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    Gosh, I hate to come here and be so negative all the time, so I apologize ahead of time for this post. Since I've had this "flare up," I've had major stomach issues. It seems at least 3 or 4 times a week I have stomach pain, nausea, and/or diarrhea. Today I went to the bathroom, and afterwards had a moderate amount of blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper. I don't recall having to strain to go, so I was surprised by it. My stomach has been hurting all morning. Being a nurse, I'm definitely not a good patient and hate going to the doctor. Does this sound like something serious or do you think it's just a hemorrhoid or something? I don't feel anything down there. I just don't want to run to the doctor if it's nothing serious.
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    Well being a nurse myself, I would say I understand your not being a good patient.. none of us in the medical profession are ( including Dr's ) but your training should let you know that this isn't something you should let go un addressed.

    this could be a lot of things including NOTHING.. for your own peace of mind and health. I hope you will be brave and do get some answers ....

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    Yes, it could be serious...especially given that you are a new mother. My thought is that it could be an infection or food poisoning...salmonella outbreaks have been in the news and it fits your symptoms.
    Let us know how you are doing!!!
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    You may need a colonoscopy. I had that happen and I acutually let it go for a year then the blood increased with some clotting. They did a colonoscopy and I had ischmemic (spell?) colitis. Tell your doctor as this can also be caused by the vascular system. I ended up having to have two colonoscopy's within three months. In my case they never figured out what caused it and the last time I had the colonosopy it was gone. However, they said it might come back as they did not know what caused it. Good Luck, Bobby
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    If it's fresh blood it's probably just a fissure which can happen anytime to anyone but I bet we're more prone to them, I've had a few over my lifetime. They go away on their own. I think they're caused by something sharp like a popped popcorn kernel. This shouldn't cause stomach pain though so if that continues you probably should get looked at.

    If the blood looks old, not bright red as it would from a cut, then it's important to get it checked out right away.

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    i have had blood on toilet paper after bowl movements on and off for many many years, even before i got CFS. it gets worse after certain foods and during stress.

    i finally had the guts to go for a colonoscopy but all they found was some inflammation around the anal canal.

    i had some rectal swabs taken by a famous parasitologist in manhattan, who found some evidence of inflammation. he suggested some antibiotics for a while and i took them but nothing really came of it.

    with CFS, i believe there are different phases of the illness where different pathogens are able to flourish in our bodies due to a weakened immune system. my suspicion is that enterovirus might be causing the digestive issues but who knows...maybe its just part of IBS and/or CFS inflammatory proceses.

    if there is blood, i would recommend a colonoscopy or at least an appt with a GI doc to make sure there isnt anything serious.

    best of luck

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