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  1. nicolebr

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    I have written before...thank you for your responces...this is all I have ...God I am so alone and scared.....please I have no where to one to talk staying with abusive alcoholic father...and don't have the strength to fight any more for my life ...or get to the doctor's not eating...not sleeping...crying in pain most of the day and so alone and don't know who will listen.....this is not a way to live...the darkness in too much ....I was once strong ...not anymore....
  2. nicolebr

    nicolebr New Member

    I have written before...thank you for your responces...this is all I have ...God I am so alone and scared.....please I have no where to one to talk staying with abusive alcoholic father...and don't have the strength to fight any more for my life ...or get to the doctor's not eating...not sleeping...crying in pain most of the day and so alone and don't know who will listen.....this is not a way to live...the darkness in too much ....I was once strong ...not anymore....
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    Please don't say that, Nicole! It sounds like you are in a terrible, terrible situation, one that nobody can handle alone forever! You need to get help, and it doesn't matter where it comes from. Go to a church, ANY church, and ask for help. Or find the women's shelter in your area. Go to the emergency room. Just go somewhere, and run, don't walk! If you were strong once, you are STILL's just buried beneath a mountain of other things right now, and someone needs to give you a hand out of it. And there are people over here who would run right to you if we were close enough to do so! So PLEASE, I'm begging you....reach out for the help you need. We ALL need it from time to time, and you're life will be better. All you need the strength for right now is to reach out for help!
    Peace and Love,
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    for the God that I know can help, to make someone available to help you through this. Staying with an abusive, alcoholic is not the answer. I beg you to get out and stay with anyone else at this time. Stormy gave you excellent advie, Dear, and I hope you know that you are never TRULY the very least, you have us and we can support you emotionally. But, you need to be helped physically right now, as well, and I pray that you will listen to our advice and find a safe place. We have more than enough to deal with....with this DD and all that goes along with it and what you're dealing with is tooooooo much. I have been where you are and I was very suicidal....thank God someone heard my cries and rescued me. PLEASE find a church, call the police, call a shelter, call a doctor...anyone that can feed and shelter you until you are strong enough to take care of yourself......please?????
    Love and prayers,
  5. evileva

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    I agree with Stormy, see your doctor, go to a church or womans shelter, anything. Just get away from the situation that you are in. You are still strong, you may just have to dig a little deeper to grab a hold of it. Please hang in there, do you have a friend that you can call? I will say a prayer for you. God bless.
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    Please take the advice of these wonderful ladies, go get help! Try the church, shelter, whatever you need to do, do it.

    You are strong enough to help yourself, you just need to make that first move, first step. You will amaze yourself how much better you will feel if you can just leave that awful kind of stress behind.

    Will keep you in my prayers, please let us know how you are doing, and what you are doing.

    Take care of yourself, you are important!

    Shalom, Shirl
  7. inpain3

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    we are here for you.. you go to the chats on this site..they can be wonderful for you..can really let things out and not feel like ppl are gonna hurt you.
    and i am gonna pray for you and your old are you?
    i know your scared, i would be too..but hon, you need to get out of there...if you have no where to go it can be tough..but pleasse a friend, neighbor, shelter...anywhere...
    if your 18 or lcose to it..and your father hits you, in the states you can be the it when he is drunk...hon please got out of there..and try to depression chat on this site..i am frequently there as "ip3" and every 1 in there can try to help you!
    please know we are here for you and God is with you!

  8. kay

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    TAKE SOME DEEP-DEEP BREATHS!!! Now dont you feel better! OK SWEETIE, if you think that you need to get away-NOW- call operator and have her put you straight through to a shelter. Thats the 1st step. The people at the shelter, will handle it from there. Alot of us have been

    AT rock bottom also, but we also got help, and thats what all of these places AND people are there for. Make a phone call, and get the help you need. Where do you live? Please let us know how you make out!! You will be fine. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Love Linda
  9. pam_d

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    I can't add much to what everyone else has suggested, except to say that we support you & hope you can find a way out of this situation! This is obviously horrible for your physical and mental health--please try the suggestions given & see if you can get some help! Everyone here is sending prayers & good thoughts, please make some calls & see what you can do, and let us know how you are doing, OK?

