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    I'm Jen, I'm 19 and from England. Over the past week I have been completely bedridden, unable to walk, feed myself etc. I've suffered from chronic fatigue for 2 years now. I've had to take time out of Uni to try and recover. I have been doing everything I have been advised to do and it is getting me nowhere! It has completely ruined my life.

    I am well and truly at my wits end. I have thought about and planned suicide more times than I can count. Thing doctors aren't really that sympathetic about it So, I'm asking you lot for help and hope because I'm in dire need of some. What therapies and treatments have proven to be useful for you? I'm going to try and speak to a doctor next week to try and get something done but unless I go with ideas, I highly doubt anything will get done!

    Please help me...I really do just need a light at the end of this dark tunnel I'm stuck in. I want my life back!!!

  2. sturg1

    sturg1 New Member

    Hi Jen,
    I'm sorry that you are having such a tough time right now.

    I wish I could give you answers for what works.... I am still trying to figure it out.

    Do a search for the user named "Prickles". she had a good thread on what worked for her for various symptoms. She also has her own website with ideas:

    Take Care and keep coming back, so many people on this board are a big help for me!
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  3. BobinGermany

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    I have read your posts and my heart breaks seeing that you are young and are going through this. I have FM and don't know that much about what works and what doesn't for CFS. If you ever get bored and want to chat write a post with my name in the subject line and maybe we could joing in the chat room. I know that I get lonely having this DD. Like you wrote most of my friends are long gone.

    Like the other person said, look up posts from Prickles. She has alot of information on CFS.

    I will be praying that you feel better very soon.

    God Bless,
  4. cct

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    I am very sorry that you are having this awful condition so early in your life.

    I understand your plight. I have been there many times myself. . . .including the thoughts of suicide.

    I have felt so horribly terrible that I thought that it would be easier to die than to go on living. Family, friends, and doctors provide little, if any, support. It can be difficult, very very difficult, to hang on.

    Please know that you are not alone. There are many of us here on this message board who have had the same experiences.

    I can tell you one thing for sure, if we had the cure for ME/CFS/FM, we would share it with everyone and put an end to this devistating illness!

    Unfortunately, we are all trying to find answers and effective treatments ourselves. Through talking with each other and sharing our health care experiences, we learn and we push on.

    I am in the States, so I am not totally familiar with your options in the U.K., but one doctor that you may want to investigate is Dr. Sarah Myhill (

    Please continue to participate with this Message Board. We will want to hear how you are doing. We do care.

    I am sending a big hug to you :)

  5. pepper

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    that you came down with CFS so early. You have a much better chance of recovery than the rest of us "old folks". I would like you to know that a person I met through my CFS doctor has cured her daughter. She became ill at age 12 or so but was able to function, go to school, etc. until the age of 18. Then she crashed. She was so ill that there were times that both she and her parents thought that she was going to die.

    I don't know if you would be interested in the whole protocol that she used for her daughter, keeping in mind that what works for one person does not necessarily help another. I will give you an idea of what she did.

    She had genome testing done and found that she shouldn't be eating gluten. She cleaned up her diet, no gluten or sugar, lots of lean protein, no red meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of greens as well as lots of filtered alkaline water. She recommends eating balanced meals - per The Zone diet, carbs, fats and proteins at every meal.

    She bought a Solo Sauna and uses it every day as well as a rebounder. Searching these items might be interesting for you. I now do both rebounding and the far infrared saunas and they give me some relief.

    It took years of research and experimenting and her daughter at the age of 30 was finally able to start university and is pulling off an A+ average. She still has to do the saunas and rebounding, make sure she rests and watches her diet religiously. But she is carrying a full time load and is doing well.

    There is a new book called "Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and Fibromyalgia" written by Allison Bested of Toronto. She is quite well respected over here and I am sure that her book would have some good tips.

    I wish you luck, dear Jen, and ask that you please do not give up hope. You can get well. You have age on your side.


  6. Catseye

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    Hi Jen, I went through the same. I have some quick points that I thought were the most important to help you get some relief while you figure out what to do. Search for my post titled:

    "quick relief plan of attack for cfs if doctors can't help"

    I give a brief rundown of what I felt were the most important things you can do to get your body what it needs.

    good luck!

  7. GigglePoet

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    HI Broken,
    Hang in there friend, people care here, we are not alone. Just some thoughts you might pass over,
    1. have you boughten and are sleeping on new bed?
    2. Around new remodling,ie carpets, paint
    3. Murcury fillings?

    I will check back to see..
    Hang in there
    Hugzzzzzzzzz Dee
  8. blkkat

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    JEN, oh yes they will help you ,please get in right away, if you tell them how you've been thinking, like i did about wanting to maybe hurt myself ahh they seem to listen to you more !!!!

    paxil made me worse, but Prozac has saved my life! i take oxycodone 5mgs 6 x day , Oxycontin 10 mgs time rl2 x day, for pain. 400 mgs neurontin a day for the tingling/cold numbness pain in my legs and arms ect, clonazepam 1.5 mgs and 800 mgs muscle relax. at night to help me sleep and for the RLS and pain.

    hot baths/ meditate all help. please promise me you wont hurt yourself. O.K ? I'M here for you!!!! GOD LOVES YOU! ---BLKKAT

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