. The only thing I exercise enough is my mouth!! My appt. is again in 2 wks. and I will hear to exercise, lose weight, and take Tylenol. Ugh.
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