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    I feel so gross. I wake up almost every day feeling drained. I ache, i have diarhea sometimes, my rib cage kills if I touch it, sometimes I have shottin pains in my scalp, often I have muscle tension headaches, and migraines, I am super senstive to smells, the list goes on and on, my Dr doesnt spend enough time with me and when i mention FM he kina laughs it off.. but i am serioulsy concerned. There is a Dr shortage here and so i cant go see another Dr....if anyone out there is feeling the same as me please let me know...I also take 80 mg of celexa I was diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and Major depression a few years ago and I am doing better..but I almost think it is another side effect of the FM...please help!!
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    I know it seems like I have FMS but i dont know for sure and I think going to another town might be a good idea but i dont even know if they will allow that to happen. i dont know ...but its scary not knowing what is wrong..i know that the symptoms are relived my eating protein instead of carbs and no wheat dairy or sugar and also with excercise but getting enough energy to do it si another thing.