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  1. trinity3

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    i am currently on vicodin.... its supposed to be one every six hours but the last two refills were one every four hours... because i have since began working and also, we had to move to a new townhouse....and i needed more... but it just doesnt seem that even that is enough now...

    see, about 6 months ago i met the most wonderful man!! and we became engaged.... but before that, i had been sick for almost 6 years and had for those 6 years stayed pretty much to myself in my bedroom, sleeping... i went to work once in a while, but i had a very very 'understanding' job and co-workers who would let me sleep 4 out of my 8 hour night shift.... so basically i was very sedentary and did not go out or do much at all....

    then i met my fiance.... i moved out here to kansas city to live with him... got a new job (which i only work one day a week but it still kills me)... i am planning our wedding, and trying to keep the house clean and spend time with my fiance... all of this is a complete change from my life before i met him....

    now, here is the med problem... at home, before i met my fiance, and lived a sedentary life... i was on 4-5 vicodin per day... now, since i have moved out here... i have gone up to 6 a day... i dont think considering the huge amount of change in how much my activity level has increased and such that that is a very big jump in medication.... but even so, it isnt really working....

    and its up down up down with the pain levels... taking the vicodin every so many hours... i know that for me to function, i am going to have to go on something stronger....because the pain is breaking through wayyyy too much.... but i have heard that the longer acting meds like MS contin and oxycontin make you quite 'dizzy and unfocused' and whatnot... the side effects you expect from a narcotic.... for some reason the vicodin does not do this to me... so when there is a day i have to work, i need to be on something that does not impair my ability to focus!! and i dont want to be high all day... i want to be pain free enough to be functional with my job and my fiance and my friends/family.....

    please give me any input if you are on the longer acting meds... and how they make you feel.... i want to control the pain, but not with 'narc side effects' so that i can still drive and go to work.... but so far the only thing that i can use that doesnt do that to me is vicodin.... and i am already at 6 per day....

    any thoughts comments are greatly appreciated... i may print this out and take it with me to the pain management doc...who i am seeing in two weeks...!! thank you...
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    I take MS Contin (Morphine Sulfate), which is a long acting medication. I take it 3 times a day, every 8 hours, and it just takes the edge off. It doesn't ever make me feel "high". Long acting meds don't do that the same way fast acting meds can. Like when you take 2 vicodin, about 45 minutes to an hour later you feel good - I don't want to say high, but you can feel it in your system. I don't get that from the MS Contin. It actually takes 3 hours to work into your system, which is why you take it on a regular schedule. It sounds to me like you may be ready for a long acting med, but your doctor may want to try something else first. Norco is double strenght Vicodin, with less tylenol than one regular Vicodin (10 mg Hydrocodone & 325 mg Tylenol). It is stronger, so may work better for you. Especially since you tollerate it well & don't get too many side effects.

    At any rate, I would definitely recommend a long talk with your doctor & if you think long acting meds are what you need, tell him/her that! I have found that if I am not my own advocate, I don't get the help I need.

    Good Luck!

  3. Yucca13

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    Hi Gina,
    I first started taking Vicodin years ago and found that it didn't adequately help my pain level. I went to a pain management doctor and he prescribed Methadone. I think that was twice a day. (It is inexpensive and for most people a good alternative). It made me very nauseated. Then he tried Avinza (time-released morphine). The first day I felt like Superwoman and then the pain relief was more steady. My insurance decided they didn't want to cover it so I tried Kadian and was very sick to my stomach taking it.

    The last and most successful pain relief which I use now is the Duragesic Patch (50) every three days. I have no highs and lows, no nausea,no drowsiness, just steady good help. I asked for the covers for the patch so that they would stick better from the manufacturer.

    I like not having to remember to take pills and also the constipation problem with morphine was a real issue. I haven't found that with the patch. It has been such a relief to feel better on a continuous level.

    Help you find something that works well for you.

