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    Hi, I wonder if anyone has opinion about what's happening to me. It started gradually about 3 weeks ago with extreme flatulence. This week I have had all kinds of stomach and back pains. They did an abdominal CT yesterday to see if diverticulitis came back since surgery for it. X Rays were normal.
    I am running a low grade fever for me which is highest in afternood around 100 and then drops in the evening. I now have extreme muscle pain, stiffness or tightening on just about every muscle on my body even my hands. I also have shakes and chills.
    Doctor is useless. Does this sound like fibro/cfs? I keep wondering if it is a stage of heart failure like Dr. Chaney talks about. I do have diastolic dysfunction. I don't know what to do. I am trying to avoid ER. I guess if my temp goies higher I will have no choice. Ideas much appreciated. Thanks Jess
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    Have you considered it may be food poisoning?

    If you think that you have congestive heart failure, a la Cheney and Peckerman, why don’t you ask your doctor for an impedance cardiograph, which should decide the question?

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    Are you avoiding all foods difficult to digest ie wheat, dairy, soy, corn, raw veggies, fruit seeds and veggie seeds? Are you eating "safe" foods like rice and lentils, chickpeas, chicken, fish, steamed veggies? Maybe your intestines are rebelling against what you've been eating.

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