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    I am so very depressed today. I went to the new G.P. and he went throughthe tests I had and then told me there is nothing more they can do. I had to ask about Fibromyalgia/Cfs type of things!

    He then said he would refer me but first he attempted to check for tender spots on me and Quit after trying five and I only expressed pain at one.

    Then he tells me he doesn't beleive it is anything more than somewhere to put people like me anyway.

    And the topper is when he starts to ask if I am under any unusual stress. I said yes after looking for answers for my problems for the last ten months the frustration has become an unusual stress!

    I don't think I will get anywhere but the psychologist's with local rhuemies either if i don't have the tender spots.

    I don't know what to do as Dr.'s are so limited here in number specialty and the few we have don't take new patients.

    I guess I am truly an oddball as I seem to have some signs of M.S. some of Fibro some of being a nutcase! But not enough of any one thing to fit me in.

    I am on my own and just so worried about ending up worse off with no help.

    I am so tired of all of this, I will just have to learn to live with it and see what happens.

    Anyone with advice for herbs for tingling/burning?

    Or for stiff neck, the pain in my neck is bad ( I told him that but he as all the others offered nothing !)

    I can live with the twitches and the stabs of pain are brief so they are ok too , it just gets over the top sometimes with many areas stabbing at once.

    I aam not as tired as many seem to feel just some days.So I am lucky that way.

    The only other thing is my muscles fatigue very quickly sometimes and that seems to slowly be getting worse. I will exercise as much as i can, but don't know what else to do about that either.

    Any advice on anything that doesn't require a Dr.'s input would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess I must not have hypercoagulation either without extreme fatigue?

    Sorry for the long post , and thank you for anyone replying.
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    It can be hard to find the medical support you need.

    Some people find Bcomplex vitamins helpful for nerve pain and for emotional stability. Also B12 or Bcomplex injections can help with nerve pain. sublingual B12 works better for nerve pain than swallowed supplements from what I have read/heard experienced.

    Magnesium can be helpful for muscle pain, also Cal-Mag shots for muscle pain relief.

    Some people get more energy and less pain from eating special diets, and trying to identify any allergens or food sensitivities and avoiding them and refined sugar and any other refined foods.

    Try to hang in there.

    Ask people about CFS/FM docs in your area or if you can consider seeing a Naturopath.

    good luck.

    Jen F
  3. leanonme

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    YOu have already consistently replied to my pleas for help. A thousand thank yous!

    I feel priviledged to be in a position to get to know you a little .

    I went to the local library to look and the computers were down and i didn't really have time to browse. I will go back.

    I think I will have to order from amazon though as it is a small library and would have to wait to order it in anyway.

    Thank you again, is there any research going on in that area at all yet?

    I will be a dr. with no papers by the time i get done researching all the possibilities!

  4. leanonme

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    I will try some B12 too!

    At this point I will try anything!

    I was thinking of going for allergy tests. Hoping there isn't too many things I am allergic to!

    You are very kind to try to help.
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    I just want you to know that your doctor's behavior is inexcusable. He obviously doesn't keep up on anything in even the simplest form like the recent NEWSWEEK on pain and fibro and how it is not "all in your head". Heat will help you alot. Is there a physical therapy place nearby that has aquatherapy? Surely he could give you a script for that as it is no skin off of his nasty nose! I wish I could be of more help. Look in your phone book under physicians and see if there is "pain management" listed. You will need a referral but again...he shouldn't mind as it is you only trying to manage your own health. Any large "teaching hospitals" that you could reasonably drive to? You could start out with a new internist (NOT GP) there and then work into a specialist's care. Still, sounds like you should go the pain management route right now. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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    Thanks lilminpin and layinglow, I will see about an osteopathic Dr. and it will be like a dream to find someone who will take me seriously. I have never gone to Dr.'s lightly it just isn't the way i was brought up.

    I was twelve before I ever saw one and maybe now I know why my mom had that attitude ( something to ask her about!) They asked me to leave a sample and I said sure and they left me in a little curtained area with a cup and a portapotty which I ignored !) When they returned I had to ask just what they wanted a sample of as I was confused! Pretty embarrassing bush babe I was! I thought they wanted me to spit in the cup!

    Anyway I am going to copy all suggestions and decide what to do first. I am going to bed now as very late here ( and yes I have sleep issues! I sleep lightly and often wake up) So if I don't reply back to further saviours it is because I am trying to sleep! Goodnight all and thanks again.