  4. pookeysmom

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    I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. (Since that time I was also diagnosed with RA and AS) Before that I was surviving on the small amounts of vicoden and percocet that my primary care doctor would prescribe. When I finally saw the Rhuematologist it got much better. She kept increasing the amounts and when what she could give me wasn't enough she referred me to Pain Management.

    I am currently on MSContin, which is long acting and MSIR for breakthrough pain. All it does is control the pain. I do not feel any sort of "high". I am able to drive with no problem. I do have some concentration issues at work but I thing that is more from the illness and not the meds.

    With the long acting meds the pain relieve is more steady. It has made a big difference in my life. I have also had a few injections that have worked much better than the trigger point injection I tried a few years ago. I still have days when I feel like crap, but I am definitly doing much better. As with any treatment it may take some time to get to the right dosage and there may be some side effects at first.

    Good luck with the PM Doctor. The first one I went to looked at my chart and said that he couldn't do anything to help me because I had too much pain in too many places. As I sat there crying he told me that all of the other Pain Management Doctors would tell me the same thing. After that I called my Rhuematologist and she said that he was a *** and that I should try again. The second Doctor has helped me so much - I am glad that I didn't give up.

    Congratulations on your engagement! [This Message was Edited on 12/08/2005]
  5. lilac123

    lilac123 New Member

    I too take vicodin and have for quite awhile. I have found it doesn't help as it used to and I have to take more and more to get that effect of pain relief. It used to even give me a boost and I would feel like doing more. I too take up to 6 a day. However, my rhuemy started me on a drug called "Avinza" about a year ago. It is a time released morphine and is supposed to last for 24 hours. I take that once a day and the vicodin or lortab throughout the day. I don't notice anything from taking the avinza but I do notice if I don't take it. Hope that makes sense. You may want to do a search on the board here about it as I think others have tried it too. It is very expensive though so insurance is a must. I may have to switch to something else though as I got a letter saying my insurance won't be covering it anymore.

    I hope you find something that will help you. Isn't it just such a blast taking all these pills? Yah, right.

    Best to you and congrats on your wedding.
  6. ilovecats94

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    I wish I could help you. I don't work and taking Lortabs. Usually only need 1 or 2 a day, but since I have gotten this throat virus, I have needed 3 to 4 a day. Even then they aren't taking all the pain away. They don't make me feel odd or dizzy or anything like that.

    I'm just trying to stop the pain, just like you are.

    My only other thought would be Percocets, but they really aren't longer acting, just a bit stronger than Vicoden, like the Lortabs are. The difference is with Percocets you need a written Rx for every refill. With Lortabs you don't...

    This is the reason I use the Lortabs.

    I'm sure you will find more informative info from others. Sorry you are hurting.

  7. nleer

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    Welcome to Kansas City,

    I too live here and have all my life. I have had fibro for about 10 years and I also have adrenal insufficiency.

    I have been taking cortef for that. I take thyroid meds. And my pain meds have been DarvocetN-100 and Zanaflex.

    The Zanaflex has really helped but makes me sleepy which I don't need.

    I just started trying Mannatech's Advanced Ambrostose and Plus to help balance hormones.

    There is a good alternative doc. here and she treats with Dr. Tietelbaums protocol.

    Go to to get more info.

    Many Blessings,

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  8. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    I, too, am on Vicodin, and wondering if something stronger and more steady (preferably without the tylenol) would be better. I like Vicodin for the same reasons already stated -- it doesn't make me feel high or spacy, and I can function well on it. Like the rest of you, I don't want to feel high, I want to feel normal and not be hurting. It does sometimes make me a little drowsy at times, but not too bad.

