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    I have been disabled by CFS/Fibro, adrenal insufficiency, thyroid (removed), tachycardia, and lots MORE. Have had a few negative Lyme tests over the past 20 years. No Igenix test yet, although I do have the kit. My CD-57 test came back very low 2 years ago, so I still entertain the possibility of Lyme infection.

    I was prescribed 100 mg. Doxy taken twice a day for a week, for a staph infection. IF I have Lyme, would this dose likely be enough to trigger either a Herx or improvement? Just wondering if the dose is high enough, long enough, it might be diagnostic if I react to it.

    Update: I have now taken 5 days of Doxy. Am having severe shortness of breath. Constantly lay down thinking it will help but doesn't. I am taking extra Tenormin feeling like it is Cardiac related, but it does little good. Typically that would fix me up. I have been titrating up on my Armour Thyroid for several months and had been stable at 90 mg. for several weeks and without taking my Tenormin. Now, I'm short of breath, itching scalp and sleeping frequently during the day.

    Possibly developing yeast overgrowth or allergy? Seeing Doc today to see what he thinks of this shortness of breath and scalp itching.


    update: Went to Dr. I also had blotchy skin over stomach and on arms. Said this is allergic response, pre-hives, discontinued the Doxy. Have felt better as the day wears on. Guess I wasn't on it long enough to do any good.

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    WOW, your situation sounds complicated, sorry I cant give you any answers. Are you still going to get the Igenex test
    done? Then you'll know what your dealing with. Keep in touch and let us know what you find out. Good Luck,Sandie
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    I am on my 2nd round of doxy, this time 200mg twice a day. I really haven't herxed or felt better on it. Most of all of my symptoms are neuro ones and I'm not sure that doxy is strong enough...but I don't know.

    I had a CDC positive test...but because I hear of so many people either a)herxing or b)improving on antibiotics, I wonder if I have Lyme because I don't either herx or improve.

    Not yet anyway.
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    Doxy does not work for everyone,Your LLMD will find an ABX that will work for you, then you will experience a herx.
    I think its normal for us to actually doubt we have Lyme, It was for me anyways, I was in denial for along time. Take care, Sandie
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    Only took the Doxy for 5 days. Had shortness of breath, what FELT like pounding heartbeat, itchy scalp, blotchy skin over my abdomen, Dr. Said I was allergic, took me off. I am still using topical antifungals for yeast infection on the skin. Something stirred up something, as I continue to have severe shortness of breath, heart flutter all the time. Have a sensation of overstimulation, mostly on the skin, like constant goosebumps, waves of tingles. Also pressure up into head/neck along with stiff neck-like pain, but in the back. And I'm constantly cold, like they really are goosebumps.

    I've changed to different topical antifungals trying to see if that is causing the heart stuff/shortness of breath, but it continues.

    Not sure what is causing this yeast issue in all my folds, never had this before. I would say the problem started a few months ago. About the same time, I sswitched a few supplements, hormones around, Armour Thyroid, Cortisol, Magnesium Glycinate.

    I know Cortisol can encourage yeast, lowered immunity. Could be the culprit. I did have an increase from 15 mg to 20 mg, for a month or two.

    Trying to figure out what caused the yeast infection, and what is causing the heart stuff/shortness of breath. Any thoughts?

    P.S. Will be leaving for Maryland today, for vacation. Will be gone a month. I will have limited access to a computer, but will check in. Thanks.