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    hi i just want someone to help me bye saying yes it is chronic fatigue you have !!!!,
    i was poisoned by organophosphate 4 years ago, then my life of hell started , it was the worst illness i had ever imagined because it affected my central nervouse systom, it got to the point of me thinking of ending it all , but after a year i started to pull through only to get the chicken pox which almost killed me !! after that came glandular fever then when ever i go a cold it would put me in bed for 3 weeks unable to do anything ,
    since all that i am sure i have chronic fatigue as i have never beeen the same since the poisoning , i am unable to do anything near what i use to do around the house anymore ,
    sometimes im so weak i cant do anything except lay on the bed for hours, unable to even shower unless my husbane is standing with me in case i pass out,
    i have headaches and the worst brain fog some days to the point of not being able to write , i have very poor memory, deppression, aching muscles,i now just start crying for no reason, i get burning skin episodes but not hot to the touch, bouts of feeling really scared and feelings of doom, tired all the time but sleep doesnt help, but then it can change to having a good day once a week if im really lucky, i am on 20mg cipramil, the doctors have tested me for everything all coming back negative but not one has said chronic fatigue,
    please help me ,
    thank you.
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    It sure sounds like some of my CFS symptoms... I suggest reading in the library section of this site, and also searching on the web for info.

    It sounds like you have had a very rough time of it, to put it mildly!

    You are in my prayers!

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    Yes it sounds just like CFS and/or FM. Traditional doctors tend to not order enough blood testing. I think they have some kind of limits worked out with the insurance companies or something.

    Maybe they get an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii if they limit their testing to X amount, out of X people....

    You should try to find a naturopath whether you believe in alternative medicine or not. Here is why; they will order the most extensive blood testing that is allowable and my insurance paid for all the blood tests. I had to pay $80 for the exam out of pocket two times (two exams).

    This naturopath found that I had a reactivated Epstein Barr virus infection and other blood abnormalities, from the test results.

    If no other cause of the CFS symptoms listed among the "official diagnostic criteria" for CFS, then the EBV is enough to diagnose CFS, per the Center for Disease Control.

    Then you can take all of your test results and see an infectious disease doctor or whatever specialty you prefer.

    Welcome and good luck,

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    My dear, I am so sorry that you are so sick. It sure sounds like CFS symptoms, a lot of people initially become toxic with something, then get a virus or other stressors, and BANG, their life changes like yours did. The first thing I have to tell you is that you must REST, REST, REST, and don't even think about getting better right now, I think it might take a while before you do. However, you have come to a good place to get support and help. There are many people who will share ideas, and please note that there is a thread on here called "What worked for me." You will get some good ideas there. Also, you no doubt have trouble thinking and reading and so much of that information might be difficult for you to absorb at first.

    I wish I could help you more, but unfortunately, I am unable to sit here for any longer, and have to go lie down. Don't give up. We are here. Also, there's a young Australian woman who has a website "A hummingbird's guide to ME (CFS). She might be able to help you since you are also from Australia. REST. Take care. Marie
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    You and I have a strong history of pesticide exposure. Please read my bio. It is my belief that for everyone with DD, you must 1st) have a Genetic Predisposion to faulty/impaired Glutathione production, then 2nd) have the misfortune of having SIGNIFICANT exposure to toxins, usually chemicals. Organophosphates, carbamates and herbicides are about the worst we could encounter and still live, don't you think?

    My belief is that the only way out of this mess, is to SLOWLY detoxify. Not a rapid detox like many programs institute. It has been slow and miserable and complicated.

    There is new hope in the air. There are several on here that have started the Methylation Unblocking Protocol developed by Dr. Amy Yasko, for Autism. This plan addresses unblocking the Methylation process, which will allow for the production of Glutathione.

    Do a search using Methylation and start reading some of these journals. There is a researcher, who has come to this message board to help us with a shorter, condensed version of the Yasko protocol, his username is Richvank. Do a search and read everything he has written here. It is hard to digest, so you may have to read, read and re-read.

    Good luck, I know how miserable this is.