    I really need to find a good pain management doc - anyways, the feedback here on meds is really useful to me.
  9. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    I had to switch to the time release pain meds too about 5 years ago. I tried Ms contin but it made me drowsy. I take oxycontin and it doesnt make me dizzy or sleepy. It takes the edge off when Im really bad and on good days controls the pain very well.
    hugs poodlemum
  10. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    far as safety except with the Tylenol. The longer acting meds do seem to help people more and don't cause a high, I think it's probably right that it's because it IS time released and you get a steady amount all the time. I'd talk it over with your doctor and be very interested in their leading the discussion and explaining to you "why the longer acting meds might be better"..which is how I would ask. It's possible too that they can just add something else to what you now take that will help.

    If your doctor will stand up for you most insurance companies will be reasonable.
  11. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Do you know that what you take over the counter may be worse for you than the narcotic pain meds that most people complain that you wil be addicted too but you won't . I know I take MSContin and MSIR and I don't have to worry about the meds that are harmfull to me, tyelonyl is easy to over dose on and it is not good to take. I know how easy it is to take too much of it. Advil makes your tummy ache too. So you really need to watch what you take.

    Watch out for the tyelonyl and advil as they can cause many more problems than you may think . This info I got from my pain management doctor .

  12. Remnant

    Remnant New Member

    I've been suffering for years! I live in Northern Virginia, now. I can nto find one single Dr. who will Rx anything stronger than the old Bextra or Motrin.

    THEN I found a lady in a pain clinic who Rx Ultracet. It has helped much better than the stuff other Dr.s used to give me. But I'm still sitting here in a lot of pain!

    I can not find a Doctor in this town who UNDERSTANDS Fibromyaliga, and who UNDERSTANDS that the pain can be severe ...How do you ladies find these Doctors?

    One lady gave me the name of Russel Rothenburg in DC, but he doesn't take AETNA, his office visit I was told, is up to 1000$.

    For the life of me I can't figure out how to use the doctor referral here. I click it, and all I can find is a list of suggestions when looking for one, but no list. I've been looking for an hour now, and I feel like an idiot. I'm very frustrated right now. I wanted to post a new topic, but I don't want people to be mad at me too. :( I can call tomorrow, the 800# and ask them.

    But it boggles my mind, that you guys have found Dr.s that really listen to you and believe you and treat you! I've been diagnosed and even my blood work shows my elevated ESR rate, and the pain Dr. said, she could SEE from my records and from my body that I was in pain, yet no one will give me anything stronger than Ultracet or Bextra? I just don't understand. Is it my area??? I don't drink or smoke or do anything high risk! Sorry...I'm totally alone. I think I really am. I feel like it's ONLY me that no one will listen to or take seriously.
  13. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I suggest you get MS Contin, a long acting morphine. It will help you and is much better than Vicoden. I started at 15 mg and eventually increased to 30 mg twice a day - I had no pain at all and was functioning pretty normal.

    You will be surprised. When I first emerged from my years of fibro pain and isolation, it was MS Contin that got me going. Unfortunatly I only took it 9 months because I my stomach and digestion were upset.

    I am now on another med and doing very well...

  14. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    I started MS Contin today, and I was on vicodin before but it just wasn't working as well anymore. So far I've had no "high" feelings at all, no wierdness. The only side effect I've noticed is a little bit of tiredness off and on.

    My pain is not gone, though it is diminished somewhat. I'm hoping there will be more pain control once it's more thoroughly in my system. Please God.

    I'm a little confused about something though. I thought MS Contin was the one that junkies love. I thought I heard lots of reports about pharmacies being robbed for it a few years back. I refused to try it when my doc first suggested it because that scared me. But why would a junkie want a drug that doesn't whack you out? Maybe they weren't junkies-- haha, maybe they were deranged FM patients with bad doctors!

    Does this one make anyone else wierd? I'm pretty grateful to have mental clarity... at least a little. I'm not close to my previous brain powers, but I'm better than yesterday.

  15. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    I just switched to Avinza (time release Morphine) and so far no drowsiness or "fuzzy head syndrome." I think that when these pills are used for what they were meant for, you don't get "high" because the pills are too busy doing what they are supposed to.

