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    Hi I am new here and am wondering if my symptoms sound like CFS. For over a year now I have been going to the doctor and he tells me I am just having panic attacks. My symptoms that I have been noticing lately and been having for a while are it hurts when I am poked in the upper arms lower back hips etc. I feel like its hard to take a deep breath muscles are shaky get a woozy or imbalanced feeling. When I fall asleep and am wakened suddenly it feels like my heart is beating really fast or that my insides are shaky. Ringing in my ears. Sharp pain in ears sometimes. Upper back is constantly tight and aches stiff back in the mornings. I could go on and on but I dont want to make this too long. I am so frustrated because my doctors tells me (the ear problems) could be TMJD but the dentist said no its my wisdom teeth without doing an exam. I havent felt good in so long and I need some answers. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
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    It sounds right to me, but a diagnosis is difficult without ever seeing the patient. You might break out the yellow pages for your area and see if you can find a rheumatologist who specializes in FM/CFS. Failing that, check for a GP or someone who might. Don't overlook your state medical school, and also check on the home page here for the good doctor list. Check for a local support group and see is they can recommend a doctor. Your nearest hospital can probably help there. Good luck, and come back often for helpful hints from someone more knowledgable than I.
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    Well you sound like me and I have more symptoms to. The sleep thing really gets me. I to will fall asleep and then POW!! I wake up jerking out of my sleep and my heart races like mad. Its scary and I have no clue why I do this. I have FMS/Myofascial syndrome and multiple chemical reactions. Really weird stuff has happened to me since my wreck in 2000. I would definitely go to a doctor like your GP first and if you dont get help there then call around like the other post said and ask if they know anything about FMS. Hope you can figure it out. You might want to look into getting a book on FMS....they have information about food reactions. People with FMS usually cant eat like normal people do. I know when I eat sugar, white flour, bead, carbs, starches and caffeine that hurts alot. Cant sleep form the pain and jerking. Also I get muscle pain, fatigue and organ pain. Hope this helps. Pammy
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    I haven't had the waking up with a racing heartbeat before. I have felt the dizzy umbalanced feeling and wooziness. My muscles feel shaky sometimes too. I have overall body stiffness in the morning especially in my shoulders and hips. Don't have the ringing in the ears that much. The tender points that you talked about I have to. It sounds like Fibro, but there could be something else going on as well. You sound like you have the symptoms. I am not sure about the heart racing and sharp pains in the ear though. Hope someone else can help you out on that one. Welcome to the board, people here are so supportive and understanding. Best wishes, hope you find some relief

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    Hi TP, welcome to the board. I have to agree with Pamela, I could have written her post a couple of years ago (except for the wreck, although sometimes I have felt like I was hit by an eighteen wheeler!).

    You have to me, more of Fibro symptoms that CFS, altho they do cross over.

    A good book to read is; 'Fibromyalgia &Chronic Myofascial Pain (A Survivial Manual)' by 'Devin Starlanyl'.

    She mentions just about everything you have described as your symptoms. The only thing that I did not have was the jaw pain, and my ears don't bother me.

    You also need to find a doctor that specializes in FM/CFS, most doctors don't even believe it exists, or think we are a bunch of nuts.

    Sure hope you get some help soon, and am very glad you have found our little world here.

    Be sure to let us know how you are doing, and again a big welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. You might want to read some of the articles on the 'Home' page and the 'Library' on the board here, the links are listed at the top of this page. Some great information there.
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    Thanks guys for your help. I will ask my doctor about it next time I go in. The way my insurance works is that I can only see him and he has to give me referals if I need to see a specialist. The thing is I think he doesnt understand what is going on with me. He gave me lots of blood tests and such which came back normal. So he says its just panic/anxiety. I will keep a list of my symptoms and see what he says. Thanks alot everyone. I really appreciate it. Best wishes to you all.

    Oh I have noticed I am very sensitive to chemicals and caffiene lately. I have to use bleach in my work and I cant stand it. Caffiene is another story and I have always been able to tolerate it until all this started. Thanks for the info.