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    About 2-3 weeks ago I cut my daily prozac dosage in half, from 40 mg to 20 mg. The first 10-14 days I felt fine (probably as a result of prozac's long half-life), but coming into weeks 2 and 3 I feel more anxiety and uneasiness than I have in awhile. My reasons for decreasing the dosage are twofold, and are probably the most common basis for anyone decreasing dosage or going off SSRIs completely: I want to 1)increase sex drive and 2) limit weight gain. I know prozac isn't as big of a weight gain offender as let's say Paxil (which I took for two years and got off of because of weight gain and just kind of feeling like I was floating through life without a concern or direction, kind of high and sedated), but I do feel that 40mg slows my metabolism much more than 20mg. Anyways, I have some great people on board during this transition, including my girlfriend, to whom I have expressed my difficulty in adjusting to the decreased dosage. I have also been getting acupuncture for the last six weeks to help with the depression and anxiety, which is something I would highly recommend to anyone out there struggling with these types of things. Anyway, I am just looking for input, support, advice, stories from those of you who might have cut your SSRI dosage down and how it improved your life. Also coping tactics for sticking it out during the transition. Thank you and best of luck. I hope I can offer some advice or some helpful tid bit of information to someone else out there struggling with depression/anxiety.
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