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    I have been on the fentanyl pain patch now for a couple of weeks, and during the first ten days or so there were times I had to take the patch of for various reasons...

    problem is that no matter where I put them they leave a sticky residue that I cannot get rid of....I have tried alcohol, soap and water, oil and nothing will get rid of this...

    HELP I have patch marks all over my body!

  2. that were 'tried & true' like even *vegetable oil* I think it was, that my mom had shown me years ago, as a way to get stickers off of things like mugs, or??? Oh my lord my brain is SHOT on this darned Lamictal so far...

    Anyhow, the only thing I ever could do also, was either scrub my poor skin raw* (literally, blood, at times) with my wash cloth in the shower/tub, and a lot of times, STILL have that stuff on me, and then, the other, was to just give it a little time, as I'd be watching t.v. etc... I'd just "work on it"

    Little by little, I could get the leftover adhesive, to kind of 'roll up' in little 'balls', and pull them off.

    It's crazy, most of the time, I couldn't even get those dang things to STICK... yet, when they *did*..... YIKES.

    I had a lot of trouble, many different issues with the patch (50mcgs) throughout my being on it, sadly, too... as it was pretty much my last hope, as the pain clinic had tried several 'heavy' meds on me, but due to chronic pancreatitis, as well as stomach/bowel problems, I couldn't tolerate any of them... tried toughing them out like heck...

    But, I'm an "odd one", and it only gets worse, through the years.... I do NOT get ANY relief - not even at day one, on any of the meds they've ever tried me on.. :-( Lortab 10/325 still helped me more than OxyContin, with Oxy IR, AND Norco 7.5mgs for breakthough pain, as well as MSContin, with MSIR & Norco for breakthrough pain, etc...

    *I* tend to believe, somewhat, that..... given that I don't absorb nutrients from food.. for some reason, I also do not absorb any relief, from so many medications.. but, I can not find any reason, as to why it's mostly anti-spasm/ spasticity drugs, and pain medications, as well as nausea meds mostly- but I certainly got the SIDE EFFECTS from the darned pain medications.. UGH! I dunno, doesn't make sense, since... other types of meds, specifically, some anti-convulsant medications seem to work for me, (again- less and less though, :-(

    I also found that phenergan- almost LITERALLY OVERNIGHT stopped having the *sedation* effect on me, the minute my gall bladder was removed (It never did stop my vomiting- but, knocking me out for 10-18* hrs, did stop it while I slept at least).

    My mom had found the same to be true for herself, somewhat, after her gall bladder removal..

    Anyways, back to the patches, sorry, I don't know what might work, other than the things you'd mentioned, (might try vegie oil yourself, if you'd tried baby oil),

    I ended up after several months on those darned things, actually becoming so allergic or intolerant of the adhesive, that a patch TORE MY SKIN OFF with it!!

    The whole size of the end of the patch, tore that skin off ( an inch or so, not the lengthwise), so, I had an area of very messed up, semi-bloody, rashy skin, the same size of the patch, :-O

    I had numerous, numerous, terrible issues with the patch later on, much like MSContin, etc...

    but, I am soooo glad to read that so far they are working great for you.

    I have a friend with MS, Fibro, & some other illnesses, who started the patches, and much like many other people with MS/ and or Fibro, both of us, had problems with literally SEEING that the 'medicine' in the patch, would be GONE, within 18hrs, (less for me at times,) and I still believe, regardless of what that pain clinic says, that rather than "side effects"... I was moreso almost in a near constant state of withdrawl, having seen with my own two eyes, the patch lying basically flat on my arm, no pain relief, etc.

    Anyhow, my friend who has the same issues, has permission also, from her NP who is over her MS most of the time, to change hers every 2 days, rather than 3, but, I've not been well enough, (nor has she) to really chat with her lately, to find out how that's going for her.

    I hope you can find something of help, or someone else here can help ya, wish I could, but, I know exactly what you mean, lovely rectangularish, sticky, dirty-looking, patches all over the place. Nothing I ever did, but tear my skin to shreds, ever worked for me, either..

    Take care, hope you continue to have relief.

    G_d bless,

  3. 7xgrammy

    7xgrammy New Member

    If you keep working on the patch marks with soap and water over a period of days they eventually come off. I keep putting lotion on the marks so the skin doesn't get dry and haven't had any lasting effects.

    More important than the marks is the fact that you are misusing the patches. Once placed on, they are not to be removed until the 2 or 3 days are up. By moving them around you are not getting the maximum effect of the drug.

  4. I think* my sister brought that up to me, but, I still had no luck, and my skin was so dry & raw back then- ouch.. but, you might try it too...

    Also, did whomever rx'd the patch to you, by any chance also give you an rx for FLONASE??? (I know- LOL - scratching head, right?) they told me to put that on my arm, chest, etc first, before applying the patch, let it dry, then apply the patch, (that tells you right THERE how many people must be having skin reactions sooner or later on them, huh?) My pain clinic NP gave me both rx's, telling me to use that Flonase, sometimes I did, but, it didn't help, and I had to really really clean my naturally oily skin to get the patch to stick at all.