    Before the Avinza I have tried Darvocet (tummy didn't like it), Vicodine (made me violently ill), TC#3 (worked for a while but not long), and then Ultram (worked but only for 4 hours and had to quickly up the dosage). Also have been on Flexiril and Norflex (at different times). The only reason I switched from Flexiril was because of cross reactions with Ultram (sezures, bad news).

    REMNANT: It took me 5 years to find the Neurologist I see now. I'm in NY State and she is terrific. She is well educated on Chronic Fatigue and FMS. I have FMS (possibly Chronic Fatigue, but not sure yet). I found her through word of mouth and finally a suggestion from another Neurologist who knew about her and her specialty. I hope you find a doc that suits you soon and your best bet is to start asking around at the doctor offices you already go to. That's how I did it.

  16. Braingonebad

    Braingonebad New Member

    Remnant - You are NOT alone. It took me 7 years of migraines to get more than naproxen sodium!!! I had migraines for 20 yrs, but never like the past 9.

    (1st tho - I have to say vicodin did not even touch my pain. I'd have to take enough to kill me for it to help. I had a surgery and for that, a script for 2 vicodin 750's every 4 hrs for a week....worked for the incisions, and okay, it took the edge off the rest)

    I was just dx'd w/fibro - dx'd w/ neck injury and spinal cyst almost 2 years ago. Wanna know what meds I get?

    I get the stuff they call *off label*, anti-depressants and anti seizure meds that help pain. I take elavil (AD) topamax (AS) Lyrica (AS) and provigil for fatigue.

    The strongest pain meds I get are fiorinal - 2 a day! - and vicoprofen - which is what? 1/100 of a vicodin? - two a WEEK.

    I am also being tested for multiple sclerosis.

    I am on my 4th neuro.

    I had a pain mgt doc, but the clinic closed, and he's now out of my ins. network.

    I am 42, female, have not had a day without pain since '99. I'd shoot myself, but my pistol is only .25 caliber, and that would NEVER get through my thick head.

    I could write a book about the many kinds of pain I have, the burning, the shocks, the spasms and cramps, etc. (I often wonder what type of pain people here are talking about)

    I guess you should ask around and see if you can find other people who have a Dr who will RX that kind of med and go see him.

  17. Remnant

    Remnant New Member

    Oh Poor Braingonebad!

    I am amazed at your story. My experience in the past 2-3 yrs(and your story) has made me not trust any of the Dr.s I've seen in the past. I don't think I can trust Dr.s because it's a disguting disregard for your pain, my pain... when it has helped so many others get out of bed and do chores, or grocery shop or, even go to a JOB and function.

    I have to keep searching, not just forpain help, but because no Dr. can tell me what's wrong and for all I know I could be spiraling downward in a terrible undiagnosed illness.
  18. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Go to the Doctor Referral tab above. On the right side there is a link called "Co-Cure CFS & FM Good Doctor List". Click on that. It will bring up a separate window. Scroll down until you see your state. I think there were six doctors listed in Virginia.

    Good Luck!
  19. Braingonebad

    Braingonebad New Member

    Twin - thanks. I didn't know about the doc referral thingy! I think just having all the info from all of your personnal stories will help me emensly!

    As I said, I'm pretty sure my fibro dx is a stepping stone to MS. I have other sx that don't fit with you guys. And I feel for all of ya, I really do.

    But if I'm dx'd with this, at least I should get treated like I have it, right? My current GP and neuro are's just they couldn't do jack without knowing what was going on.

    They'd try all kinds of stuff. It wasn't their fault it didn't work.

    Although, I went to 3 other neuro's and a surgeon b4 I found this neuro....

    It's been a long haul.

    Remanant, Don't feel badly for me, just know you're not alone. It's not your fault you're not being helped the way you should be- you DESERVE help!

    And keep an open mind about those off labels too. Some have been a life saver for me and many others!

    Sending *Good DR Vibes* to you!

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