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  1. layinglow

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    It would greatly help me if you could answer some of the following questions. The more answers I could get the better it would help, in my research. I would be very appreciative. I will keep it short as I know we are all tired, and hurting, and ask questions in the future if I may.

    1. Do you feel as if your memory loss, problems with word recognition, spelling, math abilities, or word loss, is:

    remaining the same, gradually increasing, greatly increasing?

    2. Did you have depression or other mood related problems prior to FMS/CFS. Yes No

    If not: do you find these symptoms since the onset:

    remaining the same, gradually increasing, greatly increasing.

    3. Do you have problems with thermal regulation?
    (Are cold or hot when others around you are comfortable?)

    Is this symptom remaining the same? or Increasing?

    4. Have you found nerve pain, sharp electrifying, or burning pain remaining the same? or Increasing
    Do you in addition to FM/CFS have any diagnosis of Cervical or Spinal Nerve Involvement? (Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Disc Problems, etc)

    5. What meds and doseage are you taking for nerve pain?

    6. Have you had an MRI done of the brain, and with what results.

    7. Have you had a PET or SPECT scan of the brain, and with what results?

    Thank you so much I appreciate this greatly. LL

  2. MemoryLane

    MemoryLane Member

    <color=Red>1. Greatly Increasing

    2. Yes, but this is a different kind not really helped by the anti-depressants, which are gradually increasing, more so this past year.

    3. Yes - Mostly Cold intolerance - about the same.

    4. Same - Yes, I have DDD and Osteoarthritis.

    5. Vioxx: 25-50 mg daily
    Neurontin: 300 mg daily, but also take for a seizure disorder and sleep

    6. Yes, 5 years ago, "Unremarkable"

    7. No


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  3. achaver

    achaver New Member

    Quest 1

    Yes to all of the above..greatly decreased

    2-No depression prior to DD's. Gradually increasing.For the first time in years,today I broke down and cried because of the loss of"me"

    3-usually very cold even in 90 degrees heat.sensitive to changes inthe weather

    4-increasing also the tingling sensations. arthritis

    5-Klonopin? is that for nerves? oh,0.5mg

    6-MRI abnormal,haha have an appt with Dr to discuss results


    hope this helps,
  4. achaver

    achaver New Member

    those cognitive abilities are badly impaired.
  5. leokat

    leokat New Member

    1. Gradually increasing and becoming worrying.

    2. Yes I did and things have improved since I was diagnosed with FMS.

    3. Yes I'm normally much hotter than others (this is good for my fuel bills :-}). However, I can become suddenly and seriously cold especially just after waking.

    4. My nerve pain has slowly decreased as my muscle pain has increased. I have no diagnosis of any of the other stuff.

    5. co-codamol 60 effervescent two tablets four times per day. This is for general rather than nerve pain.

    6. No MRI scan.

    7. No PET or SPECT scan.

    no probs
  6. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    1...remaining the same from when ????
    its constant now, since i got severely bad in 1991. but does fluctuate according to other factors like tiredness levels, flares, infections, but it is not Progressively worse in 12 years.

    2...Before no. since i would have to say this fluctuates again like in above answer.
    if i wake up v. depressed then i have a virus flare. and when i'm overtired or overstressed then ,.....not good.
    other days i am moodwise closer to my old cheerful self. or so i like to think.

    3...i have seriously been too cold for 12 years until going on Armour thyroid last summer. now i seem to be close to normal as far as temps go.

    4....nerve ? pain is very very bad, and i have had some damage done to a spinal disc. can't remember medical term but i have to see an oesteopath every week to keep the pain tolerable.

    5...dihydrocodeine 2x day.


    7....sorry don't know what that is....i did have some brain function tests done 5 years ago and i was normal.

    what research is this ? please tell.

  7. schnoodle

    schnoodle New Member

    1. Yes
    2. No - depression increases upon pain level
    3. Cold a lot - same
    4. Yes
    5. Ultram, Klonopin
    6. Yes - something about partial empty sella?
    7. Yes - abnormal - I call it a brain fog but I would have to look up the exact wording. 2nd PET scan about a year later was normal.
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  8. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    1. Gradually increasing.

    2. No. Gradually increasing.

    3. Yes. Increasing a lot.

    4. The same. Have DDD and OA w/bone spur in neck.

    5. None.

    6. No.

    7. NO, only a QEEG & a BEAM scan, both showing hypoxia to frontal, parietal and temporal lobes.

  9. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Here are my answers

    1 greatly increasing

    2 none before, mood swings remaining about the same since

    3 yes, increasing

    4 increasing, disc problems.