    For the first several minutes, if not hr or so, of a new patch, too, my arm would burn, then itch like mad, that didn't help the patch stay on, either, being how it is so stiff when you first apply it... I got red irritated hives, etc..

    Just wondered. Nicotine patches do that to me now, and depending on where it is placed, and how long I have to wear it, I'm also allergic to a lot of tapes, and the hospital's favorite (for I.V's, etc) "tegaderm". they can put it on my hand at times, for a couple of hours, and I can be fine, other times, itching, redness, etc happens within minutes.. yet they continue to use it on me.

    But, if they put it on my upper arm, it's more easily irritated, and my CHEST, the allergy was almost immediate (I'd had a port cath in for about 10 wks, back in late 2005, towards the end of 6 months of glutathione I.V. pushes 3 x's a week.. my veins and the NP at my integrative doctor's office didn't like each other, so, I got stuck 12-14 times a WEEK, for 3 I.V. pushes! (UGH!), but, the port cath caused problems, as did home health care (caused infection RIGHT after it was put in, by accessing it right THROUGH the incision mark, which infuriated the surgeon, (he was awesome! Called them right then & there, with me in the room, left an ANGRY message for them to call him back, lol) So, it came out within 10 wks, after 2 different bouts of anti-biotics, and somewhat 'reconstructive' surgery, during the removal, due to the size of the scar, because of infection, and slow healing.)

    Anyways, way off topic there, I guess I just want to make sure those keep working for you, and that you keep an eye on any sign of sensitivity, sense I know you are sensitive to many things, and I am too, but, it never used to be adhesives, and that allergy grew awfully quick..

    You might try the nail polish remover, unless you already have irritated skin where the adhesive is not coming off, or rashy areas, redness, etc...

    Good luck.

  5. I didn't see anything saying she was misusing the patches? I see in her post where she said in the beginning she had to take them off several times, for different reasons... and another post she'd said her NP told her to change them every 2 days, as did my friend's NP/MS 'case manager'.... did I miss a different post that she said she was moving them around... if so, then yes, I agree, you definitely do not get the full effect, but.... sometimes, they fell OFF of me, and I was to only change them every 3 days, period, so back then, I had no choice, but to try & place it where it had been, and tape it in place (even harder on my skin), but, I did not want to risk any type of mistrust with my pain clinic, myself, as my NP is not the 'friendliest' person in the world, and there are NO early refills, period... nor did I ever need/request them, but, I did feel that once the patch came off at times, that it had dried out, probably..

    Like I said though, for me, unfortunately, they never made a bit of difference, even with 'breakthrough' meds, so, after suffering tremendous side effects, which I stated earlier, I believe were more like a near constant state of withdraw, from my body basically 'sucking' the patch dry, within hours, (you'd think getting 'all' the medication that quickly would've helped SOME, huh?) But, for me, they only seem to help either I.V., or IM, and, there's no way I'd ever even ask for that daily, nor would they consider it... I know I was charged $10 per I.V. push, of my OWN paid for glutathione, by my integrative med doc, who is kind, before I had home health care coming to my house to do it, that alone was $30 a week, on top of the out of pocket cost ($400/mo. glutathione, plus saline, syringes, etc.. & later, heparin also, to flush out the port cath once it was in)

    I could only imagine that IF they'd ever have patients come in once a day for a SHOT (yeah right!) what that would cost. Insurance would never have that either, and, you'd run out of injection sites quickly, lol (Been there, done that, with B1 injections (thiamine), that lasted 8 days (terribly painful)...

    Anyhow, sorry if I missed a different post by doxy, but, I'm unaware of any misuse, (re: moving patch around) but, again, if I DID miss it, I do agree, it's basically wasting money, and of course, shorting yourself $ and pain relief..

    Take care,

  6. mom2many

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    Get some Skin Prep and you put it on and let it dry THAN put your fentanyl patch on.
  7. monica33flowers

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    When I had my ER appendectomy I had tape everywhere! They gave me some packets which worked pretty well on getting the tape adhesive off. Maybe, your dr. would have some. It was the only thing that worked on getting all that tape residue off without taking my skin with it.

    You could also ask at the pharmacy if they know of something that works?[This Message was Edited on 11/07/2008]
  8. dragon06

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    My mom has used the patches for 5 years now and has never had a problem with the adhesive. However once you apply a patch you are not supposed to take it off for at least the 2-3 day period of your prescription. That could be why there is adhesive because they are being removed too soon, everything is designed to be time released. The patch won't be working properly if you are taking it off and moving it around before you are supposed to remove it. You can try using a cotton ball and nail polish remover if it is really bad to remove adhesive.

