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    hi, im brandy. im 29, 3 kids, here it all started in january, agter having the flu, and mono (by test ) i never reallt seemed to feel all the way better..but i am just now maybe makins connection between that, and the later symptoms- honest to god, i went to bed normal, and just woke up terrified. my neck was hard to tuen to the right, i have little muscle jerks in my neck, spasms in every muscle in my body that do not hurt, but i think the muscle spasms started in my tummy first.. very weak leg and arm muscles. they shake when i use them. stairs are really not an option for me anymore, they shake going uo the stairs, and down.. i do not shake at all if it sit still, but any movement causes me to shake.. at first i thought that it was a tremor, but it is not.. went to my pcp, she checked blood work, came back that i am hypothyroid, low b12, low folate. im on meds for that now, and have been for 4 months, with no improvement of symptoms. went to a neuro who thought i had wilsons disease, said he would bet his career i had this, there is no cure for this, and i thought for 1 month i was dying. keep in mind i have 3 very young kids...he put me on meds for wilsons right away, i did all the rests, and it was neg, all the stress of thinking i was dying only made the real symptoms a 1000 times worse, and added panic attacks. ok, so my question is, what could cause this? sudden onset of severe muscle weakness, visible shake of my muscles when i use them, all over muscle spasms, and dystonia like neck problems?? i am scared, and very frustrated, i just want to be the mom i used to be, and not be so afraid all the time. i know i sound like a cry baby, and i know some are in much worse shape, but my worry is for my kids, they need thier momma back..thanks so much for reading my novel, any help is appreciated and many thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like you could have a chronic Borrelia burgdrferi infection and perhaps Bartonella also.

    Read this carefully all the way through, has great explanations and a great symptom list:

    Then this:

    Usually starts with a flu-like illness. Testing is very inaccurate and should not be used to rule out lyme. Testing misses most cases of lyme.

    Tick are very tiny and often people do not see a tick , a bite or any rash...less than 50% get a bullseye rash.

    The following is the "Bible" of Lyme treatment, info about Bartonella and other coinfections on pages 22-27 :
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    Wow - you've been through a lot in a very short period of time!

    What you need is to keep searching for a Dr. who is going to keep searching for a diagnosis for you.
    What did your neuro say after the test for Wilson's came back neg?

    You don't sound like a cry baby at all! You sound like a woman who wants to know what is going on with her health!

    If it were me, I'd be at my Dr's office, revisiting with the neuro, getting a second opinion (or a first from someone new)
    There are probably hundreds of things that could cause muscle tremors/sometimes spasms etc. so it will take someone to help weed everything out.

    PLEASE keep us posted! I'll be thinking about you.