    I must try to settle my husband down he is more angry than I am! He has been very supportive , in that I am truly blessed. Blessings to you all.
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    I'm not sure this will help at all, but I read your post, and you sound so much like me, symptom-wise. I, too, have never suffered as much with the severe pain/fatigue as others here have, and I went from neurologist to rheumy to physiatrist, & back again trying to get a diagnosis for years because my tender points were all over the map (sometimes a few sore, sometimes almost none, sometimes all above the waist but none below, etc.). I had mainly neurological symptoms, like muscle twitching, tingling extremities, feeling that my hands were swollen & throbbing, burning pain, and pain in my ankles & feet (I call it "grinding" pain---it's kind of like someone is twisting your ankle and wringing it out like a washcloth). ANYWAY, I was dx'd with FM 4 years ago, finally.

    Now I'm going to return to the present, because you mentioned allergies. Of all the varied doctors I've seen over the years, the best help I've gotten so far was from an allergist I found last fall. I'd heard he specialized in FM/CFS, and actually, originally I went to him to have him test me for systemic candida----I had read about that, thought I had all the symptoms, and had heard that this guy (he's an MD allergist who's VERY thorough, tests for allergies, candida, very specific thyroid tests, etc.---in other words, more than the average allergist) could test me for this. He did, and in addition, completely tested me for inhalant and food allergies. Well, when the results came in, I did NOT have systemic candida, but had very severe food allergies to things I had been eating all my life! Milk, soy, gluten (wheat, etc), eggs to name only the worst! My numbers on the milk allergy were so high (he tests by skin AND blood) it's amazing I was able to walk around upright. And I never had a clue! I did NOT have what I considered to be recognizeable symptoms. I assumed I'd either be so allergic to something I'd eat it & go into shock & have to be rushed to the hospital, or I'd eat a food, & immediately get stomach cramps & diarrhea. Since neither of these things was happening, I'd never even considered I could have food allergies. But what happened, I found out, is that slowly, over time, I'd developed "leaky gut syndrome" and my immune system had gradually gotten weaker & weaker......I now believe that, if this didn't actually cause FM for me, it certainly hastened it's progress and made it much more severe.

    Fast forward to now----I've been on my strict diet for months (tough at first, mainly in getting organized & planning carefully----but it's gotten much easier) and taken many supps, mainly probiotics (to build back good gut bacteria destroyed from years of eating bad foods) & digestive enzymes, plus some others. And my FM is slowly getting better. I definitely have more energy, and while my FM symptoms, like muscle twitching & tingling, aren't GONE (and, I realize. may never be) they have started to bother me a lot less. I'm eating healthier than ever (all fresh, no processed, etc) and have lost 25 lbs! Weight not an issue for some, but I needed to lose about 30 & I'm almost there.

    If you do a search here on "leaky gut" or "food allergies" you'll see my name pop up over & over because I guess I've gotten kind of passionate about this lately! I do NOT believe we ALL have underlying food allergies, by the way, but I suspect there are at least some others out there who may be amazed at what they'd learn if they were only tested. I'm glad I was, because it's been a revelation for me, and the only thing that has given me hope in the past four years.

    Sorry I rambled on so long! But if you have any suspicions, even, about allergies, get it checked out by an allergist who does very comprehensive tests (foods by skin AND blood). Mine was all covered by insurance, BTW. Good luck to you, & hope you find ways to feel better!

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    All types of herbs, vit, accupuncture,PT, and on.

    I have lyme which is noted for its stinging and stabbing, they recently did a clip here from LLMD on the stabbing pain of lyme. It alone can drive one nuts!

    I was stung by a wasp in my shirt 5 times, thought it was my usual until I felt the wasp crawling. YuK!

    The only thing that got it under control was meds, neurontin for 1. It cut it down greatly still happens some but nothing like before.

    Our symptoms are related,check out lyme net. I have fm too way more than 18 TP`s. Finding a LLMD is diff, very expensive. So is treatment, which I cannot get.

    Just a thought because neuro-lyme, doc`s think you are abit looney. Sphirochete hides there doe`s alot of damage. Has nothing to do with being crazy. Since it hides so deep in tissue many get neg. to lyme. It has to do with symptoms.

    I go to a DO he is the only 1 I have on my ins. who will except me. MY DO always wanted me to go on major drugs. They do not usually believe in letting people suffer in pain. I can not talk much about my fm or lyme there, think is because he just feels he doe`s not know enough. So all he wants to discuss is my bad cholesterol,or poor dexa.

    It gets frustrating to just get bandaid treatment, or none. Just glad he allows me to get some things a smidge better.

    Good Luck & Take Care...Hugggss