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    Hi! I am new to this message board. I signed up because i need to know more about this disorder. I was told two weeks ago by my physician that i have FM. This was diagnosed by a specialist after I seen him for injuries sustained in a car accident.

    My biggest question..can you get FM from a car accident??

    I am a relatively healthy 30 female...mother of, etc. I was rear ended in Oct 05 by a gravel truck (semi)..unloaded thank goodness...but he hit me going 60 km per hour. I was in a ford windstar (02) van, stopped in heavy rush hour traffic. I didn't see it coming.

    Just a little info...can some one please let me know if they have been through this..what to tell my lawyer, what to do to help my pain?

    I am so at my wits end..thanks! name is Tracy btw!
  2. cmccoury

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    I am new to the message board also. :) From what I have learned, you can get Fibromyalgia from a car accident. Fibromyalgia is commonly, from what my drs have said, brought on by some kind of traumatic or extreme physical-emotional event. Of course there are many other reasons people get it also-no one fully knows why. I got Fibromyalgia 6 months after my son was born. I had some very traumatic events happen directly after I delivered my son. I had a uterine artery embolization, and a couple of other surgeries. I NEVER had any pain like this before that. Fibromyalgia is a very hard disease to understand. There are not a lot of definite answers when you need them, and even more frusterating you get people and doctors that think there is nothing wrong with you or don't believe you. I have had it for five years-not long compared to what many people I have come to know have dealt with. There are many different treatments and medications. Hopefully you have a very knowledgable and understanding doctor who will work hard to find the best treatment options for you. And if you don't have one now, keep looking. It is important to have a doctor that cares about your condition, and is dedicated to your care, your symptoms, and your well being. I don't know what advice to give you about the lawyer- I haven't been in that position. Things that I have tried that have helped for me are massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture-things you can start with if you are hesitant about taking stronger medicines for pain. Over the counter medication, I have found, for me, doesn't do a lot to ease pain in this condition. It is basically trial and error unfortunately. Everyone is different, and different treatments work on some that are not effective on others. It is also important that you have a good support group of people that are understanding to what you are going through. You may in the future get a lot of people assuming because you look healthy, that you are fine. Unless you know someone that has Fibromyalgia, no one can really understand what you are going through, no matter how hard they try. This may sound silly, but the book Fibromyalgia for Dummies was quite informational. It kind of gives your friends and family some insight into your condition, and what you go through on a day to day basis. Anyway-I hope I was of some help. Good luck to you:)
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    I am a newbie too. And yes, I can speak from personal experience. My FM started slowly about six months after a car coming down the divided highway hit ice and spun. My car went through his trunk and then all the way down the guard rail -- about 10 feet. The cop said it was a miracle I didnt flip over the rail, said I was lucky because I held the car on the road by sheer force of will. It was awhile before I noticed that I felt off, a little achy, flu-like. A year later I was miserable.
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    Possible triggers for me:

    Many car accidents ( but none close to the onset of cfs).
    Gallbladder surgery (Possibly the anesthesia??????)
    Pregnancy/c-section (symptoms started a year after birth).
    Prozac (my body hasnt been the same since. This drug made my whole system wacko. Sorry, it does help many people, just not me). I always wondered if this is what triggered my cfs/fm....
    Lyme (an LLMD says she thinks i have this. Who the heck knows for sure).

    Anything is possible.
  5. mommaof3_76

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    Thank you all for your replies! It really helps ease my mind when I know there are others out there and support like this.


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