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    Can someone please give me some ideas? I have thyroid type symptoms but my test are normal. I need some ideas as to what this could be. I am lossing handfuls of hair, gained 46 lbs in 2 months, and have no energy. i was a heathy 145 when this started, had energy but to much pain to use it, and only nornal hair loss.
    please help
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  2. pywacket

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    my thyroid is not low or high. it's right in the middle. have had the other one can't remember the name t3 or something. that one is good to. so trying to find anything else that had these symptoms. not on any meds that can do this. took kelp for years makes doesn't help with this.
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    but I had typical low-thyroid symptoms; hair shedding like crazy, weight gain, dry skin. I finally asked my Dr. if we could just try a low dose of thyroid medicine anyway to see if there was any change. I've been on it for two months and no change. However, my dose is the lowest dose you can get. I'm going to ask if I can go to a higher level. I'm convinced by what I've been reading that a person can definitely have hypothyroidism and still test normal.
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    I had normal test results for years, and finally found a Dr. who prescribed thyroid based on my symptoms, and referred me to a thyroid specialist.

    He does a FAMA test that shows if you have Hashimotos (causes low thyroid), and he affirmed I needed to be on it.

    Then I found out I had been "under" dosing for years, and I gained all this weight, and became very depressed, etc. So saw a Dr. who didn't do the regular testing, but just told me to take my temp 3x/day and if I was "under 97.6, I needed more. Ended up having to "double" my doses "over time".

    Now I just put my digital thermometer under my arm daily and make sure I'm staying in the normal range for me......

    98. - 98.6

    Much easier & is working for me.