    Sending hugs for STRENGTH,
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    I agree with all the posts you recieved. My daughter is also living with an abuser. i cant help her.Maybe i can help you. I have a # of a womans resource center. i dont know where you live but,i imagine its national. If not they will direct you. I have the number to my daughter but, she isnt ready to get help.i kept the number (i dont know why)But if it can help you i will be so happy.It is 1 800 257 5765. Please get out of there as soon as you can.Your strong enough to do it. Please call this number or go anywhere but, where you are.
    Love Donna
  11. Kim

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    We are here to help you, support you, and pray for you. Please go to a church or shelter. You need to get away from your father and into a safe place. Please don't wait. There are so many people who will help you, hook you up with doctors, treat your illness, listen and care. You will be strong again.

    My prayers are with you. kim
  12. donmia

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    For Nicolebr
  13. PMangels

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    You asked for help and these wonderful ladies have given you great advice. Please try to help yourself. We really care about you. We except unconditionally and want to help you. Please seek help for your own sake. I will add you to my prayer list. Please let us know how you are.

  14. karen2002

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    You and I have talked twice before. Each time you sound like the situation has gotten worse. Please do what I asked you to do before. You simply MUST take action this time, honey, right NOW. You do not have to be strong to do it. All it will require is lifting the receiver, and dialing the phone. Get some help immediately. You need to get out of the physical surroundings you are in---you know that. Things will not get better there---take this simple step for you---girl! You are worth it! Please take this step toward getting better, and getting the life you deserve. Call for help, now.
    Hugs, Karen
  15. donmia

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    I didnt know if you saw this so,i am bumping it up for you.The womans resource will help you with a place to live etc. Give them or a local church a call. Dont wait anymore .
    Love Donna
  16. Sandyz

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    I`m sorry things haven`t gotten any better. You deserve so much more. Let us know where your from. Maybe some here
    lives by your area and would help you.

    You do need to get out of that unhealthy situation. Your parents are being abusive towards you and you don`t have to
    put up with that one minute longer. Take the girls advice
    and call a woman shelter. We have one here in my small
    rural town and your town probably does too.

    Get out of that horrible enviroment and you`ll feel a lot
    better. Let us know how your doing.

    Much love,
  17. amilyne

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    nicole im also not sure what else to say to you that has not been said already ..but you are definately not alone,the strength IS still there...your father sounds mom is an alcoholic as well and i know the abuse...and i also lived with my father and uncle and my uncle is as well and i did leave home because of him at was REALLY hard...but YOU CAN DO have to know that YOU are a better person than he is and you have way more strength than an alcoholic sorry if im being to out spoken and i know that you must love your parents but this is YOUR life and noone have to take care of yourself for YOU...Im 22 and i know that i havnt had this awful disorder that long but I beleive that god wouldnt do this to the people that could not handle it and we are all special and very STRONG to be able to deal with this..and we ALL have down the end it just makes us STRONGER and the next time something is really really hard youll be able to do it better and i know i dont know you but i know how you feel and you have to get out...its the only way ..and once you do im sure youll feel much better just not having that added stress and if you are in that much pain go to the emergency room at a hospital-they will help you for the physical pain atleast and if they dont go to another one ,Nicole the body is an amazing thing and we can handle more than we think that we can,Nicole I really hope that you get will be the best thing for you right now and YOU are the person that needs to take care of YOU.Ill pray for your strength.(((((nicole)))))
    best wishes ill be thinking of you
  18. 1Writer

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    Get out of there! I was abused by my first husband and I got can too! Take everyone's advise and try a shelter, church, etc. There is help out there and know that everyone on this board is praying for you...Hand in there and don't EVER give up...Life is out there just waiting for you to grasp it!

    My prayers are with you,
  19. kellym

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    as you can see, much of this advice comes from those who have been in a similar situation. I, too, have been in an abusive situation, and the best thing I ever did IN MY LIFE was to get myself OUT of that situation. Only good things came afterwards. I know you may feel like you CAN'T do anything about your life, but you can. There is always a choice, and now is the time to make one for the better. Please keep in touch with all of us, and let us know how you are doing.
    We ALL care about you.
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    bump for Nicole