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    Hello too all ,I'm new to this and i', hoping I can get some help.I hace chronic hep c and have done treatments 2 times with no luck.( since early 90s ) in 07 I had 2 heart attacks and have 5 stents,well I now have cirrosis of the liver.I was told by my doctors that I should file for ssd,the problem is I also have been told I can no longer take treatments for the hep c because of the heart.Does anyone know if I may get approved for the ssd?also I have had many surgerys because of blood clots and I also had bck surgery as well as neck surgery because I broke my neck in 89..please help,my nerves are shot,do you think I would have a chance getting approved for ssd.Thanks
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry you are having so many problems.

    There is a Disability Message board on this site that might help you. I never
    applied for Soc Sec Disability benefits, but from what I've read,
    it is essential that you have an attorney.

    The Soc Sec Board denies most claims. It is generally necessary to file an
    appeal. The attorney fee comes out of the award. You do not have to
    pay the attorney first.

    Scott Davis is recommended by Prohealth. His office is in Arizona, but handles
    cases all over the country.

    If you want to get away from medical topics for a while, you can visit the chit
    chat board and talk about other things: kids, pets, music, movies, etc.

    You can find the board rules in the upper right hand corner.

    Good luck

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    thank you
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    Thanks for this web site...

    I have posted my resp to our new member over on the Fibro CFS board.

    Thanks Spirit.
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    Start appling for ssd immediately. Call a lawyer, (can only claim small % of pay) and explain your situation as to you need him/her to come to you. While you wait for this to happen, list your diagnosis, doctors,medications. Due to the climate of the economy, a Lawyer is necessary to get through the red tape. Ask your doctor. (brace yourself) if you could possibly die with in a time frame of 1 1/2 yrs. I lost my brother to hep c/cirrosis and I have one who has beat the odds- barely. He was in the Air Force on immediate response team , and was vaccinated for hep A,B,C,D,E etc. I truly believe this has slowed it down. Your Hep C,Heart attacks, and back injuries should all qualify you for ssd.
    Also get you a Kings James 1611 Bible, not any other, and read the three epistles of John in the NewTestament, which you need to ask the Lord God to help you see his message. to understand and you will be freed of the blinders on your eyes to read the truth. Any one who tells you "you can't read th Bible, you aren't a theologian. Don't listen. Remeber Jesus Christ said, " I am the only way to the Father. " That sentence means exactly what it says. No priest,rabbi are going to get you to GOD. I have my eyes opened after 24 yrs of CFIDS/Me,FM/Petite mal seisures, and was divorced because I was sick, my caretaker stole me blind and I ended up on the street. My children(1st because he had sex after putting meds in food/second messed with birth control pills two days after he got out of prison. I ran from him but never could out run him. He mentally and physically abused me. I had worked for IBM for 10 YRS rec'd no benefits. So if you want peace, open the Bible and pray to see and hear! For we are in flesh bodies now and it doesn't matter what shape it is in, you receive Jesus Christ in your heart, the day Jesus led by Michael to set evrything right, you will have a spiritual body that is life forever-no pain, no satan, just bliss. Watch the Shepards Chapel on TV and you will receive the truth about the coming of the Lord and the fact that the anti christ will fool so many. If he comes in your lifrtime, do not speak but allow the Holy Spirit to speak to him. The faact that you allowed the Holy Spirit to come in to your life and body and soul, if you don't live that long you will go to heaven immediately. You know time is shor t for us all, don't waste it. Sincerely with my love through Jesus!!!!