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    Dear All, I have been diagnosed with Diabetes, RA, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, bone marrow infection, and a few other things. I am wheat, gluten, soy and dairy intolerant. After I was diagnosed with CFIDS I gained a lot of weight and I have not been able to loose it. My Dr. wants me to go vegan, but I get very weak, so that I can't even walk from one room to another without my legs buckling. I also need to keep my cholesterol and inflammation down and just can't seem to find a protocol. I'm frequently too weak to cook, and by evening my intestines are so sore that I cannot fathom eating anything with fiber or any kind of hardness. Does anyone have any ideas that might help me? Thanks, in advance.
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    I gained weight too with CFS and bascially have trouble with the same foods you do. I was able to lose weight, even though I couldn't exercise due to CFS, by the following: eating protein with each meal, whole grains only, lots of vegies, a little bit of fruit. You could try baking a whole chicken, it's very easy to do, I slather it in olive oil and coat with Montreal grill seasopning and bake for 2 hours. Then I have protein for several days without cooking. You can just cook frozen vegies to go wtih it if you're too tired to cook fresh. Try brown rice or quinoa for grains.

    I also buy bags of frozen fish (e.g., tilapia) which have individual servings, and will bake that with some vegies, very little work involved.

    Eggs are a good source of protein too. And I eat peanut butter.

    Going vegan would not work for me at all, I would get too weak too - so your doctor may be wrong on this.

    Also, I found it very important not to eat after dinner - no food after 7:00 p.m.

    Fish oil and flaxseed oil help with inflammation and can help lower cholesterol.

    I'm sure you know all about sugar and how bad it is in general and also contributes to inflammation and high cholesterol. White flour and similar carbs also raise cholesterol.

    Why are your intestines sore?

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    I would support what Mary has said.
    I would add he following:

    because you have RA and diabetes you will be vitamin D deficient. It is important to raise your vitamin D levels by taking 5000IU daily of vitamin D3. This must also be supported by magnesium (preferably citrate) 400mg daily and with vitamin K2 400mcg+. If you are going to take the fish oil and/or flaxseed (linseed) oil then the vitamin D mixture increases the anti-inflammatory effects of these oils.
    Niacin does lower cholesterol but so does celery. Despite what some people say eggs do not increase cholesterol and are a very important source of protein and sulphur.

    Your intolerances are probably due to CFIDS and you should not accept them as being permanent. In time this may change especially in relation to milk because it helps reduce the symptoms of diabetes. If you are lactose intolerant then you could use a lactose free milk. If it is milk proteins then I am sure it is the CFIDS. (ME/CFS).
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    I think the advice the people have given you is great. I have CFS and Fibro and in addition to the things they have mentioned about eating protein, cooking a larger amount to have for several days so you don't have to cook, etc, I have found these few things, too, can help.

    I switched to Lactaid milk and use it in small amounts on my oatmeal or other cereals. Oatmeal really helps with sugar balance. I could not go vegan or eliminate all sweets or carbohydrates as I, too, get so weak and shaky after just a day or so of that. I find that each day, usually with lunch, I eat a piece of dark chocolate or a small cupcake or something else small that is a sweet...nothing extreme...and it helps with keeping me feeling stronger. I have found that eating anything after 7 or 8 in the evening is bad and I definitely found out I have to eliminate anything sugary or with caffeine at night.

    I think the more we can get by with eating chicken, fish, turkey, veggies, rice, is good and that we just need a little carb boost when we feel weak. Just my thoughts. Hang in there.

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    Dear mboov,freida,and harrysmom, I found your three posts. Thank you so very much! You gave me good ideas and also validation. After I posted last, thoroughly frustrated with my efforts at strict dietary protocol, I decided to eat meat with some of my meals and stop worrying. I began to feel better. I had been concerned, because as a diabetic I should be on a low protein diet, since my kidneys are already leaking protein, but I noticed that my protein loss is less when I eat a balanced diet. You have encouraged me a lot. Thanks, again.
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    I didn't mean to leave you out - my vision is kind of blurred, today. Thank you, also, for your helpful advice. I agree that Vitamin D in important. I take 50,000 units twice a week, via prescription. I'm thinking I will speak to my Dr. about the dosage. Maybe I need to take it every day. Thanks, again.
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    Did I read 50,000 twice a week? If so, do you know what your blood levels are?

    The co-factors for vitamin D are especially important for both proper utilization of the vitamin D and the magnesium for symptoms of FM.
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    For me changing to a Vegan , oil free and whole food diet came as a huge help. It helped me to quickly lose weight ( I have lost 13 kilos in the last 4 months), and it helped me a LOT with my huge bloating issue ( non existent now almost) and also diminished the aches and pains.

    I follow the Dr Mcodugall diet plan. If you google "Mcdougall and MS", he has a interesting video on why this diet works.

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    Hi there, you have a lot to deal with! I have a book called Healing With Wholefoods by Paul Pitchford and I feel it is the only book I'll ever need on diet. It is not specific to any particular condition though he does mention specific things for some conditions. It's a very holistic book, based on Chinese Medicine as well as modern medicine. It has a lot of recipies which are simple, cheap and vegan, though he recognises that some people need animal products. It is a very big book and can seem a bit complicated at first - you'll need some time if you are going to read the whole thing, but it is really fascinating and he really believes that food can cure you from all kinds of illnesses. So just thought I'd tell you about it. It may require some time which I don't know if you have it, but I love that book, it's my favourite book in the world!

    Take care
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    I also have CFS/FM and diabetes as well as several other issues. I've found a lot of help and information about my diet on the American Diabetes Assn. message board. It's been very helpful in dealing with Type 2 diabetes.

    I was diagnosed with type 2 a couple of years ago and with proper diet advice I've been able to keep my blood sugar under good control. My A1C's are between 5.8 and 6.00. GB66