  9. caffey

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    I use nail polish remover.
  10. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    Hello, just thought I would say I'm pretty sure Avon Skin So Soft bath oil will take the adhesive right off without much scrubbing at all. Just put a little on a cotton ball and gently rub. It will take sticky label adhesive off glasses etc.Give it a try and good luck.
  11. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    and I did want to make a clarification here....grannyx7 ( aren't grandbabies just the best? :)....when I mentioned taking the patches off at first a few times it was because my dr put it on me before leaving his office....his office is over an hour away...he told my son if I became groggy to remove it immediately ..

    well..........I got so bad that I had to pull over I was literally falling asleep while driving so I had to take the patch off....then over the next week I was having spells where I was getting nauseaous and like I was going to pass out from adjusting to the patch so I did take it off a few times....

    it has been over two weeks now and I have adjusted dr did tell me to change them every two days though...because they do not last three like the box instructs....

    so I hope that it is cleared up as to why I was taking them off.....Iam just happy that I was able to finally adjust to them.... far as getting the glue off....still working on that one.....but will update everyone...Iam going to try different things you mentioned here....I still have patch marks all over the place on my body hahahaha!

    Thank you all again for the posts!

  12. First off, sorry doxy, for 'hi-jacking' your thread temporarily, I hope you've found something to help with the adhesive issue. As I mentioned above, I was on them for quite a while, and changing them every 3 days, and ALWAYS had tons of that adhesive left on my skin- whether the patch 'stuck' well or not (explain that one!? lol)

    Anyways, grammy, RE: Glutathione, I was on it for six months, way back in 2005, after my integrative medicine doctor here (Indiana) decided that, I had to 'get out of this state" if I was going to get help at all, for so many illnesses overlapping...

    He narrowed his ideas down to two places, the Cleveland Clinic, or, The Perlmutter Health Center, (Dr. David Perlmutter),

    I asked him, if I were his own family member... which would HE send them too, or rather they see, and he said the Perlmutter Health Center, (Naples, Florida). Even went as far as to say, if hubby & I needed help, to maybe turn to the church, have a fundraiser (I thought, OMG no, I could NEVER do that, for MYSELF! just... weird to me...) ask family, friends, etc... to help with the entirely OUT OF POCKET COSTS..

    (Which, he himself was amazed at the entire cost, for being there less than 48 hrs, and seeing this Dr, who had probably 50 different plaques, awards, degrees, etc in his personal office, ALONE) ONE time, for maybe 45 minutes.

    The first day, he simply told me 'mercury toxicity' couldn't cause my level of disability. He gave my husband & I a copy of his book.... started me on fish oil (Omega 3 capsules, 'strawberry flavored) ($136!!!! can get like 3 x's the amount here, for a few dollars!) he put me on some other oral supplement, started me on weekly B12 shots, and I had two glutathione I.V. pushes, while there in FLorida, one the first visit, and one the next day.

    I was sent home with that treatment plan, initially for I.V. pushes twice a week, and to do a "trial" of FIFTY-FOUR hyperbaric oxygen treatments (a TRIAL!??) - again, that cost would be out of pocket, and also, we do not have ANY hbot chambers anywhere near where I live, nearest would be over 60 miles one way... so

    The HBOT therapy was NOT feasible- after one month, I had a ($115) very brief 'phone' consultation with that Dr in Naples Fla, and he told me to increase the I.V. pushes, to 3 x's a week, and, after about 3 months, my veins were shot, so a port cath was surgically inserted & anchored into my chest, (it's done frequently for chemo patients, or people who've had their veins poked too much, as I had, and were near impossible to access anymore)....

    After the port cath was put in, then my insurance paid for home health care to come 2-3 days a week to my home, and help insert the needle into my chest, draw up the medication (saline first, glutathione, saline again, then heparin, with a port cath)

    After requiring anti-biotics twice, within 10 wks or less, and issues with home health care nurses, not using the port cath properly, not handwashing, gloves, etc, and causing my first infection.... the surgeon who put the port cath IN, really really wanted it out, ASAP, since it goes into one of the main, huge arteries to the heart, and any infection, can kill you, very very quickly... so, the port cath was pulled, after 10 wks, thus, the glutathione was stopped...

    I was on it, 3 x's a week, I.V. for six months, as well as B12, IM once a week, but, the amount of glutathione i was on, is considered more on the 'super-dose' side... no way it could be given IM, (2300ml per I.V. push). That doctor in Naples, puts most patients on glutathione, normally twice a week, for all sorts of diseases, such as stroke, ALS, MS (me), diving injuries (HBOT & glutathione) and all sorts of traumatic brain injuries,

    One of his books, "The better brain" book, explains & outlines his study of, his theories for, and treatments for all these things, & more...

    He just costs $$$$ far more than most of us can EVER afford... ($400/month JUST for the glutathione... B12 was about $26, syringes, etc , then all my other meds & supplements- i'm sure you can understand all the reasons of why it had to stop, LOL)

    So, ty for your post, I hope that clarifies things, and answered anything for ya.

    Take care,


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