    5 none specificly for nerve pain, given baclofen for spasms, use paracetamol and ibupofen together for neuralgia and other pain. Did try others many years ago but if they worked I could not function or I had bad reactions.

    6 no

    7 no

    The results of this could be a useful indicator as to how many people do get better over time and how many don't.


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  10. kar1953

    kar1953 New Member

    You've helped me so much, how could I not help you!!

    1. gradually increasing but when I'm really tired I'd say greatly increasing.

    2. yes when I went off my Premerin. When I started taking it again - no mood problems till after dx'd with fms - I can be laughing one minute & crying the next. The depression is gradually increasing.

    3. yes

    4.increasing greatly. No on second part.

    5. Nothing specifically for nerve pain - just ultracet. I'm scheduled to see my doc May 9th & this is one thing on my "discuss" list.

    6. no

    7. no

    By the way, I did find the acidic/alkaline food list & am not a happy camper! :) But I think I'm doing pretty well with my diet. No change yet, but I'll keep on eating those veggies!! Sipping lemon water as I type.

    Take care........Kathi
  11. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    You will all be the first to see...the conclusions...I have alot of ground to cover, and it will take awhile. I hope you don't tire of me....but I have a hypothesis going, and this is the only way I can get the info, is by harrassing you already tired people *wink*

    Thanks for all your answers so far!
  12. Solstice

    Solstice New Member

    Hi LL,

    Mind if I ask what you are doing the research for?

  13. ForeverFlaring

    ForeverFlaring New Member

    1) Gradually increasing
    2) Yes
    3) yes increasing
    4) burning pain, no
    5) none
    6) no
    7) no
  14. AlaSnoopy

    AlaSnoopy New Member

    1. Definately getting worse!

    2. No...they flexuate.

    3. Yes...I am always cold!

    4. Yes, increasing...They say I have disk degenerative disease. i now have two bulging disk...and i don't even work!

    5. I take topamax 100 mg. twice a day, i take vioxx 25mg, robaxin 750 mg 3x, zanaflex 4mg, and loratab

    6. Yes...

  15. vix

    vix New Member

    Q1. about the same...concentrations the hardest for me., only PMT.slowly increased for about 14 months now evening out.

    Q3.Yes. Cold alot, wors in hands and feet increasing slowly.

    Q4.Yes increasing.

    Q5.only on Flurbriprophen 50mg, also on thyroxine buts thats to do with my malfunctioning thyroid.

    Q6.Yes. showed a little swelling but nothing serious.

  16. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, LL:

    Here's my answers:

    1. Gradually increasing.
    2. No-gradually increasing.
    3. Yes, with both hot and cold.
    4. Increasing. Arthritis.
    5. Ultracet (no dosage on prescription bottle)-started out
    with taking one pill-now up to three (with doctor's
    6. Yes-everything looked fine.
    7. No-have not had these tests.
  17. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, LL:

    Here's my answers:

    1. Gradually increasing.
    2. No-gradually increasing.
    3. Yes, with both hot and cold.
    4. Increasing. Arthritis.
    5. Ultracet (no dosage on prescription bottle)-started out
    with taking one pill-now up to three (with doctor's
    6. Yes-everything looked fine.
    7. No-have not had these tests.
  18. JodyM

    JodyM New Member

    1. Greatly increasing

    2. No / Greatly increasing

    3. Yes, I am hot all the time now.

    4. Increasing
    Yes I have 5 herniated discs in my neck and back

    5. Bextra 40 mg daily
    Effexor 150 mg daily
    Vicodin - Hydrocodone as needed for pain

    6. No

    7. No


  19. gone2pot

    gone2pot New Member

    1. Yes, and of course more so the more fatigued I am

    2. No - When I feel good no, When I crash and am fatigued - greatly increased.

    3. Problems with being cold, I even get chills in a hot shower!


    5. None
    6. No
    7. No
  20. dd

    dd New Member

    1. Gradually increasing.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes...I am mostly hot all the time...cannot tolerate the heat at all.

    4. Increasing.

    5. None

    6. MRI...White lesions were found; original thought was that I had a mini stroke at the age of 30 but now the dr thinks that it is fibro related.

    7. No