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    i have recently been diagnosed with cfs in oct i was given naltrexone my doc says there has been good results with this however i have been taking this and feel it has not been helping i am beginning to wonder if my doc has the right diagnosis i have lost weight get bad fatigue muscle pain and forget things and feel strange wondering if lyme could have these symptoms any one help what r lyme symptoms .
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    Lyme Disease Symptoms

    Flu-like illness, fever, malaise, fatigue, headache, muscle aches (myalgia), and joint aches (arthralgia), intermittent swelling and pain of one or a few joints, "bull's-eye" rash, early neurologic manifestations include cognitive disorders, sleep disturbance, pain, paresthesias (including numbness, tingling, crawling and itching sensations), as well as cognitive difficulties and mood changes.

    Dr. Donta reported that in Lyme disease, the nervous system seems to be the primary target for the bacteria causing the disease. Patients with Lyme disease express many neurologic symptoms such as pain, paresthesias including numbness, tingling, crawling and itching sensations, as well as cognitive difficulties and mood changes. Even the joint pains and occasional arthritis appear to be neuropathic in origin, as anti-inflammatory agents such as ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) have little if any effect on the pain.

    Dr. Donta reported that some patients develop severe headaches and an aseptic (infection free) meningitis, which frequently is diagnosed instead as viral meningitis. If a Bell's palsy occurs (drooping of one side of the face), the possibility of Lyme disease is likely. If an unprovoked arthritis occurs, causing swelling of a single joint, especially the knee, but sometimes more than one joint, then the possibility of Lyme disease should also be given high consideration.

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    Here are some links to really good information with good symptom lists.

    Many Dr's do not know how to recognize, test for, diagnose or properly treat lyme disease(Borrelia burgdorferi infection).

    The problem with diagnoses like CFS, FM etc is that they have "no known cause"!!!!

    Well, everything has a cause!!!! Your Dr will not look for it, however, once you are given a diagnosis like CFS.

    CFS and FM are syndromes....sets of symptoms, given a name. That doesn't help you at all.

    Lyme is a clinical diagnosis...based on history, symptoms and supported by labwork. Lyme screens/titer/ELISA is are western blots from labs other than Igenex.

    Read the above info.

    You may want to find a Dr who will order a western blot from Igenex lab in

    order test #188 and $200 prepaid. can call and get the free test kit with free fedex mailer.

    Come back here and ask questions.

    Another great site with a very active medical questions board is

    Good luck to you.